Beauty Podcast: a Yank and 2 Canucks Talk About the US Election

Something different on the podcast today – and we’re posting in the morning rather tonight – why wait? We recorded this episode the day after the American election so I was still in shock and probably some denial. This episode expresses our raw thoughts on this history-making event.


HippyLip was our American guest for this podcast.  It was insightful to have an insider’s perspective of how things went down. Specifically, HippyLip lives in a state that flipped from blue to red. Of course HippyLip doesn’t speak for all Americans just as we don’t speak for all Canadians, but it’s a glimpse into the differences and similarities we have.  I wished we could be more funny and talked more about makeup but honestly, shit got real!

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I went through so many emotions that morning after the election. First, I was mad. Really pissed off at Americans in general. What idiots! How could they have voted Trump in? If they voted him in, then they must all be just like him! And how dare they want to move here to Canada – stay in America and fix your own damn mess.  I went so far as to declare that I was going to boycott buying all things American. That morning, instead of going to Starbucks I opted for Tim Hortons – that’ll show ’em! Then I remembered that Tim Hortons is now owned by an American company (Burger King). 😆  In the end, I realized that for many American voters, the choice was tough.
There is a lot of blame going around. There are people demonstrating and signing petitions. Regret is a powerful thing, isn’t it? Should have gone out to vote! Should have had Bernie instead! Should have focused more on the white working class!  It’s too late for all that; there’s no do-over.

Source. Seen in London, England.

And now, a full 9 days has passed, the anger I felt has subsided. I’m still left feeling disappointed, and apprehensive. The pendulum has swung so far – what will happen? The promise of “making America great again” at the expense of women’s rights, the environment, minority and LGBT rights?


The Donald on the campaign trail was deplorable. Will President Trump be the same? I say: PROVE US WRONG.

Here are some things discussed in the episode:

Political memes!



Aww, RIP Gene Wilder.

Remembrance Day in Canada – It was quite interesting to discuss subtle differences between Remembrance Day vs Veterans Day which occurred last Friday. Here in Canada, we wear red poppies on the left side (over our hearts) leading up to November 11th (right after Halloween, poppies are out in full force).
And we have a moment of silence on the 11th hour – this is observed quite widely including offices, schools, shopping malls, public transportation (subways and buses will stop their routes for a minute), and even websites will close like did:

I’ll nerd out here and list some documentaries that were mentioned and a few not mentioned but that I think are also worthwhile viewing:

Inequality For All
If you watch nothing else on this list, please watch this. It speaks to everyone, no matter your political leaning.

We watched this back in May when it first released, and it’s so poignant now after what’s happened. This follows Anthony Weiner’s run for Mayor of NYC in 2013, and gives an inside look at his relationship with his wife and Hillary’s aide, Huma Abedin.

Being Canadian
One of Canada’s favourite pastimes: trying to figure out what our identity is. Side note: it’s not all rosy here in Canada; we got our own problems too. I ask the hypothetical question, “Could Donald Trump have been elected Prime Minister of Canada?”  It’s a question for debate.

Merchants of Doubt
A eyeopening look (at least for me) at how lobbyists confuse and mislead politicians with such slick sophistication that it’s near impossible to differentiate between facts and fiction. It touches on tobacco smoking, big chemicals, and most significantly, climate change.

Where to Invade Next
A somewhat silly premise that America should “invade” other countries in order to “steal” their ideas. But, there are lessons to be learned here especially on how incarcerated people should be treated, what food is available to children in schools, and the cost of higher education.

Inside Job
It’s clear now that last week’s election result is partly due to lingering effects of the 2008 housing market / economical collapse. This film is probably the most definitive on the subject of how the collapse happened. I’m thinking someone out there is already floating the idea of a documentary on the Trump victory and how it came to be.

Thanks for listening to the podcast and I know all this political talk might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but these issues concern us all.  I’m only a Canuck but I care about this!  How are you feeling about the results of the American election?

PS. I’ll be posting my Sephora VIB Rouge haul tomorrow! Stay tuned. 😉

26 thoughts on “ Beauty Podcast: a Yank and 2 Canucks Talk About the US Election

  1. I imagine it’s going to be much like Brexit, initial anger and upset, followed by months of mutterings about it until it’s eventually forgotten whilst some people try to prove loopholes around why he shouldn’t be in and what can be done to make it stop.
    The thing I don’t like above everything else is that he has no political background at all – I’m sure he’ll be good (or at least okay) on the business side (despite how many times he’s been bankrupt), but I don’t think he has an ability to see two sides of a story on anything else, he constantly feels blind-sighted by his own opinion. I don’t trust him sat behind the “big red buttons”, I think there will be a war started whilst he’s in power.
    I also find the whole popular vote/electoral vote system totally bizarre, it makes no sense to me whatsoever.
    On a different note, I still don’t know whether I should be excited about Tim Horton’s coming to the UK!

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    1. I just can’t imagine how it must have felt with Brexit – the Trump election is as close as we got to getting engulfed in the whole thing. I’m not sure why, but most people I’ve encountered were so invested in the election – even though we don’t even LIVE there! But yup, this is the path that they’re going down and it’s extremely difficult to reverse.
      Trump not having political experience is precisely what made him so appealing. An “outsider” coming in and wrecking up the place. Actually I had a really funny meme of that, I’ll have to post it.
      The popular vote vs electoral vote does make sense to maintain an equilibrium between larger, more populated states vs smaller ones. I don’t think people can blame it solely on that – perhaps some reform to discourage gerrymandering (politicians playing around with geographic boundaries to help their party) and revisit the # of electoral votes in relation to current population would help.
      Tim Hortons is a Canadian institution! But, I will say that I really enjoy their regular coffee. I prefer it over Starbucks and McCafe’s (those are the 2 primary competitors) – it’s just a really well balance medium roast. 🙂


      1. Even with us it was all over our news constantly, the person who becomes president of America plays the most important role in world politics, I think when America votes the rest of the world should choose whether to accept the vote or not!
        I can understand it when there’s a potential landslide, but I don’t get it when she actually had more votes! Everything needs to work how the U.K. Works for me to fully understand it ha
        I don’t drink coffee, they’re good for donuts though right?


  2. Great discussion! I too, have been through a rollercoaster of feelings with this election! And now I’m stuck in just pure sadness that this is what we’ve done with our country. I’m with you though, I hope he can prove us wrong and not be the sexist, racist, homophobic man he displayed throughout the election.

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    1. I’ve read so many accounts of how gracious and warm Donald Trump is when he is one on one, versus when he’s on TV or in a rally. (there’s a joke about having a public face and a private face in there somewhere). So I’m hoping that he really does care about the American people, and remember it’s NOT about him anymore – he’s a civil servant working for the people now. If you think of it that way, how humbling is that for a man like Trump? 😛

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  3. I would say that I had a very similar reaction to you in regards to the election results that morning. Like…how could Americans let this happen to their country? I think a lot of Americans just wanted change, and they thought that Trump would be the one to deliver that change. A lot of people who voted for him also thought that he wouldn’t be quite as…extreme…as a president as he was during the buildup to the elections. I completely agree with you though, I am waiting and hoping for him to prove us wrong. It sounded like his meeting with Obama was very humbling for him – probably found out so much shit he didn’t know he would have to deal with in his new role!

    Thank you for the links to the documentaries! Looks like I will have quite a bit of watching to do this weekend, as well as listening to the podcast.
    Re: political memes, I’ve been loving the ones of Joe Biden and Obama recently.

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    1. I keep reading snippets here and there about the transition team and how clueless they are on the workings of the White House. It’s kind of scary… I just hope that they actually LISTEN to people who are trying to help them! Yes, that meeting with Obama looked really intense. I spoke with an American who said he was surprised that Trump had won but he guessed that Trump himself was shocked he’d won. He suspected that Trump just wanted to run but not actually do the work of being President. It’s so funny to think that Trump will have to sit through so many dull meetings and read boring briefs. Being President doesn’t mean giving speeches at rallies 24/7!

      I’m teased a bit for watching so many documentaries. We live near a documentary cinema and we have a membership so it’s been a good way to learn about the various topics from science, politics, arts etc.

      Yes I’ve been seeing those Obama / Biden memes LOL.

      Damn, we’re going to miss that pair so badly.

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      1. It seems like a lot of Americans are surprised that he won – so where are all the people that voted for him in hopes that he WOULD win? Did people vote for him in hopes that he wouldn’t win, and then he did? I just don’t get it. But yes, I feel like Trump had no idea what he’s getting himself into!

        Hey, that’s actually really good that you watch documentaries! I have Netflix and there are a ton of documentaries on there – I need to get into them more.

        LOL, I like that meme! There are so many good ones. We will definitely miss them 😦 I saw a list of some of the best pictures that Obama’s photographer captured over the last 8 years, and they’re just so heartwarming. I know it’s probably the photographer’s job to capture the human side of the President, but I just can’t picture Trump playing with kids with a huge smile on his face?

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        1. I do hear now that even the people who voted for Trump are surprised he won! 😆 <– if we can't laugh, we will start crying!

          I saw those photos! And they made me so sad. That man is a role model for all! And no, I cannot imagine Trump goofing around with kids, at all. Not genuinely, anyway.


  4. I followed this US presidential election and I’d never followed any before! I thought it was such a step forward for America when Obama became the first African American president.
    I am not going to voice out my opinions but I do want to say that less than 50% voter turnout was something I was rather taken aback by. It’s not even about politics when you’d vote, it’s about doing your part as a citizen of a free country towards deciding who runs it!

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    1. I’ve been following the US elections since I started to understand / become interested – so probably around the Al Gore / George W Bush time. This one was definitely different in its tone and the role of social media really changed the game.
      Yes, the low voter turn out was disheartening, but also a signal of how frustrated the people felt. But yes, this is the duty of every citizens to provide input. Plus, there are other things on the ballot to vote on, not just who should be the President!


  5. Awesome post and great breakdown of the episode!! I hate to be labeled a “political activist” or anything even close but this was an angry day leading to a passionate discussion. There was no way we could ignore the elephant in the room and talk lipstick that day. Like I said….the best part is the memes and I’m happy you posted some 😂 Thanks for having me, once again! I love chatting with you guys!
    A Yank

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    1. I think everyone gets to air their views on politics since these are issues that directly affect their lives! I’m *just* a Canadian but dammit, whatever pollutants from those coal mines that Trump wants to re-open will get thrown into the atmosphere and affect me!
      I like that we can talk about politics and lipsticks – who says those 2 have to be mutually exclusive?
      Thank you for being the token Yank! 😆

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      1. Haha I hope that damn mine dust doesn’t make it all the way to Canada!!! Hell yeah, you can talk about whatever you want!! You guys should follow Trump’s career as president 😉.


    1. Thanks! I like learning about social / cultural things. That’s why we love travelling. 😛

      Definitely, this is the American Brexit. I saw this online somewhere:

      Apparently the guy got it made before the election results – I’m sure now he’s stocking up on survival gear…


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