Trash Stash: August to October-ish 2017: Part 2 (Body and Hair Care, Makeup)

Here’s the 2nd part of my slacker Trash Stash:

Bath products are fun to photograph since they’re more colourful. 🙂

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Trash Stash: June and July 2017: Part 1 (Skincare and Sample / Travel Sizes)

Since I skipped June’s Trash Stash, I’m breaking up this post into 2 parts instead of overwhelming you with a monster post. 😛 Here’s about half of what I used up in the past 2 months:

The first part will be solely focused on skincare and sample / travel sizes, and part 2 will be on the remaining beauty products.

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Trash Stash: March 2017

It’s April already! Did anyone get pranked on April Fools Day? 😛 Mine was uneventful.  Here are the empties that March yielded:

I got a bit nervous at around mid-March since I didn’t have a lot of empties in my bag but it seems at the tail-end of the month, I was able to use up a bunch. 🙂

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Favourites Lately: Early 2017

This is my first quarterly favourites post for 2017. I’ve been taking down notes on various items that I’ve enjoyed between January and March:

I try to have a balance of items but it looks like this is more heavy on the makeup front. 😛

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Non-beauty Japan Haul

Here’s a bit of a throw back Thursday post. It’s been nearly 2 months since I returned from Japan!  Here are some non-beauty bits I picked up from Japan.

I didn’t do much clothing shopping in Japan. There wasn’t a ton there that I couldn’t get here at home. Although, I was a big fan of their style: the standard outfit consisted of elastic waist a-line skirt and a loose boxy top, worn with platform wedge sandals or Birkenstocks. It was all about comfort! 🙂


I was so excited to stumble on the Liberty of London x Uniqlo while I was there! I ended up buying 2 items from the collection:

“Relaco” culottes – these are so comfy! (culottes are very popular in Japan, I noticed)

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Beauty Blender Battle

[I’ve had this post in draft mode for ages!  Random timing to post this but no time like the present!]

The Beauty Blender needs no introduction.  These hot pink egg shaped sponges cost a whopping $26 each and have spawned a slew of BB-like sponges.  So is a $26 sponge 26x better than a $1 one?

For years, I refused to succumb to the Beauty Blender.  I resisted and bought the dupes to satisfy my Beauty Blender curiosity.  I simply could NOT justify paying $26 for a flimsy little egg shaped piece of foam.  So I bought some off ebay, and a few from drugstores before I finally decided to get the real thing during the Spring 2013 VIB sale.  I’ve been using my stash of makeup sponges for a while now.  Let’s have a look at how they stack up the the original Beauty Blender:
L to R [These are arranged from the most airy / porous (L) to the most dense / heavy (R)]:
Beauty Blender (hot pink) – $26 [note: I paid $26 for mine but I see that it’s now $28 – damn that exchange rate!] (Sephora)
MAC Pro Performance Sponge (orange) – $24 (MAC)
Quo Blending Sponge (purple) – $5 (Shoppers Drug Mart)
Sephora Airbrush Sponge mini (teal) – $12 for 2 [bought this during Black Friday sale 2014] (Sephora)
• Blending sponge from eBay (black) – $1 (shipped from China)
Kit Super Blenders (mint) – $12 for 3 (Rexall)

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No Brushes Required

I recently stayed overnight at a hotel and wanted to pack the most minimal amount of cosmetics with me.  I really didn’t even want to fuss with makeup brushes so I decided to pack only makeup that I can apply without the use of makeup brushes.

My makeup case for travel – a gwp from Smashbox.

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