What I Got for Christmas 2016

I hope you all had a good Christmas! It’s great that Christmas day fell on Sunday – we have Boxing Day off (yesterday) and we get an extra day off since Christmas day was on the weekend. So we don’t have to go back to work until Wednesday. 🙂 It’s the tradition now to talk about what everyone got for Christmas so here it is – I’m posting stock photos because who has time to take proper photos during the holidays?

Sony ear buds
My other ones broke right after our cruise so I specifically asked for this.

Nature Colouring Book of Cards and Envelopes
I also asked for this – can’t wait to colour these!

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Blogmas 2016: The Smells of Christmas

You’re thinking to yourself, “that Stashy is really running out of ideas for this Blogmas thing, isn’t she?” 😆  Well, hear me out!  I think we focus so much on our sense of sight that we sometimes neglect our other senses.  For previous Blogmas posts, I’ve already focused on the sense of hearing (Christmas music) so why not talk about how Christmas smells?
Yes, there will be talk of food… but also some fragrances too!

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Blogmas 2016: Holiday Mani – OPI Red Fingers & Mistletoes

I went fairly standard this year for my Christmas mani – a shimmery red polish. That’s normally what I think of when I think of the holidays!  I chose this one partly because of the name, Red Fingers & Mistletoes:
This was part of the 2014 OPI Holiday collection collaboration with Gwen Stefani, which I got earlier this year at a discounted price.

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Blogmas 2016: The Gift of MyStyleInsideOut on MyLipAddiction Podcast!

We weren’t sure if it would be possible to sneak another episode in before the holidays, but by the tenacity of Cat, we were able to bring you this episode just before we take a short break. 😀  Our guest is the amazing MyStyleInsideOut, aka Rosalyn!
It’s a Christmas miracle! 🎁

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Blogmas 2016: Beauty Bay and Sephora Haul (Gifts to Myself?)

I’m going to pass these hauls as early Christmas gifts to myself because I’m not above blatantly cheating on my low-buy. 😆
I ordered the Beauty Bay items on November 24th and it finally arrived on December 16th!  The Sephora haul is from the VIB coupon – for VIB Rouge, the coupon is $25 off $50 minimum spend. I wasted no time in placing my order! 😀

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Blogmas 2016: Chit Chat Tuesday – Do You Regift?

I haven’t done a Chit Chat Tuesday in ages and I miss them!
Today’s chat is a quick one: What are your thoughts on the practice of regifting?

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Blogmas 2016: The Christmas Beauty Tag

Even though I decided to do a shortened Blogmas this year, I was quite challenged as to what topics to write about, since last year’s Blogmas pretty much covered all the major Christmassy topics like Christmas music, movies, gift ideas, etc. So I was excited when I spotted this tag on The Life of Kristyn blog. 😀 Problem solved! Well, for one day at least…

1. Have you been naughty or nice this year with your skincare routine?
I’ve been NICE! I always wash my face before bed (ahem, A!). I wear sunscreen. I exfoliate.
I even did IPL this year. So I’ve been GOOD! 😀

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Paul & Joe Beauté Loot

I’m trying to come up with post titles that don’t involve the word “haul”… it’s getting a bit repetitive. But repetitive doesn’t necessarily mean boring, right? 😉  Today I bring you some Paul & Joe Beauté loot:
This was spurred on by a gift I received from my friend at Christmas:
Le Bal Masque Set in 001 Oh! Carnival!
After receiving this present, I was compelled to go to the nearest Shoppers Drug Mart (SDM) that carries the Paul & Joe line, and upon laying eyes on the glory of their display, lost my mind, blacked out for a bit, only waking up to find myself thrusting my credit card at the cashier. It was all my friend’s fault! 😛

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What I got for Christmas

It’s fun to give and receive for gifts for Christmas! As I mentioned during blogmas, we’re pretty low-key for Christmas which also applies to gifts. I gave my SO coins from the Mint, a cookbook, a top from Roots (no socks! 😉 ), a wooden utensil set from William Sonoma, and other kitchen gadgets.  We gave his family clothes, candles, hand creams, chocolate / cookies / nuts (thank goodness for Hickory Farms!), and of course, alcohol. 😛

And here’s what I received for Christmas (thank you again for these gifts!) – sorry for all the stock photos, post-holiday laziness, ya know:
Formula X The Two in Iconic and Legend
Tocca Beauty Piccolo Tresoro Giulietta Body Scrub, Eau de Parfum, Hand Cream Set
Tarte Fanciful Favorites Deluxe Discovery Set
(my MIL / SIL definitely hit up the Sephora Black Friday sale! 😉 )
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