Kiko Makeup Review – Color Fever Eyeshadow Palette, Moon Dust Face Powder and Shade Fusion Trio Blush


And here we go – starting to chip away at some of the items languishing in my stash waiting to be reviewed!
I’ve had these items in my stash for nearly a year!😳 I did take photos of them back in September so I did manage to wear them on the weekends while I was doing Project Pan.

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November 2016 Low-Buy Accountability


Ouch. November Low-Buy was more like a Go-Buy… I mean, what was I expecting? Sephora VIB sale and Black Friday – why did they have to be together in the same month?
I also bought some stuff from Winners and Avon.😳

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Trash Stash: November 2016


At the beginning of every month, I think to myself, “this month I probably won’t have too many empties, I might have 2 or 3 max”.  Then around the third week of the month, I am suddenly faced with a bag full of empties. Go figure.
I finished some big containers too.

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Stash Dash: Nov 27 – Dec 3


It’s officially December now. Panic time! I’ve barely started buying presents so I have to get on that pronto.

Here’s what you might have missed last week if you had 30 tabs open on your browser while shopping Cyber Monday deals:

Project Pan 12: Cargo HD Pressed Powder in #20
Just goes to show that using a pressed powder for 3 months straight won’t make a dent!

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My December 2016 Goals


Happy December!  Now that I’m done Project Pan, I have to be honest with you – I’ve been feeling a little stressed and lot guilty about the pile of makeup that have been waiting to be photographed, tested, and reviewed. Ever since the floodgates opened this year for makeup buying, I’ve been amassing so many new items, all the while making mental notes to review them on the blog. The entire 3 months I was doing Project Pan, I kept eyeing the ever growing pile.

This was from January, just a mishmash of items.

So for the month of December, instead of jingle jangle ho ho ho Christmas themed posts, I’m going to play catch up on all the items I’ve been meaning to review! Here’s a sneaky peek at what will be coming up.😛

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Project Pan 12 Collab: The END


What an epic journey! When I first agreed to do Project Pan, I thought it was be FUN. Oh how wrong I was. This is the song that went through my head (sang to the tune of “The Song That Never Ends“):

This is the Collab that never ends
It just goes on and on my friends
I agree to doing it, not knowing what it was
And I’m wearing the same makeup for 3 months because…
{repeat from top}

😆 I’m teasing. I did enjoy doing Project Pan, especially doing it alongside my collab buddies!😀
And I’m really proud of myself for sticking to these products and diligently using them 5 out of 7 days, at minimum.

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Black Friday Haul 2016


As is the tradition, every Black Friday, I try to reason with myself to not get too excited about the deals because they’re usually not THAT great, but then it all goes out the door once I’m actually at the mall!
Can you believe that I bought all this in the span of just one hour at the mall?😮 Have you ever seen those shopping spree prizes where kids get to run through Toys R Us and grab as many toys as possible within 5 minutes? I wish they had that for Sephora.😆

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PP12: Cargo HD Pressed Powder in #20


I purposely left this one last for the Project Pan update, since this was slightly different from the rest of the items in that I opened a brand new product at the onset of the project, in an attempt to pan it in 12 weeks.
A face powder is one of those products that I use daily, and I was curious how much product I can go through in 3 months.

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Stash Dash: Nov 20 – 26


It officially feels like Christmas to me now! And so, it’s back to the Christmas theme on the blog.🙂 I thought about drawing a new one for this year but laziness overcame me so it’s the same one as last year. If you’re new to the blog, then it’ll be new to you!😉

Here are the blog posts from last week, in case you missed any of them due to turkey + stuffing + pumpkin pie induced coma:

Project Pan: MAC Custom Quad with All That Glitters, Patina, Satin Taupe and Romp
I love eye shadows and these are some of my all time favourites! The evidence is in the HOLE I made in the pan!😀

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Project Pan Inspired Finale + GIVEAWAY


YEAH! I WON! Better luck next time, losers!😛

(Thanks Grieta!!!)

TO Beauty 'n Beyond

Good morning my lovelies. I have been MIA due the motherhood and immune system failures. I will try to catch up, as I have so many posts I want to finish and share with you.

As you can tell by the title, I’m wrapping up my Project Pan Inspired. Before I do that, I want to say thanks to Stashy from Stash Matters and Jodi from A Brash Attitude for an unintentional inspiration. It was a fun project that I will probably repeat in the future, what a great way to use up the forgotten products in your stash. Let me tell you, that it was challenging at times.

During the PPI I was able to finish quite a bit of products, mostly skincare. That makes me happy, as now I can switch to the ones, I really love.

In this picture you can see the products, I’m still working on…

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