Hauluary 2018 – Post-Holiday Sales

I know, I know. I just posted about makeup decluttering and here I am, showing stuff I’m adding to my hoard.  Never did I once say that I wasn’t shopping anymore! (I was just making room? 😆 ) And, I didn’t go as crazy this year with post-holiday sales.

This is called self control in my books! 😉


• Hylamide Set 1 (Black Friday 2017) – $113   $43

• Hylamide Subq Anti-Age – 30ml
• Hylamide High Efficiency Face Cleaner – 120ml
• Hylamide Subq Eyes – 15ml
• Hylamide HA Blur – 30ml

This was actually purchased pre-holidays, but it was out of stock when I placed the order in late November. Deciem allowed orders to be placed with the disclaimer that the orders would be fulfilled in January. And voila, come December 27th I received my shipment. I’m very curious about the cleaner and the HA Blur.


Right after Christmas there were some clearance items in their Goodbyes section at the store with discounts ranging from 25% to 40% off.

• MAC Snow Ball Kit Prep + Primer Fix+ – $24   $18
Includes Coconut, Lavender and Rose (30ml each)

• MAC 125SE Split Fibre Dense Face Brush (from Fruity Juicy collection) – $42   $25.20
• MAC 178SE Duo Fibre Angled Face Brush (from James Kaliardos collection) – $51   $30.60

I’ve been wanting those scented Fix+ (now they’ve been made permanent – yay!) and the limited edition brushes were total impulse buys. 😛

• MAC 168SH Large Angled Contour Brush – $42
• MAC 214 Short Shader Brush – $30
• MAC 228 Mini Shader Brush – $24
• MAC 239SH Eye Shading Brush – $30
• MAC 217SH Blending Brush x2 – $30 each

I bought these brushes at regular price to secure the last of some discontinued items. I caught wind that MAC was phasing out all of their natural hair bristles in favour of synthetic bristles.  I’m not opposed to synthetic bristles – they serve specific purpose in makeup application, but they are not my preferred brush types especially for blending colour. So I’m rather miffed that MAC will no longer offer natural bristle 217 Blending Brush or 239 Eye Shading Brush – 2 of my most favourite brushes! There are some non-MAC versions of the 217 shape (I mentioned some here) so I will likely try one of those in the future. I’m glad that I managed to score these ones which hadn’t sold out yet.  I also received this brush care handout:

Click to enlarge.

In all the years of buying MAC brushes, I’ve never received a brush care guide. All the brushes I picked up were made in Japan, and I was informed that the new synthetic ones will also be made in Japan. (Typically, MAC brushes from their regular line are either made in Japan or France, whereas the limited edition ones – especially the sets – are made in China.)

Hudson’s Bay

I was killing time one night after work and wandered into the Beauty Underground in the Bay…

• Teeez Cosmetics Island Palette Eyeshadow in Kaleidoscope and Paradise Bird – $23 $13.80 each

• Clinique Happy Gelatos Three-Piece Set – $29.00  $21.75
Includes Happy, Sugared Petals and Berry Blush (60ml each)

• Clinique Fresh Powered Gift Set – $69.00  $51.75
14 Fresh Pressed Renewing Powder Cleanser with pure Vitamin C (0.01 oz.)
2 Fresh Pressed Daily Boosters with pure vitamin C 10% (8.5ml each)
Smart Custom Repair Moisturizer SPF 15 (15ml)

• Clinique x Jonathan Adler Cheek Pop in Plum Pop and Peach Pop – $33 $24.75
• Bobbi Brown Blush in Nude Peach – $38 $26.60

All of the Island collection from Teeez were 40% off and select Bobbi Brown and Clinique items were 25% off.  I also got an additional $10 off for spending over $100.

Trade Secrets

• Relaxus Beauty Photo Finish Brush Set – $59.95  $29.95

I’m mainly interested in the 2 larger brushes – I’ve been wanting a jumbo version of the oval face brush and these ones look decent.

This is how the 2 bigger ones look next to my MAC Masterclass Oval 6 Brush – I’m hoping MAC will release an Oval 7 or 8 size brush one day! 🙂

Bath and Body Works

• Marshmallow Magic Amazing Body Cream – $13.50 $3.38
• Gentle Foaming Hand Soap in Sea Salt Citrus and Twisted Peppermint – $3.75 each

It’s the semi-annual clearance sale at BBW and normally, I go crazy, but I only walked out with 3 items! 😮


• Sheer Lip Colour in Brown Sugar – $12.99 $2
• Lip Saviour Balm in Strawberry Blush – $7.99 $2

I fully admit that I do not need either of these but I’m weak against tinted lip balms. The strawberry one smells like ice cream!


• Mega Lip Smacker in Candy Apple – $4.99  $2.66
• Lip Smacker Tsum Tsum Daisy in Peppermint Macaron – $5.99  $2.96

• Burt’s Bees Ginger Spice Moisturizing Lip Balm – $6.29  $2.96

Because um, I can never say no to lip balms? 😇  Especially ones in cute packaging!

• Milani The Multitasker Face Power in 02 Light Medium – $14.50  $7.07
• L’Oreal Colour Riche Pocket Palette in 106 Doudoir Charme – $14.99  $6.36

I picked up the Milani face powder on a whim (partly because of the pretty embossed pattern) before I saw that my blogging pal Jodi of A Brash Attitude named it one of her favourite makeup items of 2017!

• 7th Heaven and Montagne Jeunesse masks – $2.59  $1.29 each

I do enjoy playing “spot the clearance tag” game at Rexall. These are the yellow tags dotted throughout the displays starting after the holidays, usually with 50% off or more.

Shoppers Drug Mart

• L’Oreal The Trendy set – $26.99 $14.99
Includes Lash Paradise and Voluminous Primer / Base

I’m a fan of the Lash Paradise mascara and have been curious about the L’Oreal mascara primer – this deal was too good to pass up.

• CoverGirl Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation in 632 – $18.99  $10
• Maybelline Master Prime Long-Lasting Shadow Base in Prime & Matte – $11.99  $5
• Quo Angled Diamond Blending Sponge – $8.99  $4.29

I don’t think the CG foundation is being discontinued but there was a broad selection of shades in the clearance section.  This is the same shade I wear in their Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation and I’m worried this will be too dark for me but the next shade down had a pink undertone.

• Essie Let it Glow,  Blue-tiful Horizon, and Seeing Stars (from Desert Mirage Collection)

For some unknown reason, Shoppers Drug Mart had these Essies on clearance for $6 each. This is a brand new collection that just launched in January.  The copper shimmery shift is gorgeous – just look at this:

😱  It reminds me of Essie Social-Lights and China Glaze Sin-Derella that I bought in November.

• Cutex Top Coat – $11.99 $5
• Essence Out of Space Stories Nail Polish in 03 Space Glam – $3.99

I blame fivezero for reminding me of the Essence Out of Space Stories polishes!  Close-up of this beauty:

Considering my nail polish haul last January warranted an entire separate dedicated post, buying only 4 this year shows personal growth! 😉

• I love… Miniature Lots of Bubbles Selection Box – $16.99   $8.49 x 2
Includes: Iced Cookie, Cherry Almond Sparkle, Strawberry & Cream, Raspberry & Blackberry, Yummy Caramel, and Chocolate Truffle (100ml each)

I’ve been eyeing this ever since I saw it in stores in November and crossed my fingers that it would end up on clearance. So happy that I scored 2 boxes!

• Delectable Bod Squad Triple Moisture Body Lotion Collection – $15.99 $7.99
Includes Sweet Mint, Clementine, Candy Sparkle, and Iced Gingerbread (60ml each)

I had been looking for the hand lotion set but was unsuccessful. My consolation prize is the body lotion set instead! I’m very curious about the Clementine scent.


I haven’t been visiting Winners or Marshall as much lately, which is a good thing.

• Holika Holika Dodo Cat Dust Out 3 in 1 Trans-foam Cleanser – $9  $7

I think this will be good for the warmer months.

• Lavanila Fresh Vanilla Lemon EdP – $50  $25

• Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Nectarine Blossom EdT – $30  $15

I guess the stars aligned and I managed to snag two scents that I’d been looking for. The Lavnila smells like a lemon cupcake, I love it! And I’ve been spritzing a sample of that EA perfume for ages and have been wanting the full size. Plus, the SO loves peachy scents and this one gets his nod of approval. 😀

That’s what I’ve bought since late December. This isn’t the end of Hauluary… I’m waiting for some online orders to come in the mail!  😀  [Edit: they arrived! See post here.]  Did you hit up any sales after the holidays?

61 thoughts on “Hauluary 2018 – Post-Holiday Sales

  1. So you’re back to being cluttered now?! haha, and with more on the way! I’m on a successful no-buy for the first time ever, haven’t bought anything beaut related other than conditioner and a dry shampoo both of which I had depleted all others I had in my stash of!

    I haven’t heard that much about the Hylamide range yet – that HA Blur does sound intriguing!

    I hadn’t heard MAC were discontinuing their natural hair brushes, generally I try to pick synthetic, but there is a time and a place for a natural hair brush I agree! I’m sure many MAC artists would agree too so it sounds like an odd move.

    Super confused about why those Teez pans are called palettes? Do they click together or something?
    When It tried to track down Sin-derella it was sold out everywhere, I need to relook again. Blue-tiful Horizon looks stunning and definitely in a similar vein and finish.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hah I never said I’m fully decluttered… 😳
      Good for you on continuing the No-Buy! I miss those days… I think in some ways it’s easier to not buy anything than to have a limited budget.

      Yes when I was picking up the MAC brushes, the MUA was saying how bummed they were about the switch. One of the MUAs I spoke with has worked for MAC for over 20 years! She said that they’re stocking up on the natural bristle brushes themselves. And she pondered why MAC wouldn’t simply offer BOTH natural and synthetic versions of the same brush shape so that consumers can have an option. 💡

      Yeah I have no clue why the Teeez SINGLE pans are called palettes. They don’t link up or nothin’!

      Hope you can track down Sin-derella – it’s so pretty!


      1. I agree I think when you have somewhat of a budget available it’s easy to think “oh well it’s only XX over, that can come off next month” and before you know it you’re at the end and have justified overspending every month 😂😂

        Yes completely! That would have been a more interesting approach, especially even if that was eventually their plan but it would give people chance to get used to it and see and for them to be proven that they work


  2. Of course you had to pick up some new items, you just decluttered so now you get to treat yourself by filling up your stash again! lol. Nice scores! I know in general there’s some good sales going on around the Boxing Day time, but I’m never able to find these amazing deals that you always find in January! 😛

    Great find on the L’Oreal The Trendy mascara set! And Essie Blue-tiful Horizon…oh my gosh. Those polishes with a shift always make me weak!

    I just heard last week about MAC phasing out their natural hair bristles and replacing them with synthetic bristles. I do wonder whether that will be better in the long run, but good call on picking up the ones you like before they’re gone.

    Yay, even though you couldn’t get your hands on the Delectable hand creams, I’m glad you got the body lotion! I haven’t used he Clementine one but I did open it to smell and it is delicious!

    Oooh that EA Green Tea Nectarine Blossom sounds lovely! I have two of those body sprays in different scents, but the Nectarine Blossom sounds right up my alley!

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    1. To be fair, most of these things were bought at the end of December and beginning of January. I didn’t finalize all of my purge items until after these things were already purchased… 😛

      I couldn’t not get that Essie Blue-tiful Horizon! I probably didn’t need the other 2 as the shifts aren’t as strong but all the reviews say the formula is so great with them… #weak

      The MAC MUAs I spoke to weren’t too happy about the switch to synthetic bristles – they’ve tested them out compared to the natural ones and they don’t pick up pigment or blend as well. :/ One of the MUAs suggested that MAC should offer both the synthetic and natural versions in the same brush shapes so customers can choose! That would have been a great idea! Plus, I felt like MAC was sneaky in how they did this – no big announcement but just phased them out. I heard this started back in October…

      I haven’t even opened the Delectable items yet – I don’t like opening things to smell them unless I’m going to use them right away! I think I’ll save the Clementine one for Spring time.

      Check your Winners / Marshalls for the EA scents – I saw they had a Yuzu one and a Cherry Blossom one too.

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      1. Ugh, why would MAC completely change over their brushes when even their MUAs don’t like them?! I would agree with offering both synthetic and natural versions of all of their brushes – seems to be the most logical way to go, but maybe it’s more costly to manufacture both at the same time? I don’t know.

        LOL you have much better self control than me. I need to open and smell everything first even if I’m not using it yet!

        Oooh, Yuzu! Definitely want to try that one. I own the Cherry Blossom one and it’s only alright.

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  3. That’s quite the haul, you got some great products! I go through lip balms like crazy and the Burt’s Bees Ginger one is one of my faves! I haven’t hear of Hylamide before. I used to wear Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea scent, so this one looks wonderful! Have fun playing with all of your goodies!

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  4. I need a new bottle of Fix+ but I got so many other sprays to get through first.

    I have a Bobbi Brown blush in Tawny 2 that I got last year at a CCO abs I love it so much.

    I got a few things after Christmas at Sephora when they had some stuff on sale plus an extra 20% off for Beauty Insiders. Scored the Marc Jacobs Genius Gel foundation for $25 & change (reg $48), a Sephora brand single shadow for $4 (reg $10) and a couple full price items (Tocca rollerball & a new travel size of the MUFE mattifying primer). And I found the Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation on clearance at Walgreens (it’s apparently being replaced with the new “breathable” version), so I grabbed a few bottles since they were only $2-$4 each as I love that foundation. I don’t think I need to buy foundation again for at least a year now. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fix+ is nice but not the HG for me. I especially like these mini bottles for traveling!

      I’ve never tried a Bobbi Brown blush before – I’m pretty excited as I’ve heard good things! I wish we had CCOs here…

      Nice scores! I’ve seen some Marc Jacobs stuff at Winners (our TJMaxx) but the shades weren’t good for me. Wow, what a steal for those Rimmel foundations!


  5. As always, your hauls are always impressive…I never really find great beauty pieces in the sale, maybe one or two things here and there but nothing extravagant, haha.

    I love the Essie nail polishes that you picked up especially the Blue one! Wow! 😮

    That is a bit disappointing news about the MAC brushes but I’m happy that I actually own the 217 and 239. I did want to get another 217 as back-up so I might check to see if there’s any left. If not, no biggie. I’ve yet to try the Fix+ so I might just start with the original one first and see how I feel about the formula.

    Let me know how that Clinique Vitamin C set goes? I saw it advertised and was intrigued by the whole concept of it or at least the powder side of things. Bobbi Brown blush is something I’d like to try next from BB but restraining myself from buying blush at this moment!

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    1. I think my luck in finding deals have a lot to do with how regularly I pass by beauty stores. 😛 Also, my friends alert me when they find deals that they think I’d be interested in.

      It’s really disappointing about MAC replacing the natural hairs with synthetic. I’m glad you already own the 217 and 239! I use mine all the time and I have several of them on rotation since I get lazy about washing my brushes. 😉 The MAC Fix+ isn’t revolutionary but I like it to get rid of powdery finish of my makeup.

      I’m going to test the Clinique Vitamin C probably in a couple of weeks’ time. Fingers crossed!

      I can’t wait to test that Bobbi Brown blush – I’ve read great things.

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  6. I was happy to find the L’Oreal Voluminous Primer. It works well and is a reasonable price (especially when on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart). I wonder if it’s a dupe for the much more expensive Lancome Cils XL. I’ve used that one too, and it is also good, but now I’ll stick with the less expensive L’Oreal.

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    1. Good to know that you like the L’Oreal primer! I’ve been dedicated to the Etude House one for ages so I haven’t tried new ones. Well, L’Oreal owns Lancome so it’s very possible the formulations are similar! 😉


      1. I tried the Etude House one, after reading Stashy’s earlier post on mascara primers, but I found it made my eyelashes very crunchy.


  7. Haha, you really just made some space for new stuff but let’s be honest, your purge was epic and bigger than this haul😉 You got some lovely stuff and I do secretly hope I will occasionally read about it past your official end date. 🤞

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m working on a post where I show how much my stash has grown or diminished over the years that I’ve been blogging… so hopefully those numbers will tell the truth of whether I purged more than I bought! Fingers crossed! 😉

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  8. Ooh you got some great goodies. I’ve never seen either of the Clinique sets but they look great. Love Teeez eyeshadows and The Delectable Set looks great. I just finished using the Strawberry and Cream body lotion from them and loved it. So thank you for sending me their goodies last year! Xx

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    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the Strawberry and Cream one! I am still disappointed that I couldn’t send you more bath products due to the weight! I would have sent you a LOT more shower gels knowing how fast you go through them! 😆

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  9. The MAC Fruity Juicy brush is so pretty – what a fun pattern!

    The Clinique Gelato creams are cute 🙂

    The Marshmallow Magic body cream from BBW sounds great too, does it smell overly sweet?

    The Elizabeth Arden scent has a beautiful bottle, I imagine it would be a very fresh, juicy scent.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The handle of that MAC Fruity Juicy brush definitely lured me in! I am hoping it will be a good contour brush. 🙂

      Yes, the BBW Marshmallow Magic cream is very sweet, but not overly (at least in my opinion!)

      The EA green tea line is refreshing – it’s not too juicy, more of a muted calming type of smell.

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  10. I’ve managed to clear out a few things, but I too am like you in “making space” for new items. You just never know, right? 😛 I was wondering what you’d get from the B&BW sale. I probably should have taken advantage as I’m now running low on their soap. Oh well. Looking forward to your thoughts on the Hylamide line. I’m already a fan of The Ordinary, and the other Deciem sub brands look interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was surprised at myself for not buying more at the BBW sale. I do still have a lot of body stuff from previous sales… 😛
      I hope I’ll like the Hylamide products – I’m glad I snagged them discounted. I’m still not sure why I should try Deciem’s higher end lines when there’s The Ordinary?

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  11. as always.. Im drooling over your haul.. The Clinique blushes looks gorge.. That Milani pressed powder is amazing, I love it a lot! I still havent seen a good product in our HM here. I purchased a few but the packaging is a blah.. lol

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    1. I already own 3 of those Clinique blushes and I love them! I’ve been eyeing these shades so I’m happy to get them on sale!
      Good hear you love that Milani powder! I wonder why it was 50% off… I hope they’re not discontinuing it!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t tried Hylamide before – they’re part of the Deciem family of brands which includes The Ordinary (low end) and Niod (high end). Hylamide is the mid-range – I’ve heard great things about the Face Cleaner which is an oil cleanser.
      Sephora actually carries Deciem products online now. I’ve also seen Deciem in store at The Bay and Rexall too – they’re everywhere!


  12. Wow, that’s a serious haul! Modest compare to the ones before? 😛

    I am a bit pissed that MAC is switching to 100% synthetic. I’m not a huge fan of using synthetics for powder products. They just don’t work out the same. Nice that you’ve scored your favourites~~~

    That Clinique and Bobbi Brown haul is such a bargain! (love)

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    1. The MUAs at MAC weren’t too pleased either. One of them tried to convince me (and herself probably) that the synthetic brushes perform just the same as the natural bristles. Most that I talked to were stocking up on the natural ones themselves too. I felt one of the synthetic face brushes and they felt cheap! And, they’ve kept the prices exactly the same as what they used to charge for the natural hairs! How about NO! I’ve been on the hunt for Japanese brushes now… ordering straight from Japan!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Keeping the price the same? Are they serious? Do consumers look mega stupid to them or something?!?!?!?! (pissed off) Yes, I guess I’ll go straight for the Hiroshima brushes too *sigh*


  13. I love the MJ peel-off masks! I haven’t seent the pineapple and Berry Sorbet masks in ages – I really liked them!

    THAT Essie polish… it’s beautiful!
    And you finally did get that Essence Out of Space Stories polish! Yay!

    Have you tried the I ♥ Choc Truffle shower gel yet? Once you do, please let me know how you like it.

    I think I’ll try the EA Green Tea / Nectarine fragrance. Sounds like a great summer fragrance. Plus: My husband loves peachy fragrances too, so he might like this one.

    Hope you have a wonderful Sunday! 🙂

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    1. I tried a peel off mask from Montagne Jeunesse when I did the 30 day challenge and I really enjoyed it! I was surprised that it wasn’t one of those peel offs that took off a layer of epidermis! 😛

      I haven’t tried these I Love… shower gels yet! They have to wait in line… I’ll probably get to them NEXT winter! 😆 I might let the Chocolate Truffle butt in line…

      The EA Green Tea line wasn’t on my radar but I received a sample and really enjoyed it! Those samples work! 😉

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  14. Oooh you got a LipSmacker biggie – I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Green Apple scent before?

    I wish I could get that Milani face powder here – such a pretty design and I remember Jodi raving about it.

    OMG that Blue-tiful Horizon Essie polish is stunning! Need.

    I’ve been wanting to pick up one of those LaVanilla fragrances for ages but Sephora doesn’t seem to carry them anymore. Vanilla Lemon sounds like an amazing combo!

    I scaled it back in a major way after the holidays but your haul is making me want to go and make up for it now. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That Lip Smacker Candy Apple was part of the holiday release – I really like the smell / taste! I tried to find the Dr Pepper but nope! :/

      It seems the Lavanila fragrances are discontinued – see if you can find them at Winners / Marshalls! I’ve been wearing the Vanilla Lemon perfume almost daily – such a nice pick-me-up type of scent.

      I was better this year with post-holiday sales but still bought more than I should! 😉


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