Cruise Life – My Experience

So what’s it like to go on a 7-day cruise? I’ll admit that I’m not keen on all-inclusive resorts, or packaged vacations because I feel trapped. I do not like being herded around like cattle for meal time and activities. I know a lot of people who have gone on cruises and thoroughly enjoyed themselves, so we decided to give it a try.
We went on the ship Vision of the Sea, which is part of the “Vision” class of ships from Royal Caribbean. We chose the cruise line based on a lot of discussions with friends and the top 3 recommended cruise lines were Celebrity Cruises, Norwegian and Royal Caribbean. Celebrity Cruises was our top choice but it did not have any remaining sail dates for 2016 to the destinations we wanted.
I had jokingly said that I would name this post “Cruise Life for Type A Personalities” – I wouldn’t call myself a true “Type A” personality, but I do have some traits. It takes me a while to relax whenever we go on vacation. On a 7-day vacation, it probably takes me 2 days to stop pacing the hotel room, and then another 2 days to stop waking up at 6am. 😛 So how did I find cruise life?

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Non-beauty Japan Haul

Here’s a bit of a throw back Thursday post. It’s been nearly 2 months since I returned from Japan!  Here are some non-beauty bits I picked up from Japan.

I didn’t do much clothing shopping in Japan. There wasn’t a ton there that I couldn’t get here at home. Although, I was a big fan of their style: the standard outfit consisted of elastic waist a-line skirt and a loose boxy top, worn with platform wedge sandals or Birkenstocks. It was all about comfort! 🙂


I was so excited to stumble on the Liberty of London x Uniqlo while I was there! I ended up buying 2 items from the collection:

“Relaco” culottes – these are so comfy! (culottes are very popular in Japan, I noticed)

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Blogmas Day 8: DIY Stardust jewellery

Today’s Blogmas post is a collaboration topic – we’ll all be posting DIY projects.  My DIY will be a version of the Swarovski Stardust jewellery:
You’ve probably seen these being advertised by Miranda Kerr. They’re beautiful but the retail price for the Stardust necklace is $99 and the bracelet is $59 😮 I’ll show you how to make your own for a fraction of that price!

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Michaels haul

Now for something entirely different!  I mentioned in my intro post to this blog that I dabble in crafts – mainly knitting and some jewellery making.  So I was pretty stoked when a new Michaels store opened up in downtown Toronto!  I finally had a chance to visit this past weekend and of course, I can never walk out of a Michaels store empty-handed:
In my defense all the beads were 50% off! 😉

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