Blogmas Day 8: DIY Stardust jewellery

Today’s Blogmas post is a collaboration topic – we’ll all be posting DIY projects.  My DIY will be a version of the Swarovski Stardust jewellery:
You’ve probably seen these being advertised by Miranda Kerr. They’re beautiful but the retail price for the Stardust necklace is $99 and the bracelet is $59 😮 I’ll show you how to make your own for a fraction of that price!

Materials and tools:
nylon mesh tubing (I used the 4mm for the necklace and 9mm for the bracelet)
3mm faceted glass beads (how many beads you need depends on how thick and long your project will be – the necklace needed one-18″ strand and the bracelet also required one-18″ due to it being thicker)
round metal end caps and clasp
E6000 Craft Adhesive
• scissors
• tape
• small bowl
• paper towels
• toothpicks

1. Cut required length of nylon mesh tubing – I wanted a 18″ necklace and 7″ bracelet so I cut 20″ and 9″ to give some slack

2. Pour beads into small bowl
3. Tape one end of the nylon mesh tubing

4. Insert beads into the nylon mesh tubing 1 at a time for the 4mm tubing (necklace) or pour beads into 9mm tubing (bracelet) until desired length is reached [the 4mm tube will fit just 1 bead across whereas the 9mm tubing will fit 3 beads across]
5. Ensure beads are distribute evenly and trim ends of mesh tubing to leave 5mm on each end
6. Squeeze E6000 glue onto paper towel and use toothpicks to apply glue to each end of mesh tube

7. Push mesh tubing ends into the metal end caps – hold for 30 seconds each to ensure adhesion
8. Leave glue to try for 24 hours before wearing

You can make these as a gift or for yourself!  The possibilities are endless – the nylon mesh tubes come in a variety of colours and sizes, and the beads inside can be any colour or combination of colours – I’ve seen beautiful necklaces with gradiation of rainbow colours.
Total cost: for necklace: $6.50, for bracelet: $5.75 😀

Even Avon has their own version, but still not as cheap – or as special – as the handmade version. 😉 Would you consider making your own Stardust jewellery?

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40 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 8: DIY Stardust jewellery

    1. I LOVE trying to (mentally) take apart jewellery that I see, knowing that they can be made for much cheaper! In this case, I really do NOT need Swarovski crystals inside the mesh tubing – the glass beads sparkle just as nicely. 🙂

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    1. Thanks! I think the originals are TOO flashy. I like the smaller strands – whenever I wear mine people ask where I got it from. And when I tell them I made it, they want me to make one for them. So the bracelet and the necklace I made for this post are Christmas presents! 🙂

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  1. Wow, these are really pretty and you make it look so easy!

    Would love to see more DIY jewelry ideas from you! I’ve been casually browsing possible jewelry ideas to give my girlfriends as bridesmaids gifts and realized the prices really start to add up. If I could make something myself for a fraction of the cost, that would be awesome. Unfortunately, I don’t have a jewelry-making bone in my body! 😛

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    1. Maybe you can take a class at Michaels! It’d be really thoughtful to make jewellery for your bridesmaids! 😀 I think something even simple like a chain with a pendant could be doable for a noob like you! 😉

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  2. So impressive! Great job. I’m in awe of your craftiness! I like doing crafty things but I find it so hard to dedicate time to it. I may attempt to make a wreath this weekend but we’ll see. 🙂


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