Blogmas Day 22: Favourite past Christmas gifts

This is the tale of the gift exchange between my SO and I, for our first Christmas together. 🙂

We started dating in September, so that official first Christmas doesn’t count since we’d only known each other for 4 months (I think that year I gave him a card and that’s it).  Fast forwarded to the following Christmas, we had been together for just over a year, we were in a committed relationship but not serious serious, ya know?  So we set a dollar limit to exchange gifts – $100 each.  Sounds fair.  So I set out to buy a bunch of smaller presents for him that seemed practical.  I knew that he liked long sleeve t-shirts so I went to Roots and the Gap and got him a few of those:
(not the exact ones I got him, but very similar)

And at Roots they had these really nice thick sports socks that were the perfect length (he’s picky when it comes to sports socks and doesn’t like the really tall ones or the ankle style):
(again, not the exact ones – and they weren’t cheap either – around $20 for the pack of 3 pairs)

The total was just slightly over $100 and I was proud of myself for stretching the dollar limit to the max. 🙂

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