Blogmas Day 22: Favourite past Christmas gifts

This is the tale of the gift exchange between my SO and I, for our first Christmas together. 🙂

We started dating in September, so that official first Christmas doesn’t count since we’d only known each other for 4 months (I think that year I gave him a card and that’s it).  Fast forwarded to the following Christmas, we had been together for just over a year, we were in a committed relationship but not serious serious, ya know?  So we set a dollar limit to exchange gifts – $100 each.  Sounds fair.  So I set out to buy a bunch of smaller presents for him that seemed practical.  I knew that he liked long sleeve t-shirts so I went to Roots and the Gap and got him a few of those:
(not the exact ones I got him, but very similar)

And at Roots they had these really nice thick sports socks that were the perfect length (he’s picky when it comes to sports socks and doesn’t like the really tall ones or the ankle style):
(again, not the exact ones – and they weren’t cheap either – around $20 for the pack of 3 pairs)

The total was just slightly over $100 and I was proud of myself for stretching the dollar limit to the max. 🙂

Come Christmas morning, the SO hands me a small box… and inside is an iPod Nano (2nd gen), which cost at least $200 at the time!  He had totally broken the dollar limit which we agreed on! 😮
Of course, then he opens my present to him and teases me, “You got me socks?” 😆

To this day he still talks about the year that he got me an iPod and all I got him was socks.  The funny thing is that he loved those socks and have been unsuccessful in finding a comparable replacement for them. So there! 😛

I still have that iPod Nano, and he gave me another one a few years later (7th gen) as an upgrade – they both still work and I use one for podcasts and the other is for workout music. 🙂

What are some memorable gifts you’ve either received or given away?
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39 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 22: Favourite past Christmas gifts

  1. Awwwwww and that is why DH and I no longer really exchange gifts! Hahahaha. One of us would always “screw over” the other with a bigger gift. There was a stretch where he kept getting me fancy jewelry (I’m not a huge jewelry person) and I finally had to tell him, “Dude, it’s gorgeous but I prefer cosmetics/bags/tech!” And one year I got him a PS3 with a slew of new games (let’s just say he spent all holiday playing CoD and Assassin’s Creed). So after that, we just decided, that was it! We get gift budgets and buy what we like.

    I love that your iPod still works and you still use it!

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    1. I know, he totally one-upped me. So of course the next year the other person will go all out. That $100 limit is totally out the window now! 😛 Haha I’ve flat out told him no jewellery or clothes since those are such personal taste – unless I give him the exact item to buy for me!
      Gift cards are ALWAYS the way to go! 😉
      I actually prefer the design and interface of the 2nd gen iPod better than the new one! The software is the only thing that’s better on the new one. I kept the old iPod in a silicone sleeve so it looks pretty much brand new inside!


  2. That’s a cute story 🙂 I have bought socks in the past too for my SO…guys are so hard to buy for!
    Last year we were really into Breaking Bad so I got him (amongst other things) a BB apron with “let’s cook” printed on the front with Heisenbergs face..this year I got him a Games of Throne colouring book 🙂

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  3. Funny, now that I read your post and can totally relate. I always give my daughter socks every Christmas without fail with other gift. And yes, she would say, Mom… You gave me socks!!! I said these will keep your feet warm in the winter. She wears them and well, socks make perfect gifts. But this year, I’m giving her leggings instead since she would be working soon. 🙂 Love your sweet story!

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  4. That’s a great story!

    One year, my boyfriend surprised me with a bonus present (he usually gets me gift cards as he knows I love getting them) – a really pretty little white gold & diamond necklace. He picked it out all by himself and it was so perfect. I wear this necklace a lot to this day (wearing it as I’m typing this, in fact).

    This year, I’m going to surprise him with tickets for us to see Todd Rundgren as he’s going to be in town on Valentine’s Day and we’ve been talking about maybe going as we’re both fans.

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    1. Oh that’s such a sweet “bonus” present! 😀 Sometimes guys surprise us huh?
      Your present to him sounds amazing! Getting tickets to DO things together is better than getting a THING. 🙂


    1. No we don’t do dollar limits anymore but we do send each other wish list of approx 10 items. He picks and chooses from the list, HOWEVER, this year he didn’t ask me for my list! He said he knows exactly what he’s getting me… I’m stumped to guess that he might have gotten me!


  5. That’s so funny! A good pair of socks are hard to find! One year I got my husband a defective dog because it was all I could afford (he had an umbilical hernia so he was half off). I sound like such a dickhead now that I’m reading what I did and admitting it to someone.

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