MyLipAddiction Beauty Podcast: Gigglefest with Joyce of Local Girl Foreign Land

The MyLipAddiction Beauty Podcast is back, baby! 😀 And this episode will get you in a good mood in no time. They say that laughter is infectious, right? Well then, just listen to Joyce of Local Girl Foreign Land giggle her way through this episode and you will definitely be giggling along. The only other person I know who giggles as much as her is:

Ready to have your mood elevated?

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Blogmas 2016: The Gift of MyStyleInsideOut on MyLipAddiction Podcast!

We weren’t sure if it would be possible to sneak another episode in before the holidays, but by the tenacity of Cat, we were able to bring you this episode just before we take a short break. 😀  Our guest is the amazing MyStyleInsideOut, aka Rosalyn!
It’s a Christmas miracle! 🎁

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MyLipAddiction Beauty Podcast: Christmassy Chit Chat with Daniel the Jewellery Elf!

It’s been a few weeks since our last podcast – it’s such a busy time of the year but we managed to snag Daniel the jewellery elf for a chit chat!
For those who do not know Daniel, he is the designer and creator behind Earth Elements.  We talked a bit about his creative process which includes middle of the night jewellery making frenzies. 😆

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Stash Dash: Nov 20 – 26

It officially feels like Christmas to me now! And so, it’s back to the Christmas theme on the blog. 🙂 I thought about drawing a new one for this year but laziness overcame me so it’s the same one as last year. If you’re new to the blog, then it’ll be new to you! 😉

Here are the blog posts from last week, in case you missed any of them due to turkey + stuffing + pumpkin pie induced coma:

Project Pan: MAC Custom Quad with All That Glitters, Patina, Satin Taupe and Romp
I love eye shadows and these are some of my all time favourites! The evidence is in the HOLE I made in the pan! 😀

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MyLipAddiction Beauty Podcast: HippyLip Part DEUX

Happy Thanksgiving to my American pals! While you’re digesting your turkey dinner, have a listen to the second part of our chit chat with HippyLip (the token American!) – this time it’s 110% about BEAUTY! 😀
We chat with HippyLip about all the packages she recently received in the mail – it was like Christmas came early at her house! 😀

* The feature image is from the MAC collaboration with Cindy Sherman in 2011. It was a fun, colourful collaboration and Cindy Sherman herself is a fascinating person, but the promotional images for the collection are hideous!

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Stash Dash: Nov 13 – 19

It was nice to have a slightly slower pace on the blog this past week! I’ll be continuing with 2 or 3 posts a week until the end of November.

Here are the posts that when up last week, in case you were too preoccupied with watching the Super Moon:

Project Pan: MAC Powder Blush in Cubic
Using this blush daily has really made me appreciate it again! After Project Pan is over, I’ll likely not touch this blush for another 6 months though, since I’ll be so tired of it! 😉

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Something different on the podcast today – and we’re posting in the morning rather tonight – why wait? We recorded this episode the day after the American election so I was still in shock and probably some denial. This episode expresses our raw thoughts on this history-making event.


HippyLip was our American guest for this podcast.  It was insightful to have an insider’s perspective of how things went down. Specifically, HippyLip lives in a state that flipped from blue to red. Of course HippyLip doesn’t speak for all Americans just as we don’t speak for all Canadians, but it’s a glimpse into the differences and similarities we have.  I wished we could be more funny and talked more about makeup but honestly, shit got real!

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Stash Dash: Oct 30 – Nov 5

It’s November! It’s officially:
• American Election Time (finally)
• Movember (I should really parlay the Stash in Stash Matters into some Movember theme thing…)
• Christmas Music Time (too soon)

In case you’ve been busy preparing your immigration papers to come to Canada, here’s what you may have missed on the blog last week:

Project Pan: NYX Powder Blush in Taupe PB11
Old version or new version, NYX Taupe is a great drugstore contour option.

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This episode marks a new chapter in the Beauty Podcast – there were THREE of us on the podcast at once! 😮  Jodi of A Brash Attitude joins Cat and I to talk about new beauty releases, rants about public transit and the US election.
Warning: I’m super crusty on this episode. 😛

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Stash Dash: Oct 23 – 29

How is it the end of October already!?! 😮 And tomorrow is Halloween! Here’s what’s went down on the blog last week:

Project Pan: Lancôme Khol in Love eye liner in Chocolate Affair
I also compare a whole bunch of brown eye liners.

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