Stash Dash: Oct 30 – Nov 5

It’s November! It’s officially:
• American Election Time (finally)
• Movember (I should really parlay the Stash in Stash Matters into some Movember theme thing…)
• Christmas Music Time (too soon)

In case you’ve been busy preparing your immigration papers to come to Canada, here’s what you may have missed on the blog last week:

Project Pan: NYX Powder Blush in Taupe PB11
Old version or new version, NYX Taupe is a great drugstore contour option.

MUJI Skincare Giveaway WINNER!
Haha, I loved her reaction on Twitter:

Trash Stash: September and October 2016
It’s a doozy – serves me right to leave my empties for 2 months.

Sephora VIB Rouge Shopping List Fall 2016 Edition
Spoiler alert: I’ve already made 2 online orders and 1 in-store transaction. 😛 Beauty Podcast: Ménage à Trois avec Jodi
We had some technical difficulties trying to have a 3-way, but in the end we managed. I mean a 3-way conversation on Skype, you perves! 😉

October 2016 Low-Buy Accountability
I’m trying to figure out how to make November Low-Buy look not so terrible since I’ve already blown my budget and it’s only the first week of the month. 😆


• I interviewed a bunch of candidates for a position within my department at work… and I just want to say to anyone going for interviews: first impressions MATTER. A lot. Dress to impress. I know it’s superficial but we’re human beings and those first few seconds can make or break a decision. This is not a junior level position, and it’s in a relatively conservative environment. For women: no crazy manicures (I love colourful polishes as much as anyone else, but green sparkly polish on pointy long nails just do not give the right first impression), no extreme makeup (red lipstick, super dark eye makeup / false lashes, Instagram brows), no strong perfume. Guys: wear a damn suit and tie! It’s not Sunday brunch, you’re at an interview.

• I’m still doing laser hair removal for my underarms and I had a session last week. I got chatting with the receptionist and she was telling me how she made the switch to “deodorants without aluminum” and that she’s been lecturing people about this. I just nodded and said, yes, “I made the switch too!” If she only knew I blogged about my transition from antiperspirants to deodorants quite extensively. 😛 Side note: I reacted badly to this session of laser and my underarms developed red angry itchy / painful welts. My SO forbade me to ever do laser again. :/

• I think I need to get an eye exam (it’s been years) because I’m finding that my eyes get fatigued easily especially when I’m reading off my mobile phone. Ugh, I’ve managed so far in life not have to wear glasses but the time might be nigh…

And how was your week?

35 thoughts on “Stash Dash: Oct 30 – Nov 5

  1. Yes! First impressions matter A LOT! I deal with it all the time at work! And while some women can make the mistake of choosing a rather “out there” look, at least they are trying, you know? While some men I just feel like they went “blah, whatever” and didn’t even put any effort into it.
    And ouch about your arm pits! I’ve been wanting to try laser for my bikini area, but what you just described sounds very painful!
    Also, what on earth is Movember??

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    1. Haha, Movember is a campaign in support of men’s health issues.

      Men start growing moustaches and people donate money to them for the cause. There are rules about what kind of facial hair qualifies ie. no goatees, no beards. At the end of the month they shave it off in a ceremony. Some guys look so creepy / terrible with moustaches. And some guys can barely grow a whisper of facial hair for the whole month! 😆

      Hmm I don’t want to scare people off from trying laser hair removal. I’ve had about 5 sessions for my under arm area already without any issues. This time, I think she went over my skin too many times. The welts have gone down but now I have scabs, like as if I got burned! 😮


    1. I think a bit of both; over lasered and too high of a setting. Ugh. I have high pain tolerance so maybe I didn’t know better to say anything. Only after my skin started itching did I look in the mirror and omg, all red welts. Now they’re scabbing over. Ugh. My bf was like, what the heck did you doooooo… 😦

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    2. Oh you’ve done laser. It is effective ya?
      Sorry to hear about the reaction Stashy. I have been thinking about the underarms too- I have such thin and little hair that I thought it would be so quick and easy to get rid of them there forever 🙂 but laser kinds scares me haha

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      1. I had it done for my underarms, half leg and bikini line over two years, maybe three years ago. And have had only very minimal regrowth since then. It was very effective for me. I plan on getting a few touch up sessions eventually just to zap the few that came back.

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          1. My SO had his whole back lasered and it’s amazing. He loves the results!
            I’m just cursed with things like this. Say if they warn that 1 out of 10,000 people will react to something. You bet that I’ll be that 1 person! 😉 But yes, it is effective in hair removal. Especially now that they’re basically burned my hair follicles right off! 😉

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                1. We wanted to do hubbys shoulders (he has a weird little patches on his shoulder and on his back (he calls them his wings or armour-stupid). They need to go haha because it’s such a small area we were thinking laser would really be effective and work. I need to start the conversation again haha

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  2. I got LASER on my whole body and never had an issue !!! Too bad for your under arm😖
    Could you please hire me, I want to live in Toronto 😜 (No green polish and certainly no red lips😂)

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    1. Actually, I enjoy trying on glasses whenever I go to an optical store with my friend. They say my face suits glasses so I guess it’s not the worst thing. Just the hassle. Do you wear your glasses for everything – distance and near?

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      1. I do wear my glasses for everything. When I was choosing my most recent pair I never realised how small my face is until then. I got told I had a petite face lol! My frames are actually kids ones 😛

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  3. For the Movember theme, you could either a) Buy the Bite Beauty Mauvember lipstick, or b) Blog about your attempt to grow a stache in the month of November.

    Saw the Taupe blush at Shoppers today. So tempted to buy it except that I need to save my money for the Sephora sale!

    LMAO @ you blowing your budget in the first week of November. I think you just need to avoid all shopping malls for the rest of the month…

    Re: interview attire, what’s your opinion on women wearing dress pants to an interview? I hear differing opinions, so I tend to play it safe and wear a pencil skirt.

    Ahhh, so sorry to hear about your painful reaction to the laser this time around! Sounds awful. I want to get laser one day but I’m too chicken.

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    1. I did have a look at the Movember lipstick from Bite but it’s so in your face PURPLE. But LMAO trying to grow a moustache!!! When I was in high school I was super paranoid about my upper lip fuzz. I worked at a mall part time so I went to Merle Norman and got it zapped lol. Turns out I barely had any hair to begin with – the ladies there teased me about it. 😛

      Here’s the thing, even though I blew through the November budget, i feel like a switch flipped over for me and I. JUST. CAN’T. STOP. I just have to borrow from December, I guess. 😉

      Oh I have no issues with women wearing trousers! Why should we have wear a skirt??? That’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard! To play it safe, I recommend wearing a full suit, or blazer + pants. 🙂

      My SO demanded to see the aftermath again this morning and I sheepishly showed him… the red welts have now turned into purple bruises / scabs. 😦 I think I’ve deduced that I have high pain tolerance so I don’t speak up because it honestly wasn’t THAT painful!

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      1. Is it actually purple?! It looks so pink in swatches!
        Muahaha, I’m excited to see your haul this month. Yes, you can borrow from December, and if that doesn’t help cover everything, you politely ask your SO to cover the costs of everything else that went over budget!
        I swear I remember reading it somewhere! I always wear a blazer with a blouse underneath, and a pencil skirt. Makes me feel like a flight attendant, LOL. But yes, I feel like pants are okay, too! As long as you look professional and have no trendy makeup stuff going on..
        Omg, no wonder he’s not letting you do laser again. That sounds awful! Use lots and lots of aloe :/

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        1. The Bite lipstick is quite mauve… it’s their play on words, the shade is called Mauvember. 😉
          I do have a couple of gift cards that I hoarded so I may use those too… oiy, it’s going to be quite a challenge to end the year off in BLACK.
          I guess I just have an aversion to skirts in general so I wouldn’t dream of wearing one for an interview. I always stick to pant suits. I don’t understand why a publication would advise professional women to wear skirts? That’s so sexist, to me. 😕

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