Sephora VIB Rouge Shopping List Fall 2016 Edition

Here we go again. It’s almost time for everyone to lose their minds because it’s Sephora VIB sale! I managed to achieve VIB Rouge status last year on my No-Buy ( 😆 ) so I get early access and 20% off, starting November 4th until the 7th. Then the VIB level will have 20% off from Nov 11-14th.  It’s the highest discount level that Sephora offers in the whole year, so it’s the best time to stock up!

I just got this in the mail – I think my SO tried to hide it from me at first… 😛

I made a stop at Sephora recently to refamiliarize myself with that store… I feel like I’m drifting away from Sephora lately!

Some of these are residual items from the last VIB sale shopping list… it must mean something if I still have them on my mind. 😉

100% Likelihood I’ll buy these:

Viseart Eyeshadiow Palette in 01 Neutral Matte – $100
If I pick up just ONE item from the sale, it will be this! I will be so mad if it’s out of stock online (it’s in stock now but come VIB sale, it’s always gone!)

Nars Audacious Lipstick in Anita or Vanessa – $39
I should just buy one and stop pining after it! 😛
Surratt Beauty Revelee Lash Curler – $33
The Surratt display at the Sephora store I visited doesn’t look like it’s getting much love, and I hate to say it, but I think its days are numbered. The brand would fare much better over at Nordstrom or even Saks. I feel like I have to get my hands on any Surratt items now if I want them (especially at 20% off!). The lash curler would be a back-up since I love it.

Surratt Beauty Artistique Blush in Se Pomponner and / or Rougeur – $35
Oooh, just as Polished & Inspired advised, they added more colours to their blush line! Looks like there are double the colours now. I’d have to see the new shades in person – most of them look shimmery. I’ll likely just get Se Pomponner since Rougeur has been out of stock for ages. :/
Shu Uemura Murakami x Shu Uemura Collection:
Blossom Nova Eye Trio – Cosmikawaii – $39
Drawing Pencil in M Purple Black 04 – $28
Clarifying Cleansing Oil – $44 for 150ml
These are just too dang cute to pass up! The eye shadow trios rather than the large format palettes are more of my thing – I just love how Shu Uemura combines colours. Then the liner, well, you’ve seen how amazingly well the brown one wears – this purple will be a nice addition to my non-black liner collection. I’ve only ever tried the Shu Uemura cleansing oil in a sample size – and it was good but I don’t remember much about it since it was just a single use sample. I can’t call myself a cleansing oil junkie without getting a full size of it! 😉

Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant in Vanilla Coconut – $17
I thoroughly enjoyed the Vanilla Grapefruit version of this and I think I would love the Coconut one.

50% Likelihood I’ll buy these:

Sephora Favorites Skin Wonderland or Beauty Unmasked set – $76 and $47
Everyone always go nuts over these sets. I bought one years ago and I liked about 60% of the items from the set… that’s not too bad. And since these are Sephora exclusives, I like to take advantage during VIB sales. Any recommendations for other sets that might be good (and in stock) to check out?
Lancome Grandiôse Bendable Liner in 02 Brun Mirifique – $40
Since my Guerlain died a horrible death, I’m thinking of trying this one out next. I’m just so psyched someone is offering a liquid liner in BROWN for once!
bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream in 4.5 Wheat – $36
This is totally Ingrid’s influence. I don’t have immediate need for a foundation but this is high on my list of new ones to try. I haven’t tested which colour match I would be so this is just a guess.

Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar – $59
I’m getting this based on the recommendation of Kaily who advised that Too Faced is one of her favourites for eye shadows in terms of formula. I’ve been wanting this particular version rather than the original Chocolate Bar because of the shade Peanut Butter!
Bésame Boudoir Long Hair Finishing Powder Brush – $62
I want this out of sheer curiosity and novelty! Don’t judge me.

25% Likelihood I’ll buy these:


Surratt Prismatique Eyes in Glamour Eyes – $45
I played with these at the store and this is SO PRETTY. I read the performance is pretty poor though, so likely I’ll just admire from afar.

Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette – $55
This has been on my wish list for ages. The packaging irks me but I want the glory of all those mattes. However, once I own the Viseart Neutral Matte palette, it may render this one moot.
Surratt Artistique Cheek Brush and Face Brush – $125 and $250 😮
Lately I’ve been thinking about getting the SUQQU Cheek Brush (aka that damn Lisa Eldridge brush!). According to my brush hero, Sonia G., the Surratt brushes also just as drool worthy. When Polished & Inspired was in town in May, we felt these up and both our eyes lit up – softer than kitten’s belly, I’m telling you! Price-wise, they’re on par to the SUQQU. Getting 20% off would be sweet.
Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Sake or Rhubarb – $30
I’ll probably wait until I go to their Lip Lab and make my own unique “Stashy” shade! 😉

Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer Crème in Light 7 – $34
I tested this in store and liked the coverage – general reviews seem positive about it. However, since I just bought the cult favourite Clé de Peau concealer, I really have no business looking at another concealer for a long, long while.

Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer in Sx07 – $58
I received a sample of this from Nordstrom and I’ve tried it a few times now. I do really like it and especially like the idea of taking this on trips since it’s so compact and portable. I’m still experimenting with various mixing medium with this. Also, is it a jerk move that I got a sample from Nordstrom but turn around and buy it elsewhere? 😕
Originally I thought about getting some skincare but I decided to focus my skincare efforts with recommendations from the esthetician instead.  I don’t think I’m going to make Rouge this year and I’m totally ok with that! What a silly “perk”. 😛 What’s on your Sephora VIB sale wish list?

69 thoughts on “Sephora VIB Rouge Shopping List Fall 2016 Edition

  1. Defo treat yourself to a NARS Audacious lipstick, you’ve reminded me that mine is completely neglected, I need to pull her out again – think I’ve only worn it once or twice but remember loving it.
    How much are those eye brushes it my eyes water thinking about it. I think I’d rather get 250 worth of kittlens and use them to apply my makeup ha.
    I’m been trying to get a sephora faves set for ages as they’re such good value, they had none in the Times square store and any I’ve tried to add to my basket in the past have been undeliverable to the UK!
    Those Shu Umera items are gorgeous, worth it just for the packaging – and if you like the cleansing oil and repurchase you can refill the bottle! I’m debating getting a viseart palette from the Beauty Bay with my gift voucher – that palette looks gorgeous.

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    1. What shade do you have in the Nars Audacious lipstick?
      But brushes last FOREVER. Say if I live till I’m 85… that’s pennies a day! 😆
      I haven’t bought one of those value sets in ages – it’s tempting but I know I have SO many samples already.
      Yes, I do plan to reuse the Shu bottle in the future! I could use it for anything! 😀


                1. Nothing wrong with tabbies. Or tuxedo cats. I want one of those. My SO has a thing for Siamese because he grew up with on… ick. The way they meow irks me. I’m still more of a dog person though.

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              1. $1k for a kitten?! Awww HELL NAW! I paid $5 for Bowie’s adoption fee (they were having an adoption special during kitten season). I think I paid $20 for Chandler’s adoption fee 9 years ago. JT was the most expensive at $50. I would never buy from a pet shop or breeder when so many shelter babies need forever homes.

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  2. That’s one great list!! I love Nars Anita and Vanessa, never tried Nars lippies to start with, would love to, I have been eyeing them lately – lipsticks and their Velvet lip glide. Sephora Favorites Beauty Unmasked looks like a great and fun kit!
    I dont have any lists this year, not yet. I should maybe get on it 🙂

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    1. I think Anita and Vanessa are REALLY close. I noticed that Sephora doesn’t carry Vanessa so my choice was made for me. I’ve tested them on my hand but not my lips – they feel very creamy and the pigmentation is great!
      Get your list ready! I always go with a list so I don’t get tempted… as it is, I was already tempted a lot just browsing the site…

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      1. Nice! I always have a problem choosing the shade and most of the time end up getting several haha
        And list yes!!! Last couple of weeks have been insane! Boy is feverish and teething and toddler has been toddler!! I on a different universe :))

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  3. Awesome list love!! I totally need to try a Viseart palette! I have heard so many amazing things about them! Have you tried them before? Those blushes are stunning!! And I totally love the packaging of the Shu Uemura collection! All these products are amazing and now I am totally lusting after them all. There goes my wallet haha!

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      1. Haha too funny! And those are my thoughts exactly!! They better be amazing because they are crazy expensive! However, it is cheaper than buying a ton of high quality individuals…so that justifies it…right? Haha

        Awesome! I will check it out!

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  4. That is a fun list! More eyeshadow palettes than I would have anticipated 😀 I want the TF Semi Sweet as well, probably get it this time.

    I actually still need to spend quite a bit more to even make VIB this time around. I’ve barely shopped at Sephora, and one purchase was a gift!

    I’ve been eyeing up some of the Deborah Lippmann sets, and I might try a new foundation…maybe a KVD lipstick.

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    1. I started down the path of looking at blushes and had to stop myself. I can never say no to eye shadows though! I didn’t even consider nail polishes – I just can’t.

      Yeah, don’t know what it is, Sephora is really losing its appeal for me lately. I think I’ll be one of those people who only shop there during the sales and stock up.

      Oooh which foundation are you eyeing?

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      1. Sephora’s nail polish selection seems to be getting worse, at least in Canada. IDK what I’m interested in apart from Dior and DL. I am reaaaaaally trying not to buy anymore e/s and lipstick, but OTOH, eyeshadow lasts. 😀

        Not sure about foundation, maybe MUFE. I actually have a lot of foundation, so maybe I shouldn’t. Gah, I’m never gonna make VIB at this rate. I have to spend over $200 I think, and that’s probably after the 20% discount. Might look for gifts…or splurge on a fancy flat iron.

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        1. Marc Jacobs polishes are nice!
          Are you unhappy with your current foundation stash? Or just bored. I’m in the bored camp…
          Gifts are always good. Only time of the year you get 20% off high end makeup!


  5. Omggggg just look at those Surratt blushes. I want some more, except for the fact that I haven’t even opened the one I bought in Toronto…so maybe not 😛 And yes, those Surratt brushes…probably the softest brushes I’ve felt as of yet. Using them on your face would probably feel like an angel’s wing brushing against your face. But they are $125 and $250…don’t do it!! lol.

    The NARS Audacious and Bite Amuse Bouche lipsticks are both on my wish list too, but I can’t make up my mind whether I want to spend $39/$30 on a lipstick that I think might not beat the Shiseido Perfect Rouge formula.

    I wanted a few of the Sephora Favourites sets, but so many of them are sold out already! Do people not wait for sales anymore?? 😛

    Great choices overall! Can’t wait to see your haul!

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    1. You haven’t opened the blush! OMG. It’s not just me then with buying and not using. What is UP with that. Do you do that with clothes too? I don’t, not nearly as bad.
      I can’t even, with the Surratt brushes. It’s a pipe dream for now… 25% chance I’d get one of those this time around. Who knows, maybe next year will be different? It might move up to 50% chance…
      True, I’m pretty satisfied with Shiseido formula but I do want to expand my lipstick horizon… for science, ya know?
      I know. Those sets sell out quick! I guess people don’t wait for those to go on sale because of the value – they figured it’s already “discounted”.

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      1. Haha, we clearly have too much makeup to use already, we’re not getting to the new stuff! I haven’t used that NYX palette either…ahem. I don’t do this with clothes either. I actually have very few clothes (can never find a good fit) so I wear the shit out of everything I own, lol.

        If there’s any time for someone to get something like the brushes, it would be now with the 20%…that $250 brush would “only” be $200! Maybe next year 😛

        I DO know what you mean! I think out of the two, I prefer the NARS formula, but I like the colour choices of Bite more. Oh, the dilemma!

        Ugh, it never use to be like this! I would always pick up the Sephora Favourites sets during the VIB sale. I’m naively hoping that things will be fully stocked in time for the sale (ha!)

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  6. Aww! You are going all makeup (I’m a little jealous) as you’ll see on tomorrow’s post that I’m going all skincare (What’s happening to me😜)
    You will love the Viseart Palette and the TF Semi-Sweet would be a great addition (Absolutely my favorite of the Chocolate Bars)
    KVD Lock-It concealer is creasing so much on me!!! 😖
    Great stuff, so many bright and fun colors !☺️

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    1. Yeah I typically buy just makeup from Sephora. For some reason I buy my skincare from department stores. It’s weird huh?
      Awww too bad about the KVD concealer… it’s always hard to tell based on a swatch versus actually wearing them on your face. Thanks for letting me know!
      I can’t wait to see your picks!!!


  7. Wow those Surrat blushes are stunning! I was eyeing up their single shadows, they look so pretty too but like you said the reviews aren’t great!

    I forgot about that Lancome eyeliner – I’ve heard good things! Now I need to decide between that one and the Tarte one.

    Can’t wait to see your haul!

    Also I think the Besame brush is dual-purpose, I feel it would also work well as a dustpan sweeper…😂

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    1. Yeah, the Surratt eyeshadows are good but not amazing. at those prices, they’d have to be amazing.
      Well, now I will have to get that Besame brush, for multitasking!
      I can’t wait to see what YOU get too! 😁


  8. Not too far from VIB status, but I’ve purchased a few things now that I renewed my flash shipping. Will post on that soon! I don’t think it’s a bad move at all to get a sample from one place and buy a full size elsewhere, especially if it can get a discount.

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    1. The problem with Sephora is that they don’t actually carry Kevyn Aucoin in store so I can never test it or get a proper shade match. Now I have… but the deal is better at Sephora. 😛

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    1. Those brushes are tempting… mighty tempting… but I have to appreciate the brushes I hauled this year from Japan first! Some Sephoras have Surratt counters, some don’t – see if you can test the curler in person.

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  9. I feel the same as you, I’m also drifting away from Sephora lately… They really need to catch up with their clients and offer them more. I love when they do these kind of offers and normally I always buy something when they have 20% discount. But it’s too rarely. However I’ve got a few things on my makeup list that I want to buy from them as soon as they start with the discounts, specially a foundation from YSL. The only thing is that here in Europe Sephora has much less brands than you have, which makes us makeup addicts buy much more online. It’s also hard to find the newest products from the brands here, they arrive always too late, when you already bought it elsewhere…:-)

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    1. Yes, it’s so true! I only really shop there when they offer these discounts. All the other times I’d rather shop elsewhere. I hope you get to buy everything on your wish list. It’s strange that European Sephora would offer less products – so many of these brands are actually European!

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  10. I’ve come to realize that these lists are really fun and I don’t know why I just started doing them! Although I already own the Viseart Neutral Matte palette…you’ve got me thinking whether I should get the dark Matte (assuming it’s in stock). I’ve already placed one order of most of the items that were on the wishlist I posted but I’m contemplating a second order. I still haven’t decided on my splurge item. I was thinking one of the new Dior quints but Sephora doesn’t seem to have em. I say go for that brush girl, I ain’t judging lol 🙂

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    1. I started to create lists so that I could focus myself when I went shopping (whether online or in store). Because I’d end up with so many things that I wonder WHY I bought them! Just because of the “deal” of 20% off. 😛
      I had a difficult time deciding which version of the Viseart to get but I figured I should start with the basics first. I’m sure it will be the start of a beautiful thing…
      PS. I totally bought that brush! That was one of my splurge items LOL.


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