Favourites Lately: Early 2017

This is my first quarterly favourites post for 2017. I’ve been taking down notes on various items that I’ve enjoyed between January and March:

I try to have a balance of items but it looks like this is more heavy on the makeup front. 😛

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bareMinerals The Regal Wardrobe Palette

Finally! After owning this for more than a year, I got around to trying it and now reviewing it. 😛
Although this particular palette is no longer available, I hope my review of the products will help get a sense of bareMinerals pressed products in general.

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Hauluary 2017 – Makeup and Skincare

When I look at it all together like this, I think I got a bit carried away with makeup hauling…
But when you pick up a little bit here, a little bit there, it doesn’t seem like it’s that much! 😉  I wasn’t able to go on actual Boxing Day to shop but many of the deals are available for the whole month of January – basically when stores sell out of stuff is when the sales end! 😛

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Sephora VIB Rouge Shopping List Fall 2016 Edition

Here we go again. It’s almost time for everyone to lose their minds because it’s Sephora VIB sale! I managed to achieve VIB Rouge status last year on my No-Buy ( 😆 ) so I get early access and 20% off, starting November 4th until the 7th. Then the VIB level will have 20% off from Nov 11-14th.  It’s the highest discount level that Sephora offers in the whole year, so it’s the best time to stock up!

I just got this in the mail – I think my SO tried to hide it from me at first… 😛

I made a stop at Sephora recently to refamiliarize myself with that store… I feel like I’m drifting away from Sephora lately!

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Lash Week Round-up from 2015

I did a few week-long themed posts last year, here is the round-up of one of them:  Lash Week! Who’d have thought there’d be so much to talk about those hairs that grow around your eye socket.  But there is!
Mini Mascaras, Mini Reviews

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What I got for Christmas 2015

It’s fun to give and receive for gifts for Christmas! As I mentioned during blogmas, we’re pretty low-key for Christmas which also applies to gifts. I gave my SO coins from the Mint, a cookbook, a top from Roots (no socks! 😉 ), a wooden utensil set from William Sonoma, and other kitchen gadgets.  We gave his family clothes, candles, hand creams, chocolate / cookies / nuts (thank goodness for Hickory Farms!), and of course, alcohol. 😛

And here’s what I received for Christmas (thank you again for these gifts!) – sorry for all the stock photos, post-holiday laziness, ya know:
Formula X The Two in Iconic and Legend
Tocca Beauty Piccolo Tresoro Giulietta Body Scrub, Eau de Parfum, Hand Cream Set
Tarte Fanciful Favorites Deluxe Discovery Set
(my MIL / SIL definitely hit up the Sephora Black Friday sale! 😉 )
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Mascara topcoat: Clarins vs bareMinerals

I use a mascara topcoat from time to time, when the non-waterproof mascara I’m using isn’t as water resistant or long wearing as I need it for the day.  Why don’t I just wear a waterproof mascara to begin with, you say?  Let me tell you a couple of reasons:
1) Waterproof mascaras are too harsh for me to wear daily – removing it causes my lashes to fall out more
2) Waterproof mascaras are hydrophobic, meaning it does not dissolve in water, however, by that very nature, it has oleophillic properties, meaning it dissolves in oil.  What happens when someone with oily eyelids wears a waterproof mascara?  Smudge city.

So my solution has been to add a mascara topcoat whenever the occasion calls for it.  Here’s a cross section of how wearing a mascara topcoat solves the above 2 issues I have regarding just using waterproof mascara:
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