Howdy! Welcome to my blog! It’s primarily focused on keeping my beauty stash in check – I do product reviews, stash declutters, and spend accountability posts. I blog anonymously so you will only see swatches on my hands and arms on the blog. And you can call me Stashy! I may or may not be in the Witness Protection Program and / or am a covert operative…

I started this blog in 2015 to chronicle yearlong No-Buy, which I completed successfully. In 2016, I opted for a Low-Buy, with mixed results. 😳 This year, I will be doing a No-Buy-Low-Buy Hybrid.  Having this blog definitely help to curb my shopping urges in many ways: it keeps me preoccupied, gets me digging into my makeup stash for reviews / comparison (and being confronted with the enormity of my stash 😮 ), and fosters support from fellow makeup addicts! 😀

My No-Buy-Low-Buy Hybrid for 2017 is as follows:
January: Free For All again
February – March: No-Buy
April: $200 for Sephora VIB sale
May – June: No-Buy
July: $200 for birthday hauling
August – October: No-Buy
November – December: $300 per month for VIB, Black Friday, and holidays

So that’s 7 months of No-Buy and 5 months of Low-Buy. Let’s see how I fare!

Join me as I blog about matters relating to my stash, and try my darnedest not to add to it. 😉

Check out these posts to learn more about me:

I’ve done a bunch of stash posts, here’s a compilation:

You can reach me by email: stashmatters @ gmail . com

Or connect with me through my social media:
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I’m a Canadian blogger, so prices I quote will be in Canadian dollars unless otherwise specified. And no, I do not say aboot. 😛

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