Hey there. Thanks for visiting my blog! 🙂

I’m not sure how to break this you but… this blog is no longer being updated as of March 2018.

I still intend to have an online presence but I haven’t landed at what level that will be. But you’ll definitely see me around on your blogs! 😉

Here are my social media if you haven’t connected with me yet:
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You can also reach me by email: stashmatters @ gmail . com

It’s been a blast, THANK YOU! 😍

I started this blog in 2015 to chronicle yearlong No-Buy, which I completed successfully. In 2016, I opted for a Low-Buy, with mixed results. 😳  In 2017, I did a No-Buy-Low-Buy Hybrid, again with mixed results!  Having this blog definitely helped to curb my shopping urges in many ways: it kept me preoccupied, got me digging into my makeup stash for reviews / comparison (and being confronted with the enormity of my stash 😮 ), and fostered support from fellow makeup addicts! 😀

If you want to dig through some of my posts, it might be helpful to start backwards with the last post I made, which showcases My Blogging Highlights.  These summary posts will also give you a good overview:

Check out these early posts to learn more about me:

I’ve done a bunch of stash collection posts, here’s a compilation:

I’m a Canadian blogger, so prices I quote will be in Canadian dollars unless otherwise specified. And no, I do not say aboot. 😛

73 thoughts on “Aboot

  1. Dear Stashy,

    I discovered your blog a few months ago, doing a Google search on cosmetics made in China. Since then, I have been visiting it regularly, catching up on many of your previous posts.

    I like your blog so much for many reasons. Your site is attractive and well organised. You are Canadian and your price references are in Canadian dollars. You are Toronto based, so I am familiar with many of the products and stores that you mention. I enjoy your writing style and sense of humour. Your reviews are so detailed that I get a really good sense of which products I would like to try and which to avoid. I also like the way that you describe your consumer experience online/instore. As well, I enjoy your travel posts, also extremely detailed with many personal observations. You have a loyal international community of readers in the comments section. It is so cool to be able to read the views and experiences of beauty lovers in other countries. Please keep up the great work and best of luck to you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Debra! Thanks so much for your kind note! I’ve been seeing your comments on the blog – thank you so much for taking the time to comment and read through my blog.
      I agree, it’s amazing to have such an international and diverse community of people talking about things we love. I started this blog purely as a hobby and to connect with people online. Have you ever considered starting your own blog? I always want to encourage more Canadian bloggers! 🙂


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