Happy New Year! And a new focus for 2016

Happy New Year, everyone!
I wish you the best in health and happiness for 2016! 🙂

I mentioned yesterday that January is probably the worst time to start a No-Buy since there are so many temptations with clearance sales and the winter months are ripe for hibernating and shopping.  And that’s why, for 2016, I’ve decided to do something slightly different – a LOW Buy instead of a No Buy. 😀

2016 Low-Buy

Ingrid and I have been chatting back and forth about doing a Low-Buy for 2016 and formulating what the rules should be.  Having tried a Low-Buy before and then just coming out of a full year of No-Buy, I know that I need to be realistic with my goals.  Saying I’ll limit myself to just $10 a month just isn’t going to cut it.  And so, my Low-Buy will be:
• Focused on not buying unnecessary makeup items
• Keep makeup spending within the allotted monthly budget
• Replenishment of finished beauty products is ok and not counted as part of the total

My Low-Buy Budget is as follows:
January – NO HOLDS BARRED! 😀
February to March – $50 per month*
April – $250 (to account for Sephora VIB sale! 😉 )
May to September – $50 per month
October to December – $200 per month (VIB sale and holiday sets!)

So that’s a total of $1200 a year (excluding January!) What do you think? Is this not Low-Buy enough? I’m willing to entertain suggestions! 😛

Although… I do have to insert a disclaimer here: we’re going to Japan in the Spring so you know that that means? Access to all the amazing Asian beauty products that I can get my hands on!  My Low-Buy limit is null and void during my trip! 😉

In the meantime, it’s officially January, and you know what that means:

* Excludes applicable taxes

EDIT 1: a question was asked about what would happen if I go over my monthly limit?  If that happens, I will have to deduct the overage amount from the follow month(s)! 😉
However, if I don’t use up the monthly budget, the leftover amount does NOT carry over.
EDIT 2: I was convinced by fivezero, so I WILL carry any leftover amount to the next month. 😉

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49 thoughts on “Happy New Year! And a new focus for 2016

  1. Have fun shopping this month! I think that your low-buy budget is a great idea! I am working out something similar right now and you gave me some great ideas of limits to set. Can’t wait to see what you pick up

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      1. I wrestled with that last year on my No-Buy too but in the end I decided it didn’t count since I wasn’t spending money – hence that’s why I redeemed $300 worth of Optimum Points! 😀 It’s a good outlet for “buying” stuff. 😛


    1. I toyed with having a flat dollar amount for each month but I think it’s not realistic due to the holidays and our shopping pattern definitely changes throughout the year.
      Since nothing is open today I’m browsing online haha! Can’t wait til tomorrow!


  2. So amazing that you did a No-buy for a year! That is an achievement! I really like the sound of a low-buy, that is kinda what I am trying to do this year! I am definitely trying to budget more so I don’t just overspend on unnecessary makeup like I usually do!

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    1. Yes, budgeting in advance for makeup spending is something I didn’t do very often. It was usually more like, oooh I get my credit card statement and OMG I spent how much at MAC / Sephora?!! Then the next month I really limit myself… then I crack and shop again… repeat the whole cycle all year! 😛 This year I’m going to have that monthly dollar amount in my head so I know how much of the “pot” is left. Good luck to you!

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      1. I am so much the same! I never think I spend that much and then I realise that that I just keep making purchases for makeup all the time! I am definitely going into this year with a more budget perspective!

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    1. Starting this blog certainly helped! I’d spend my free time blogging instead of going out to shop. I think part of my shopping habits had to do with boredom or filling in my free time.
      Happy New Year to you Jess! 🙂

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  3. The Low-Buy is a great idea! Typically I either purchase items if I am near a Sephora (very rare, the closest one is 6 hours away and across a border), if I received money as a gift (birthday, Christmas, etc) or if I achieved one of my fitness goals (keeps me motivated and I keep the goals large enough that I’m not constantly buying myself presents, haha). I do stray from time to time, but it seems to keep me somewhat in check, haha!

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  4. Good luck with your low-buy goals. I need to implement this when it comes to food. I spend way too much on it but why does it have to be so good? Le sigh… anyway, happy new year!

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  5. Happy New Year, I’m really happy I found your blog because it inspires me to cut-back on my makeup spending. Whoever does the marketing for some of these companies better feel proud because I get sucker in every time by good packing, haha. 🙂

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    1. That’s great! I think we can ALL do a little reduction in spending in general. Some of closest friends are in marketing and they’re secretly evil geniuses lol! Happy New Year to you too!


  6. I’ve made a vow to do something similar this year. I’ve now decided to have just one beauty box instead of 3, and set myself a monthly budget of I think £25 roughly $50 – so we’re about the same (although haven’t quite decided on that yet!) for beauty related purchases (discluding essentials like shampoo and conditioner). I want to make sure I’m considering if I really need something – because I don’t need any more eye shadow palettes or nail polishes.

    That way it will keep me conscious of things I really want to try – and not just buying things for the sake of it. Any other beauty boxes I might want to buy as a one off will have to come out of that £25. I’m going to physically take the money out of my account and keep a pot – anything I buy on my card then goes back from the pot into my purse for any grocieries etc.

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    1. I don’t like most beauty boxes for the very fact that they don’t give you a choice of what products you want. So essentially they’re just sending you stuff that’ll clutter your place if you don’t use them. I’d rather spend my money exactly the way I want! 😛 I do understand that beauty boxes are good for testing out new / unheard of brands but eh, I’ve seen enough unboxing to know I won’t be happy.
      That’s a really good idea about taking physical money out and using cash. My SO is a strong believer in using cash whenever we go out to eat – it really does show you exactly how much cash remains in your wallet. Good luck to you!

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      1. I think as the beauty box craze has grown the quality of brands and products seems to deteriorate. I used to love love me beauty (the one where you picked) but the samples have been getting smaller each month and the brands are the same so I’ve decided to give it a rest for now!

        The my little box I’m keeping as it brings in the most new readers every month, and because it comes from France it often has brands which are hard to get hold – the sample sizes are decent and overall I think that offers a nice surprise factor with all the home or fashion bits that comes with it!

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  7. I’m still trying to use up products and not buy anything new, which is kinda affecting my blog honestly because I’m using up a lot of products I bought before going CF (I’m sure some have expired tbh but that’s another story). I wouldn’t repurchase or recommend any of them, but I don’t want to post about them either. Good luck on your low-buy year!! I couldn’t afford that budget so I’m still going to be in awe of what you get! Hahah! Xx

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    1. Yes that’s a tough one. I understand you wouldn’t want to blog about them but you also don’t want to be wasteful and simply toss them out. I found an unopened sunscreen that expired in 2014! So terrible.
      I’m back on the shopping bandwagon for January (no limit!) and it’s exciting – I can finally chip away at some of my wish list items! 😛 I do hope that I will come in below each of my monthly budgets.


  8. if you love fake lashes, Japan has the best fake lashes and it’s so cheap too. I’m sure you’re very excited for Spring. Japan is the number place I wanna go. Lucky you..


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