OPI Nail Polish Dealio

I was SO excited when I spied this deal at a small hair salon while walking around on my lunch hour during Boxing Week.  A handwritten sign: “4 for $20 or $7 each” – a full OPI display, hardly picked over.  JAW DROP! Usually, OPI costs $12-$15 a bottle here.  I was with a couple of coworkers, and I was still on my No-Buy, so I had to play it cool.  I asked the owner if I could set aside 4 shades and that I’d come back in 2 days to pick them up. I went back on the Monday after my No-Buy finished and bought the 4 polishes, and then some…
This is what $100 worth of OPI nail polishes looks like! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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