Megapost: Custom Palette Systems

I’ve had this post brewing for months and finally dusted it off in light of the recent controversy with Z Palette. If you don’t know about it, read about it here, here, and here. Um yeah… total gong show. 😮  Z Palette is probably the most well-known of any major custom palette systems, so their social media misstep has certainly opened the door for other players to secure a larger share of the market. People are now looking for Z Palette alternatives – let’s have a look at what the options are:

I’ll be showing what I own and also list some that I know about but do not own.  All prices are shown in Canadian dollars unless otherwise noted.  Warning: long post and lots of photos! 😎

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Illamasqua Nail Varnish Collection Megapost

Today’s post is dedicated to Julija of Infinitely Awkward, and pays homage to fivezero’s megaposts.  In one of the comments, Julija asked me how many Illamasqua polishes I owned – I did a quick count from my inventory spreadsheet, and the answer was: 47.  😮 (Correction, the number of unique shades is actually 44, I purchased back-ups of certain shades which I will indicate with an asterisks) Arguably, Illamasqua are one of my all time favourites in terms of formula and colour selection. Up until last year, I had easy access to the brand but unfortunately, Illamasqua decided to exit from the North American market. Many of the ones I own were purchased during the clearance sales. Here is my Illamasqua collection, grouped by colour:
Illamasqua_mega3 Illamasqua_mega4 Illamasqua_mega5 Illamasqua_mega6 Illamasqua_mega7
I also recently purchased these nail swatching spoons – I’ve been looking for ones with short handles (on the right) rather than the long ones that are meant for display purposes (left):
I’m pleased with these shorter ones, now I can see swatches of all my polishes easily and store them on a ring.  I’ll probably do series of nail polish megaposts with other brands in my stash.  Here we go – every single shade of Illamasqua nail polish I own swatched.  These are listed alphabetically and shown with 2 coats (no base / top coat) – shade descriptions are from Illamasqua’s site where possible.

Mega picture heavy post!