Massive Purge

You may recall that the primary objective of this blog originally was to reduce my beauty stash. ^^’ I had a three-pronged plan:
A) Stop buying more (No-Buy / Low-Buy)
B) Use up what I have (empties aka Trash Stash)
C) Get rid of items that I no longer use (Purges / declutters)

This post is focused on plan of attack C!  I’ve been meaning to post this since early 2017 for “Spring cleaning”, but never got my act together to gather all of the items.  No time like now, right?  😉 This post will mainly consist of photos and product names listed out. It would take too long to provide a description of every single item with an explanation why it is being decluttered. Just look:

I had to stand on a step ladder to take this photo! 😆

Hold onto your hats!

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Miscellaneous Makeup Purge

You may recall that last year I did an epic makeup purge!   And earlier this year I posted a base makeup and a lip product purge – the common theme on those 2 product categories is that they’re liquid items, with typically shorter lifespan than powders.  Today I have a mixture of various product categories including eye, lip, and skincare products – many of which are also liquid or gel formulas.
The reason why these are in a separate purge post rather than included in my Trash Stash is because none of these items are finished / empty. Some items I loved but are too old to use anymore. Sadly, the majority of them will go into the garbage!

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Lip Product Purge of 2016

For someone who’s a self-professed NON-lipstick junkie… I seem to own a lot of lip products.  And we all know that lipsticks don’t have a long lifespan – really, one should be tossing lip products about 18 months after opening.  I’m guilty of keeping mine for MUCH longer than 18 months! (but let’s be reasonable here, common sense should prevail – if the lip product doesn’t have a funky smell or a weird texture, it’s probably ok).  All that said, I need to get rid of a whack of stuff that I hardly ever reach for – some have gone bad, and others are just taking up precious space:

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Foundation and Concealer Purge of 2016

This has been a long time coming. I just needed to set some time aside and be in the right mood to be serious about getting rid of some items from my stash. Sometimes I feel a bit attached to items due to nostalgia and I talk myself into keeping stuff I really shouldn’t. I think I did well:
Since I’ve been hauling like a madwoman, it’s only fair to purge some stuff too! Tomorrow I’ll be purging some lip products.  Let’s have a closer look at the foundation and concealer purge pile:

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Blogmas Day 13: The 12 Days of Purge-mas

I was discussing with the SO that I wanted to do a 12 Days of Christmas post today (there’s only 12 more days til Christmas omg!) and he said, “Why don’t you do 12 days of stuff you’re going to throw out?”  Half jokingly. HALF! But actually it was a fantastic idea!  So, today I present to you: The 12 Days of Purge-mas! [sung to the tune of 12 Days of Christmas]

mnote1 On the First day of Purge-mas, I may throw out these:
• A palette that’s lonely
mnote1 On the Second day of Purge-mas, I may throw out these:
• Two lash curlers
• And a palette that’s lonely
mnote1 On the Third day of Purge-mas, I may throw out these:
• Three face creams
• Two lash curlers
• And a palette that’s lonely

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How to Sanitize Makeup

Say you’ve just decluttered a whole bunch of your makeup, and you’re planning on giving them away.  Or conversely, you participated in a swap, and you received gently used makeup – how do you sanitize makeup?
sanitize makeup
I’ve participated in MUA swaps way back in the day, and have given away lots  of my makeup to friends. I generally keep my makeup in very clean condition, but it is still prudent to sanitize everything before you give them away. Here are some items you will need:

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The Purge: makeup edition

Hello! I’m back from vacation – I’ll post some pics from the trip by the end of the week. Today I’m back with a bang! Over the Labour Day long weekend, I spent hours going through my stash to declutter items that I no longer use.  Today, I bring you: The Purge!  I toyed with doing an elimination style competition for items in my makeup stash, but decided it would take too long.  And like removing a Band-Aid, makeup purging – while painful – should be done quickly.  Many of these items had been contemplated before and made it back into the fold because I had talked myself out of purging them.  This time, I’m being ruthless!  These are all being purged from my stash:
The Purge

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