Last day of my 2015 No-Buy!

Phew! Time to do a jig!
I can’t believe I lasted this long!  As much as the New Year is the time to make resolutions and start something new, in hindsight, I think starting a No-Buy is really difficult during January clearance sales! 😛

Lessons learned:
• Shopping my stash is enjoyable
• I have a LOT of makeup
• It gets easier as the time passes (ie. practice not shopping)
• Purging / de-stashing is good for the soul
• There are loopholes 😉

If you want to revisit some of my trials and tribulations during my 2015 No-Buy, check out these posts:

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 [aka when I broke my No-Buy just 19 days in]

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Thanks so much for the support and sticking with me during my No-Buy – I dare say, it was somewhat fun. 😉

47 thoughts on “Last day of my 2015 No-Buy!

    1. Nail polish! There’s a mom & pop hair salon near my work that’s clearing their OPI and they’re on sale for $6 each of 4 for $20! I’ve asked them to hold some colours for me so I can go back on Monday when I can officially buy them! 😀
      Then I’ll make my way over to the Bay – I’ve been tenderly touching the new Becca and Burberry counters they have now… I think those counter girls are like, c’mon, buy already! (the funniest thing is that I get recognized by the counter girls whenever I drop by – I visit much less this year to limit the temptations! – and they’re puzzled as to why I’m not buying anything lol)

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  1. Congratulations!! I wasn’t around for most of your no-buy, so it was interesting to go back and read why you started and how you did throughout the year. Sounds like you got through it very successfully (except for the Target blip…but ahem, that’s clearly Target’s fault, not yours). I’m thinking of doing something similar in 2016, although probably a lo-buy instead of a no-buy!

    Excited to see your hauls in 2016 😀

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  2. I’m so impressed, seriously, this is SO HARD at the beginning. I’m totally overwhelmed with an abundance of stuff right now, so I’m going take your lead and do a low buy this year. Like you, I have a similar perspective on my stash: It will be nice to save money, but honestly that’s a secondary concern next to the sheer quantity of things I’m running out of hiding places for. I think I’ll let myself splurge on really good quality things, but reduce the amounts of impulse shopping. No promises on big sale days though. 🙂

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    1. Yes, I hear you about the sheer quantity of STUFF. I am looking to get rid of more stuff by throwing out stuff that are just OLD, and giving away stuff that I bought on impulse and never ever touch…
      Good luck with your 2016 goals! 🙂


      1. I was thinking that a low buy might be a good option. I get a panic type of feeling when I think about a no buy (which sounds sort of strange I guess). Just like when I quit smoking. The thought of cold turkey makes me want to run out and do it one last time…over and over again. Thanks for the advice, I’m absolutely going to take it! I hope you have a wonderful New Year as well! x

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    1. Yes I’m happy to be done with a complete shopping ban, however, I do think that the mentality of not shopping is now ingrained in me. I’d think twice before I randomly buy something now, I think. I shall see how the first week goes!

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    1. Now I feel like I need to binge shop just to satisfy everyone’s curiosity… lol! It depends on if there are good deals out there. I’m sure a walk through Sephora / the Bay will definitely re-ignite the burning itch to BUY IT ALL. 😀


      1. Lol I need to go read that because I’m trying to cut back and see where I can switch up high end products with drugstore alternatives. I’m thinking about trying Cetaphil for my daily cleanser since I’m not sure my OH Aloe Vera Cleanser is a must have anymore.

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  3. I thin it’s so cool that you did the whole no-buy thing. I’m thinking about doing something similar, but I haven’t really thought it through. I’m not a major shopping queen anyway (unless it comes to books^^)

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    1. Aw thanks! Having this blog definitely helped or else I might not have carted all of my stuff out to photograph and catalogue – it really did open my eyes as to how MUCH STUFF I have! And generally stuff I LIKE too! But so much of it and I wasn’t getting around to using everything which was a damn shame! Hope you’re enjoying your time in South Africa! I’m so jealous. Happy New Year!!!

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      1. Happy New Year to you too!
        Shopping your stash IS fun and I don’t do it often enough. I’ll occasionally get a little anxious because I really do like everything in my collection and I want to use it all but that isn’t actually possible. How terrible is that? Thats when the idea of an extended no buy is seriously appealing.


  4. Congratz girl!! You are such an inspiration to us “shopaholics” haha I did a “no buy” moment back in 2015 just for a month and it was awful how much more with what you just did! I wish I could do it.. I might start mine soon????😁😱 maybe for a month or two or three?? 🤔

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