Nordstrom Toronto Beauty Department – First Impressions and Haul

Finally, Nordstrom is open in Toronto! I was away on vacation when it officially opened but as soon as I had the chance, I went over to check out the Toronto Eaton Centre store, primarily for their beauty department!
And, I also bought a couple of items. 😉

It’s been a very interesting few years in the retail landscape in Canada. Right on the heels of the very disappointing failure of Target Canada, came the opening of higher end stores like Saks and Nordstrom. My SO and are what you would call “DINKs” – Dual Income, No Kids.  We live comfortably but are not into designer brands; however, we don’t want cheap quality stuff either. We live in the downtown core so we don’t drive much, and we don’t visit the suburbs or big box stores.  Where do people like us shop?  It seems that Hudson’s Bay (equivalent to Macy’s) is the closest “match” for me in terms of a department store.  I was worried that Nordstrom would be in line with Saks or Holt Renfrew but I was pleasantly surprised.
The beauty department is not set up like traditional department stores – instead of individual counters or islands, the brands are lined up side by side in aisles.  And the displays are all vertical, rather than flat. It was really easy to walk through and see everything all at a glance.

The beauty brands carried at Nordstrom is a blend between Hudson’s Bay, Holt Renfrew, Saks, and a bit of Sephora:
MAC (also at Hudson’s Bay and stand alone MAC stores)
NARS (also at Holt Renfrew, Hudson’s Bay and Sephora)
Kiehl’s (also at Hudson’s Bay and Holt Renfrew)
Shu Uemura (also at Hudson’s Bay and Sephora)
Charlotte Tilbury (also at Holt Renfrew)
Chanel (also at Hudson’s Bay and Holt Renfrew)
Trish McEvoy (also at Saks)
Burberry (also at Hudson’s Bay, and online at Sephora)
Charlotte Tilbury (also at Holt Renfrew)
Chantecaille (also at Saks and Holt Renfrew)
Clé de Peau (also at Saks and Holt Renfrew)
La Mer (also at Saks and Holt Renfrew)
There are more brands at Nordstrom than those I listed – these were the ones I took note. I also noted they have a Sulwhasoo section, right beside La Mer. I’ve not encountered Sulwhasoo in the flesh before but have heard of it – it’s a premium Korean skincare line. But I didn’t investigate – just like why I didn’t look at La Mer – I have no business looking at $300 face creams. 😉
On the nail polish front (I specifically inquired!) they sell Deborah Lippmann and Butter London in a feature stand. There are also nail polishes within their respective sections: Burberry, Chanel, Guerlain, YSL and Dior. On the perfume front, they had a Jo Malone display – this is one fragrance brand I’ve been wanting to try for ages (any recs?) – I even mentioned it to my SO recently and he grunted something about “put it on the Christmas wish list, just tell me the exact name and a link to what you want”. 😛
The most unique section is definitely the SpaceNK aisle – it features cult favourite brands such as: Kevyn Aucoin, By Terry, Lipstick Queen, Tata Harper, EVE LOM, Oribe, Omorovicza, etc. I think I’ll be spending a lot of time (and money!) in this section.

This open area had vanities for trying on makeup under different lighting.

For me, what sets the Nordstrom beauty department apart from Hudson’s Bay is how accessible and seamless it is. I don’t feel like I’m roaming from counter to counter, and I can freely play with products without being watched like a hawk. It’s a similar appeal to a Sephora store but without all the grubby testers and crazy crowds. 😛

Beyond the beauty department, I really liked the mixture of mid-to-higher end fashion brands. The shoe department is amazing! There’s also a candy shop (sugarfina), a bar in the men’s department, and a restaurant – they are definitely places “to be seen”.

So, what did I get?  These beauties:
I’ve actually visited Nordstrom twice now.  My first visit was a quick one – I was waiting for a friend and only had about 10 minutes to browse. But in that 10 minutes, I was able to do damage in the form of this Trish McEvoy Petite Kabuki brush:
It is so soft! But what’s more remarkable than the brush is the service I received. I asked to see this brush (the Trish McEvoy display has the brushes behind an acrylic case) and as soon as this brush hit my hands, I knew I had to have it. But, it was not in stock. The SA was apologetic and immediately checked the warehouse, then gathered my information – at first I said it was fine to ship to the store and I could pick up there but they insisted shipping to my place. The brush was on its way to me in no time – I received multiple emails advising where in transit my brush was –  I received it in 4 days (honestly, it was no rush, I did not have a makeup brush shortage emergency! 😉 ) And the SA followed up with me via a personal email to ensure I received the brush! If you know one thing about me: good service will win me over, every time.

My second visit was planned because during my first visit, I’d run into a familiar face. It was my Shiseido Lady! (that’s my official name for her) She is the reason why I am a Shiseido devotee – I basically trust her implicitly because she’s never steered me wrong. When she saw me, she actually HUGGED me – you know that means I’ve bought a lot of stuff from her. 😆 I vowed to return to Nordstrom to visit her at her new digs: she now not only has Shiseido, but also Clé de Peau (Shiseido owns CdP).  And so I went back and we starting chatting and she showed me some stuff from CdP. Well… you know how it goes. I’ve had it on my mind for years and now it is mine – behold, the cult favourite Clé De Peau Beauté Concealer:

Yup, I paid C$88 for a stick of concealer – remember I mentioned it in my KATE Stick Concealer review – I think that refueled the lemming. This marks a new high for me (or a new low, whichever way you want to look at it). I’m just glad my SO doesn’t read my blog. 😉

I’ll do a thorough trial and will review soon-ish! 😛 Oh yeah, the nice thing about having an awesome SA is getting generous samples:

I received “The cream”, Essential Correcting Refiner, and Massage cream.

I don’t even want to know how much this stuff cost. Do not fear, I’m not going to succumb to the lure of Clé De Peau skincare – I refuse! I’m just so happy that I found my Shiseido Lady again! 😀 Interesting thing to note: she advised me that the SAs at Nordstrom can sell any brand – they don’t have to stuck to their own brands. If you know how cosmetics counters work (typically the department store and specific cosmetic brand jointly pay for the employees’ wages) the idea of one SA being able to sell you Chanel and Shiseido and MAC (all owned by different parent companies) is really novel. They’re cross-trained among the various brands. I love the idea of just dealing with my trusted SA.
Then I had a nice chat with the lovely SA at the SpaceNK aisle. I inquired about this OSKIA Renaissance Cleansing Gel that Pores for Thought had gushed over, but they didn’t carry it.
What they did carry though, was EVE LOM, which I’d never tried before so she provided me some samples. I was also happy to finally come face to face with Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer, and she shade matched me to SX 07 and provided a sample – I can’t wait to try it!
Two other brands from SpaceNK that caught my eye were By Terry and Lipstick Queen – I vowed to return soon to play around more.

One negative is that Nordstrom currently does not have a Canadian online presence – the American site does ship to Canada but the exchange rate is not favourable (for example, the Trish Mcevoy brush is C$57 in store and C$63 online).

Side note, I smelled the new CT perfume “Scent of a Dream” and it smells putrid – just awful, old lady sauce. Not just any old lady, but a semi-homeless patchouli loving hobo old lady. I got some of the perfume on my hand and had to wash it 3 times with industrial strength solvent to get the stench off me. This encounter with the CT perfume at Nordstrom really tarnished this visit for me. o_O

There is a loyalty program at Nordstrom – for every dollar spent, they apply 1 point to your account. Once you accumulate 2,000 points, they give you a $20 gift card. A 1% rebate is not great but I was advised that they hold bonus points events, so I’ll be watching out for those.

I’m a Nordstrom convert! I feel like I now have an option besides Hudson’s Bay.  And, the newest Nordstrom store opened at Yorkdale Shopping Centre last week (along with MUJI), I can’t wait to check that store out too!

What about you? Which beauty department is your favourite?

98 thoughts on “Nordstrom Toronto Beauty Department – First Impressions and Haul

  1. Jo Malone pomegranate noir. It’s a seasonal scent and I’ve heard great things about it!

    This was a fun post to read for me. Living vicariously through those who are more mobile than myself at the moment haha. I’ll have to check out the one in Yorkdale as you mentioned!

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    1. Oh I’ve not heard of that one. I’ll have to keep an eye for it. I smelled a few of them at Nordstrom and nothing grabbed me – I think the ones that most people rave around are seasonal / LE ones. There were some tea scented ones that were interesting.

      I haven’t been to the Yorkdale Nordstrom yet – I can’t wait! 😀 I think Yorkdale is generally more stroller friendly compared to downtown! 😉

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      1. Haha as a burb dweller, so the free parking at Yorkdale is a huge factor in my patronage there. The Eaton Centre sets me back about $20 if I remember correctly? That’s a lipstick right there!

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  2. I’m planning to go to Jo Malone to look for a wedding perfume, we don’t have any counters near me so will mean a trip to a bigger city.
    Interesting that they have a space.NK section! As soon as I saw you say they had a cle de peau section I thought I bet she got something – MY GOD WOMAN $88 for a concealer, it had better be good! You know how you said the woman used the oldest trick in the book for my wedding dress, same with the hug for you haha!
    I have three lipstick queen lipsticks and I don’t rate them, proceed with caution – I also found they changed textured and dried out significantly over just a few months.
    Looks like a really nice store to browse and ‘play’ in though!

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    1. Haha, yes I was suckered by her hug! I know, I can’t believe I paid $88 for a concealer. It better make me look airbrushed!!!
      I’ve read mixed reviews on Jo Malone perfumes (longevity, generic scents) but just something about the line appeals to me. I just have to find a scent that I love that would make it worth the money (or SO’s money! 😉 ) Do you have a scent in mind for your wedding perfume?
      Good to know about the Lipstick Queen lipsticks. I’ve also heard mixed reviews – I’m just curious but since I’m not really a lipstick fiend, I might not fork over money for something that’s not stellar.


      1. I’m torn between wearing something new or wearing something I know I love already. I’ve always found that scents for me become very reminiscent of a time (like if I take a new perfume on a holiday it takes me back there every time I use it), so I’m kinda tempted to go down the new route! Otherwise I’m thinking Olympea maybe!
        I’ve had a few JM Samples over the years, Pomegranite Noir is lovely as Belinda said, but is quite deep for a summer wedding fragrance for a whole day though, I’ve had Peony and Suede before which I loved but I’m not too familiar with the line so want to go to a store for a sniff! I think it’s such a classic looking line which is why I’m drawn to it as a wedding fragrance, and I probably wouldn’t actually get around to trying otherwise!

        I managed to find my trio of Lipstick Queen lipsticks in TK Maxx in a set and was so excited and just found them totally bleh for the first use, I then went back to them a few months later and was like, WHAT THE HECK HAS HAPPENED SINCE I WAS GONE, dry and patchy! 😦

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        1. Yes, I was going to suggest wearing something you already own since it will trigger good memories for you? I’ve not heard of Olympea – the bottle looks so feminine! The notes include vanilla and SALT! How interesting!
          I will have to test wear a Jo Malone scent to see how it works on my skin, and how long they last. No point paying $$$ for something that disappears in an hour (Bobbi Brown Beach, I’m looking at you!)
          So no go on the Lipstick Queen lipsticks then. Yuck.


          1. Yeah I’m torn between wearing something I love (Olympea will take me back to holiday on Egypt), or I pick a new perfume and take that on our honeymoon and it will be one that will take me back on honeymoon or to our wedding day instead!
            Olympea is such an interesting fragrance, it’s warm thanks to the vanilla, but it’s overly sweet and lasts ages on me!
            Yes totally agree, I might get one of the smaller JM ones if I decide to go for it – even those are like £40ish I think!


    2. Butting in to say I bought a LQ lipstick from Nordstrom a couple years ago, and it arrived with all this gross stuff on it, like it was old and had turned. It didn’t even work well. SO NASTY.

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  3. LOVE that you found your Shiseido lady! LMAO! But OMG $88 for concealer…jeebus. :O BTW I’m sure you’ve seen but Cle de Peau shows up at Winners now and then. Nothing that looks interesting to me, but I didn’t actually realize it was that pricey.

    I remember the days of being DINK… I don’t necessarily miss it, but it was fun 🙂

    I still have not had the chance to go to Nordstrom (or Uniqlo, or Muji, etc. etc. etc.). My husband went and bought apparel for work, so I think he has A GUY there now. LOL. He didn’t mention if he got loyalty points, but I think he did purchase with my Nordstrom US online account so I hope he did. I should find out (or was it just for beauty products?). I love a good loyalty program.

    I’d like to check out the By Terry!

    And I’m not a huge fan of Jo Malone, myself – not that it doesn’t smell good, ’cause it does! But it doesn’t last at all on me. I do have dry skin that sucks up perfume like a vacuum, though.

    So glad Nordies is here! HBC/Saks and HR need some stiff competition, for sure.

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    1. We’re gonna be DINKs for life… unless we get pets! 😉

      Yes, your husband definitely has a Nordstrom GUY now. I bet you that guy emailed your hubs to find out how his purchase was – ask him! And yes, the loyalty points should apply for everything. If he didn’t get the points applied to your account, I think they can do it retroactively, you just need to ask. I do like that you get CASH instead of stupid dinky samples (ahem Sephora).

      I’ve got 2 By Terry items on my mind: their loose hyaluronic powder, and the under eye concealer. Might need to wait till 2017. I think I’ve already allocated all my budgets for the rest of the year – ugh.

      I haven’t stepped back into Saks since we went. There’s no need. I’ll divide my beauty spending at Shoppers, HBC, Nordstrom, and Sephora!

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      1. Cool, I will definitely have to check out that points thing, thanks. I wish they’d hurry up and get Canadian online shopping working, too! The Bay is still kinda sucky for that. On By Terry, Strawberrynet has some of their stuff, but I find their prices are high nowadays and I have no idea if it’s old stock or what.


    1. I thought Montreal had a Nordstrom? I was kind of surprised we didn’t get Nordstrom first (I mean, dammit, we’re the center of the universe! 😛 )
      Yeah… I’m expecting miracles with this concealer. Honestly it better make me look like a walking billboard for real life photoshop.
      Haven’t you found that the stinkiest perfumes also have the best lasting power? Why is that.

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  4. I had a good experience in their cosmetics department when I visited last month – though it was crazy busy on a Saturday. I was browsing the Charlotte Tilbury display and when the SA approached me, I employed your trick of asking what’s the most popular product. She showed me a highlighter and offered to sample some on me. When I said I was just browsing today, she said it was ok and was still willing to do up my face! Sometimes at the Bay it feels like it’s a bother to get them to try a product on my face, even when I’m ready and willing to make a purchase.

    Knowing you paid $88 for a concealer makes me feel better about the $300 I spend on a pair of boots last week (though I probably don’t have as many pairs of boots as you have concealer!)

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    1. Hello, fellow DINK! 😉
      Your experience at the CT counter at Nordstrom sounds much better than my first one at Holt Renfrew. It was staffed to the hilt but no one approached me or asked what I wanted. I knew exactly what I wanted (the lipstick in Bitch Perfect) but the SAs just stared at the mirrors checking their own makeup or chatted with each other. There’s a fine line between allowing customers to browse and ignoring them.
      I agree, at the Bay I often feel like I’m inconveniencing them if I want something applied to my face. Don’t they know that in the retail world, half the battle is to get the customer to TRY something (be it makeup, clothes) and that will ultimately lead to a sale (if not today, perhaps next visit?) I guess our previous retail experience is always with us! 😉
      So did you like the CT highlighter?
      Shhhh do NOT tell the boyfriend about the concealer LOL. Your boots will outlast my concealer, surely. And we should do dinner soon! 😛


    1. I was hoping to get a sample of the cleansing balm but they were out! That was the product I’m looking to purchase. She will let me know once it’s back in stock! I can’t wait. 😀

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  5. Omgggg so jealous right now! Your Nordstrom has WAY more stuff than ours. We don’t have Charlotte Tilbury (nor do we have this at Holt), Trish McEvoy, Chantecaille, La Mer, and I’m pretty sure we don’t have Cle de Peau either. I don’t recall ever seeing Chantecaille or Cle de Peau at our Holt’s, but the website says otherwise. Nor do we have a SpaceNK section at Nordstrom! I’m dying to try By Terry and Eve Lom, although I think they sell Eve Lom at Murale. Maybe I just have to walk through the beauty section again. I agree with you that it’s nice it’s not set up like a traditional counter, but at least at the one here, you’re still watched like a hawk when you’re roaming. Every time I try to go to the Jo Malone section, there are like 3 ladies standing there.

    Great overview of your experience at Nordstrom, and what a fantastic haul! The Cle de Peau concealer purchase made me go eeeek, but I’m excited to hear your review on it! I’m also curious to see your low-buy accountability for October…bahaha. For a second, I thought they had your blog name on the sample – then I realized it was just your watermark.

    Haha, love your bond with your Shiseido Lady! 😉 It’s great that you have a go-to SA – that really, really helps with the shopping experience.

    We just had dinner at the restaurant in Nordstrom for the first time this weekend! It was really good. Random, but my fiancé noticed that a large majority of the patrons were Asian, for some reason.

    I love Jo Malone scents. They don’t last long on me, but basically no perfumes last on me so I don’t know if that’s a point against them. I like that their scents are fresh, and you can always layer them to be more unique. Before we had a Nordstrom, I bought their Honey Nectar and Blossom scent in the US. I only pull it out for special occasions/vacations…haven’t decided if I should wear this on our wedding day, layer it with another one of their scents, or get something entirely new!

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    1. What, your Nordstrom might as well be a Nordstrom RACK! Geez. Is it a small store? At the very least they should have the SpaceNK section – that’s the BEST part!

      See, we do have Murale here but it’s way out of the way – I’ve only been there twice and it’s really not worth my time to trek there. I think Shoppers should get rid of those and just incorporate those brands into their Beauty Boutique – they kind of are any way since some Beauty Boutiques have Guerlain and Chanel.

      Oh you actually ate in Nordstrom – what was the type of food? AND YES, SO MANY ASIANS. It’s the case everywhere though – same with Saks and Holts. 😛

      My October low-buy is basically just that concealer LOL. I can’t trust myself to spend anything else. 😛 You’ll see, next week! 😉

      Is the Jo Malone perfume you got called “Nectarine Blossom & Honey”? Because I’ve written that one down as one to test. It sounds lovely on paper! I’ll have to test to see if it lasts on me. Perfumes do last well on me but sometimes the smells turns weird on my skin. I really have to wear it for the day.

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      1. It’s two levels and doesn’t seem small to me (def bigger than a Nordstrom Rack), but if we’re missing that many beauty brands, then it IS smaller than most Nordstroms! 😦 We should just get rid of the upper level of clothing, since I don’t care about high-end clothing, hehe. Agreed on the SpaceNK – have really wanted to see a SpaceNK since hearing about it from British YouTubers!

        I guess there are just too many brands at Murale to fit into a Beauty Boutique? Murale doesn’t make much sense to me. We only have one here, and it’s quite close to where I live, but it’s located in a mall that’s not very popular or centralized. Every time I walk by, it’s empty!

        The restaurant is basically bistro food – lots of burgers/sandwiches, pizzas, and pastas. The cost is reasonable, too.

        Ah, you’re not including the brush in your low-buy – I guess it technically isn’t makeup, so fair enough! The samples always make me think the haul is bigger than it actually is, haha.

        Bahaha, I totally butchered the name of the Jo Malone perfume, but yes, it’s the Nectarine Blossom and Honey! It’s pretty much straight-up fruity, although I’m bad at detecting fragrance notes so maybe others can smell a bit of floral…definitely something you should try for a day to see if it works on your skin. They also gave me a sample of the Wild Bluebell scent and the Blush Peony and Suede – I really enjoyed Wild Bluebell, but not Blush Peony. Maybe you can check those out too!

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        1. Yeah there are some super high end clothes in there, I don’t care about those either! It’s just like the Hudson’s Bay where they have “The Room”. I ain’t buying some crazy looking origami dress for $5k!

          I might try the Nordstrom restaurant one of these days – maybe for lunch.

          Some of the Beauty Boutiques that are in the new Shoppers are massive! It almost takes up half of the whole store. I think they should designate certain Shoppers as beauty destinations or something like that. Forget all those people who are coming to a drugstore for, you know, DRUGS. 😆

          I didn’t see ANY of those scents at Jo Malone when I was there. I’ll look for them – thanks!

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      2. I forgot to mention that I LOL’d when you said your SO told you to put the Jo Malone fragrances on your Christmas wish list and provide a link to the exact product. Such a typical guy thing to say, and is exactly what my fiancé says too! If I provide a picture, then even better.

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            1. Oh you’re evil. I can’t buy anything else this month! 😮
              Haha… go to Jo Malone and report back! Besides, you have a reason to – to find a scent for your wedding day. DO EET.

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    1. Aww too bad the timing didn’t work for you! Did you not get a chance to see the NYX stand alone store that was on Queen Street West? You’re welcome to come back any time! 😉


  6. DINKs wahahha o well, your SO knows you well. Give him THE list already haha

    Old lady smell wahaha I love your descriptions. My experience with CT was not fab either, I had serious allergy. Immediate bumps formed on my skin after applying their ‘magic’ cream. Took 3 days to clear out. I’m in general stay the hell away from CT products. How did that CT sculp brush working out for you? You hauled their shadows and brush.

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    1. I have to create 2 separate lists. One for the SO, another for his family. It’s a LOT of work, you know! They don’t like it when I say, “gift cards”… 😉

      Oh dear, skin allergies are the worse. That CT magic cream scares me – I heard it’s heavily fragranced. It might be the trigger of the allergic reaction for you.

      The CT Sculpt brush is floppier than I had expected. I had intended to use it for contouring but it’s actually better suited for highly pigmented blush. Compared to the Shiseido brushes I got, the hairs aren’t as silky / soft. I really like the handle though – what a weird thing to like, but it feels great in the hands!

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      1. Wahaha 😂 difficult to please all folka

        Yes, that CT brush handle was what got me interested in it in the first place. Agree, it does look a bit too fluffy for proper control. How did the first wash go? When I looked at it the hair has blue tint dye? Was there any colour loss after the initial wash?

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        1. Funny you should ask about the dye of that CT brush. Yes, there was some tint that washed off in the first bath, but it was just dark, not specifically blue. I don’t typically hold it against the brush too much because that happens even with the nicest brushes (Shu Uemura). It did retain its shape and I didn’t see any significant colour change of the bristles.

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  7. I have yet to purchase anything at the Nordstrom closest to me. I got a a couple foundation samples a couple years ago but that was it. I don’t get to that mall often since it’s like 20 miles away. Maybe next weekend I’ll swing by. They got a fun conveyor belt sushi place in that mall that has awesome matcha dorayaki.

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    1. I always assumed that Americans would be at Nordstrom all the time. It’s such a novelty for us to get American retailers like this!
      Oooh I’ve always wanted to eat sushi off a conveyor belt!


        1. We saw some but they didn’t look like nice places… all “salary men” just grabbing a bite to eat. There’s a place around here that’s a nice place. I want to try it!


  8. I’m still so jealous you live by a Nordstrom – even if the lines aren’t so unique there!
    I’m kinda praying they make their way to the east coast – and I wouldn’t mind if they started carrying Paula’s Choice at Nordstroms in Canada either 😉

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    1. Oh, I’d be so happy if ANY physical stores carried Paula’s Choice!
      I’m thinking it would make sense for Nordstrom to have a store in every province!


  9. At a glance, the front looks like the Nordstrom that opened up over a year ago where I live. I love, love the beauty aisles and of course the fragrance: hello, Jo Malone. I hope they expand a bit to include brands like Oribe and By Terry. I really am looking forward to your review on the Cle de Peau concealer because it has been on my radar for ages! Awesome all around. 🙂

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    1. I’m soooo tempted to try the By Terry stuff! They felt so silky to the touch when I was playing around with the testers. And the Oribe spray that everyone raves about – it smells SO good.
      I’ll post a review of the Cle de Peau concealer maybe next month, I need to properly test it!

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      1. Stash, I apologize for my late responses. I’m so behind. 😦 I’m working on giving the blog a makeover. But yes, Oribe has amazing scents! I could smell it all day, everyday. It smells expensive but in a nice, not too showy off way. I’ll definitely keep my eyes peeled for that review!


  10. Don’t you just love the new Notdstrom store?! Amazing service!! I also just wrote a blog on it. Btw I smelled that perfume too and sickly out it done and walked away – yuck! Lol. Would love to know your thoughts on the concealer

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    1. Yes, it’s the service. That makes a huge difference. I remember when Saks opened, they were promoting their service too… but that store is way too stuck up for me. Yeah that CT perfume was a no go – yucky sauce.
      So awesome you wrote about Nordstrom too – off to check!


  11. I don’t visit our Nordstrom often as it’s pretty much across the city from me and in one of the busiest malls in the city. But I do really appreciate their beauty section – it just seems much more relaxed when compared to other department stores such as the Bay. It looks like you guys have access to more brands than we have here like Lipstick Queen and By Terry.
    Congrats on the concealer purchase – definitely look forward to your review and hearing if it’s worth the change! 🙂

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    1. I did like that it was more relaxed and I could really browse and chat with the SAs without being rushed or interrupted.
      I’ll be testing the concealer under various conditions before I make a review… I’m really hoping it’ll make me look airbrushed! 😛


  12. Amazing post!!!

    This is what I love the most!!! —> “For me, what sets the Nordstrom beauty department apart from Hudson’s Bay is how accessible and seamless it is. I don’t feel like I’m roaming from counter to counter, and I can freely play with products without being watched like a hawk. It’s a similar appeal to a Sephora store but without all the grubby testers and crazy crowds.😛”

    Can’t wait to go to Yorkdale store!!

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed! I love being able to browse freely – I find that I actually end up spending MORE money. 😛
      I haven’t been to the Yorkdale store – I can’t wait to see too. They’ve been building that whole new structure for what seems like YEARS.

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        1. You’ve been to Yorkdale just ONCE IN YOUR LIFE!?!! 😮
          I used to work seasonal retail work there when I was in school so I used to go there several times a week. 😆 It’s changed a LOT though – it’s really high end now.

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    1. I’m surprised that Nordstrom isn’t planning to open in Montreal soon. I think it makes a lot of sense!
      Will be testing the concealer soon – it better make me look like a Korean soap star! 😆


  13. I’ve always wanted to get some scents from Jo Malone but when I was at their counter, I was overwhelmed of all the scents available. Some were great and a lot were horrible. I ended up leaving empty handed. And oh! You are so lucky to have CT there now, you know I’ve always wanted one but I need to see them up-close. You already picked some interesting products so I cannot wait to see a future reviews on them soon. 👍🏻😄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes there are a LOT of scents there, I think I’d need to make several stops and try some on my skin before I make a decision! I’d hate to choose something that I wouldn’t wear, especially at those prices.
      We have CT at another high end department store here – I bought some stuff before from that counter. I’m glad to have an option now though! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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