Blogmas Day 9: Christmas sweets

It’s so secret that I have a sweet tooth. Christmas is the perfect season to indulge and, every year, come December 1st, I get my eating on!

I tell this story to people all the time, I love candies so much that when I was little, I used to save candy wrappers. 😀 I’d unwrap the candy, pop the candy into my mouth, then proceed to smooth out the wrapper and flatten it as much as possible.  Then I’d get out my special candy wrapper box and place it carefully inside.  And whenever I was jonesing for candies, I’d open up the box, smell the wrappers or just admire the pretty colourful sheets.
If only I’d saved those – I could have made purses with them! 😛

And that brings me to the fondest of Christmas sweets: Quality Street!
These wrappers were the most prized in my collection! Just look at those jewel-toned foil wrappers!  My favourite flavour is The Green Triangle which is a hazelnut noisette. 😀

I receive a box of Ferrero Rocher every Christmas from my SO.  It takes me approximately until New Years Eve to eat the box all by myself. 😀  Lately I’ve been receiving the assorted box which also includes the dark chocolate and coconut flavours – both are also YUMMY!

It’s more difficult to find anymore but I used to get Almond Roca every Christmas – it’s an almond brittle candy covered in chocolate – SO good!

After Eights – we’re fans of peppermint and chocolate and these bite-sized treats are perfect after dinner accompaniments.

And Toblerone just screams the holidays to me:
I was very sad that Swiss Chalet changed their Festive Special candy from Toblerone to Lindor:
Swiss Chalet Festive Special
I like some Lindt chocolates but I’m not a fan of their Lindor truffle balls.

I posted this on IG last week but I recently discovered the limited edition Ritter Sport flavours:
I couldn’t resist and have already polished off a bar each of Nut Crescent Cookie and Caramelised Almonds (with a little help from my friends!) 😀

A couple of Canadian call-outs – first to Laura Secord, we love the French & Frosted Mints:

Purdy’s is also a Canadian institution – I particularly like their Christmas English Toffee:

And of course I can’t forget candy canes. I really like the unusual flavours, a couple of years ago my SO gave an awesome apple pie flavoured one, and I’ve liked the root beer flavour one too.
What are your favourite Christmas sweets?

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62 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 9: Christmas sweets

  1. Yes, I love my candy too at Christmas. lol Toblerone is a big favorite here. It’s not always easy to find in the states. I actually haven’t seen it available this year so that’s kind of a bummer. We usually pick up the assorted box, it has dark, milk, and white chocolate. Yum! Ferrero Rocher is also another we have in the house during the holidays. Plus a nice size box of Godiva. Gah, I’m going to gain some weight this Christmas. lol

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    1. Godiva is one of those brands I buy for OTHER people but don’t really indulge myself! I remember having a truffle and it was DECADENT! Like, ONE truffle made me full, lol!
      Well that’s what New Years resolutions are for… lose the holiday weight! Then the cycle starts all over again! 😉

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      1. I know what you mean about the Godiva. I was like that for a while and then I was like f this, these need to make an appearance once a year in my own house. lol Look into Moonstruck chocolates they are divinity! So beautiful I feel bad eating them. Yes, the typical New Year’s resolution! Lose weight! lol I’ve been really good and down about 15lbs so far this holiday season. I need to drop another 15lb to be at my goal weight so almost there. 😀

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          1. Thank you! I feel really motived, I’ve been caring this baby weight for years it’s time to drop it. I’m hoping if I can make it through the holidays then it will be smoother sailing after them ya know? I did steal one of my husband buffalo wings tonight though. lol


  2. LOL! I love this post. I normally avoid the candy sections like the plague, except for December! I was actually searching all over for those Cella’s cherry chocolates, but couldn’t find them. Might have to resort to Dollarama. I did just order a 1kg tray of Lindt assorted chocolates from HBC when they were super on sale last weekend!

    I didn’t grow up in Canada, so I didn’t try a lot of the candies you posted about until I moved here. I like to buy a tin of Quality Street every year, now. And Cadbury’s Fingers.

    My childhood fave was definitely Almond Roca (dad has a taste for all kinds of hard toffee/brittle candies, like Skor, so we always had lots of that around).

    New faves for me are Baci and Raffaela (sp? The white Ferrero Rochers!). Lindors are great, too, especially the white and hazelnut flavors. I hate Toblerone, though. Ugh. LOL.

    And Ritter Sport is fantastic any old time! I had no idea they had LE holiday flavors. MUST FIND.

    Y’know, for someone who isn’t a chocolate fiend, I sure like to talk about it.

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    1. Lol, I think you’re in denial about not being a chocolate fiend! 😛
      Yes, the Raffaela are SO good. I know I’ll be getting some of those this year – I can’t wait! 😀 I’m not really a fan of white chocolate though – I find a lot of them to be too sweet.
      oh yes, Cadbury Fingers! Last couple of years we bought a huge ass box for the in-laws – yummmm!
      I need to find a source for Almond Roca – I hope the Bay sells them.
      I HIGHLY recommend those LE Ritter Sport! The Caramelised Almonds is tops!

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      1. I’ve definitely seen Almond Roca at SDM, but maybe not in a variety of sizes.

        I have to tell DH about the LE Ritter Sports – he loves those! Groceries are so evil putting them on the way to the cash. Those and the flavored Lindt bars. :p


  3. I loved wintergreen candy canes growing up, but no one seems to make them anymore. Huge bummer. My aunt makes the most amazing Christmas cookies & sends my dad some every year (which he shares with me).

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      1. I suck at cooking & baking. My aunt makes the best sugar cookies in the world. No joke. She ruined all other sugar cookies for me. 😂


  4. I’ve seen Almond Roca (one of my top 3 faves!) at Costco before, although I don’t know if they are selling them there this year. I love the Lindor truffle balls haha…and Ferrero Rocher…and Godiva (a splurge)…there’s just too many treats at Christmas to name!

    As a kid, I thought the colourful Quality Street wrappers were really pretty too…I can’t remember at all how they tasted though!

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    1. Quality Street isn’t all that great in terms of quality… haha… but they’re just more of a nostalgia for me now.
      I’m now on a HUNT for Almond Roca – I wonder if Loblaws sells it. Or Shoppers. I WILL report back!


  5. Yuuuuuuuum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤ You just made me want to eat candies now THANKS! 😛 Those first candies look very very delicious! I am obsessed with anything white chocolate! 😀 yum yum yum!

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  6. Hahahaha I got sooo excited when I saw your post’s title! How can you not like the Lindor truffes? They are sooo delicious! 😀 I’ve just made another cake today, I’m literally just stuffing myself away!

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  7. I have a tub of Quality Street candies in my cupboard right now! We’re sort of hoarding them because friends being them to is from the UK (to my knowledge they aren’t sold in the US).
    I always love mint chocolates too. I may need to get a packet of After 8s. And peppermint bark! But my one true holiday candy love is English Toffee. I could eat my weight in and then die happy 🙂

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    1. Oh I didn’t know Quality Street isn’t in the US – interesting! One year a friend of mine made a massive batch of toffee and gave them away as presents – I got a Chinese takeout carton-full of the yummy-ness and omg they were the best thing ever!

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  8. We have really similar chocolate taste I pretty much love everything you’ve listed – green triangles are my fave too! Also love Terry’s chocolate orange at this time of year. I need to see if we have those Ritter flavours here, I think there’s only one supermarket which sells them and I never go there – but a special trip is required as I need to find me some chai latte!

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  9. Yummmmm! Love Ferrero Rocher and Almond Roca….and basically everything else. I don’t discriminate.

    Wow Laura Secord – that’s a blast from the past. Do you guys still have Laura Secord stores? All of ours closed down years ago. They remind me of my childhood.

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  10. I’ll take one of everything, please! I’m obsessed with any mix of chocolate and mint during this time of year. I also like those chocolate oranges that you have to bang against a hard surface to open.

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      1. Ours are very different because our December treats are linked to Sinterklaas celebrated on december 5th. We have chocolate letters, amazing mini all spice biscuits dipped in chocolate (kruidnoten), marzipan animals, and traditional sugar fondant shaped like hearts 🙂 Because we focus on this, we don’t have much actual christmas treats.

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  11. ooooo…. i ❤ almond roca too 🙂
    another east coast canadian xmas candy fave: Ganong's chicken bones! red hot cinnamon sticks with a powdery chocolate filling; barley toys & ribbon candy is pretty but i never eat it.
    Another chocolate mint xmas fave is the ovation sticks. And when I was growing up, we always had toffeefay & turtles around the house (as well as after 8s, ferrero rochers & almond roca).

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