Michaels haul

Now for something entirely different!  I mentioned in my intro post to this blog that I dabble in crafts – mainly knitting and some jewellery making.  So I was pretty stoked when a new Michaels store opened up in downtown Toronto!  I finally had a chance to visit this past weekend and of course, I can never walk out of a Michaels store empty-handed:
In my defense all the beads were 50% off! 😉

Here’s a quick look at what I purchased – I kind of group them into colour families:

Close up:

Blues / greens
These are my favourites!

The ones on the right are made of real stones.
What I like to do with these beads is simply string them onto stretch cord and make a bunch of coordinated bracelet stacks. Here’s an example of a bracelet stack I made; I love wearing at least 8 at a time, mixing bead types and styles:
You can go really fancy and use Swarovski crystals or semi-precious stones.  They’re so simple but impactful and also make great gifts!

My sister bought a bunch of sock yarns.  I didn’t buy any yarn this time but I’ll likely be going back soon to get some yarn for a project that I’m still looking for an appropriate pattern.

I’ll post some DIYs in the near future! Hope you enjoyed a non-makeup post. Do any of you make jewellery or do other crafts? 🙂

38 thoughts on “Michaels haul

  1. Love the beads that you said were your faves! SO pretty. I love the faceting.

    I used to do a bit of beading, too, but was too lazy to trek out to Michaels/etc., so I tended to order from ArtBeads.com (Swarovski, yeaaaaa) or Etsy. Started to get out of hand so I haven’t for a few yrs now.

    WIsh I could crochet or knit, though! I tried once, but I don’t have the patience 😀

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    1. I love artbeads! But sometimes it takes FORever to get the orders. Michaels at 50% is around the same price as on artbeads. You’ll be pleased to know that now there’s a Michaels on the subway line! 😀 It’s so handy.
      Yeah crocheting and knitting does take patience, AND not being afraid of making mistakes and starting over. You have no idea how many projects I ripped apart completely and started fresh. 😛

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      1. Oh yeah, some Artbeads orders took a month to arrive. I’m OK with waiting for beads…sometimes they’d show up and I’d be like…”Oooh what’s this?!”

        I do have to check out Michael’s! It’s like, Yonge/Eg or something, right? I need some organizing stuff like boxes and junk.

        I should probably try to pick up crocheting again. It seemed easier than knitting!

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          1. Oh shoot, I totally forgot there’s a Michael’s there, now! Okey doke, gotta check it out 😀 Thanks!

            And, I’m not so sure I’m as talented as 7-yr old you. LOL!


  2. Oooh, I’m loving these! The blue/green ones are so pretty.
    Michaels is the best. It’s like Sephora but for crafts haha.
    I don’t make jewelry, but I started scrapbooking our “adventures” when my boyfriend and I started dating…have spent WAY too much money on scrapbooking supplies at Michaels in the last few years!

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    1. I never got into scrapbooking but I bet I’d spend lots of money on all the fancy papers and punches and whatnot! I did dabble in rubber stamps for card making before.
      YES! Michaels IS the Sephora of crafts!!!

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  3. Michaels is a black whole for my money. I loveeee their bead department! Do you ever make anything else besides bracelets? That’s a great idea to string them all together though, I’m going to try it 🙂

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    1. I honestly don’t have a huge stash of yarn – I tend to buy for specific projects. Beads and jewellery supplies – eh, a little bit of hoarding but not terrible. I do usually end up using everything I buy. Those blue / green beads for instance, is slated to be made into bracelets for presents.


      1. I’m like that too, I buy supplies for specific crafts that I’ve planned out, otherwise I end up with a stash of unused things that I “could potentially use at some point in the distant future” ..but then I watch these DIY Youtubers that have everything they could possibly ever need, at home available at ease! If only I could be so disciplined with things like nail polish..buying new ones when old ones run out haha


  4. Those blue and brown beads are gorgeous! I’m the worst with crafts, I have a terrible habit of buying all the necessary things to start a specific craft but then I get distracted half way through and never finish. It’s a problem.
    I would totally buy your bracelet stacks though! That’s really pretty!

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    1. I had a monthly jewellery making subscription box a while back and it got to the point I wouldn’t even open the packages because I was only excited at the prospect of making the items, but not following through. I still have 3 unopened I think lol!

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      1. I think that’s exactly how I would be too. I also can’t really be trusted in craft stores because I love all the pretty things and am wont to buy them and then leave them lying around unused when I get tired of looking at them.


    1. The downtown Michaels is great! They retained the 3 levels that Chapters had so the bottom floor is for fine art and framing, the 2nd level is beads / yarn / crafty, and the 3rd floor for more seasonal / decor stuff. We could have spent hours here!


  5. Michaels is a dangerous place – I go in there and I want to make all the things! Then I spend a fortune, bring everything home and it all collects dust in the corner. Haha.

    I love your bracelets! The beads you picked up look so pretty – can’t wait to see what you create with them! 🙂


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