The Sweater Weather Tag

I’ve seen this Tag on numerous blogs including: Hello Kaily, Polished by Amy,  rylie*stylechicandpolished, but to name a few!  I love Autumn and I intended to do this Tag at least a week ago, but here’s the thing about the changing season: it brings out the laziness in me.  This whole week it has been SO difficult to even drag myself out of bed – and I’m normally a Jump Outta Bed, Let’s Get This Day Started kind of person.  Alas, I was actually tagged to do this by Ryane Zamora Beauty and Natalie’s Beauty Base so I decided to finally jump into the proverbial pile of leaves as well. 🙂

Firstly, here’s a spooky photo I took in Capilano, BC during an Autumn visit a few years ago:
I entered a calendar photo contest at work and I won with this entry and the image is appropriately for the month of October so I get to see this image all month long! 😀  Now, onto the Tag…

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