The Sweater Weather Tag

I’ve seen this Tag on numerous blogs including: Hello Kaily, Polished by Amy,  rylie*stylechicandpolished, but to name a few!  I love Autumn and I intended to do this Tag at least a week ago, but here’s the thing about the changing season: it brings out the laziness in me.  This whole week it has been SO difficult to even drag myself out of bed – and I’m normally a Jump Outta Bed, Let’s Get This Day Started kind of person.  Alas, I was actually tagged to do this by Ryane Zamora Beauty and Natalie’s Beauty Base so I decided to finally jump into the proverbial pile of leaves as well. 🙂

Firstly, here’s a spooky photo I took in Capilano, BC during an Autumn visit a few years ago:
I entered a calendar photo contest at work and I won with this entry and the image is appropriately for the month of October so I get to see this image all month long! 😀  Now, onto the Tag…

1. Favorite candle scent?
I don’t really burn candles (as previously explained, I have this phobia about depleting a room’s oxygen supply when burning candles) but I like smelling them.  For Autumn, I like crisp apple scents.  I got caught up in all things Autumn this year when I went into BBW and bought a couple of mini candles and a cute little owl candle holder:
I picked up Pumpkin Apple and Autumn which both feature apple notes.  I will try to burn them this Autumn / Winter (I say this to myself every season) to appreciate them more, but besides, does anyone else find that candles don’t smell as good when they’re burning vs just in the jars?

2. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?
Coffee is a year-round beverage for me so it can’t be counted in the consideration. So the natural choice for me is tea.  Every Autumn, I ramp up my tea conception – I enjoy drinking teas with a spicy kick, especially ones featuring cinnamon, peppermint or ginger.  My top 2 tea picks and ones I always stock in my cupboard are Teavana Zingiber Ginger Coconut Rooibos Tea and The Good Earth Sweet & Spicy:

3. What’s the best Autumn memory you have?
September is when I met my SO, so the best memory of Autumn is of us beginning to date. What’s better than meeting up for brunch or sushi dates on a cool crisp Autumn day? 🙂  (awww *gag*)

4. Which makeup trend do you prefer: dark lips or winged eyeliner?
I love the look of dark lips against paler skin. I want to rock the look this year and I intend to finally bust out my MAC Party Line lipstick for this purpose.
It’s so daunting to me to wear dark lips though!

5. Best fragrance for Autumn?
I like warmer scents when the temperature drops so notes of vanilla and light musk are more of what I gravitate toward.  I wear Prada Candy (caramel musk) more regularly now.  I’m also considering buying Donna Karan Cashmere Mist – by description alone, it’s not usually a scent I’d like, but I received a sample of it and on my skin it’s smells soft and comforting.

6. Favourite Thanksgiving food?
Stuffing and mashed potatoes with gravy. I could just eat a plate filled with those items and skip the turkey altogether.  You didn’t ask, but I’ll tell you what Thanksgiving food I DON’T like: pumpkin pie.

I hate the taste and the texture. Adding whipped cream on top of it does not help disguise either of those qualities.

7. What is Autumn weather like where you live?


It’s fairly stereotypical Autumn weather – it’s cool and crisp and all the leaves start turning fiery shades of yellows, oranges and reds. It can get quite windy.  And layering clothes is essential since the mornings will start off quite cool and by afternoon when the sun is out, it gets warm enough to not need a jacket or scarf anymore.  Right now we are experiencing a cooler than normal temperature range at around 15°C for the daily high (~60°F) and we have overnight frost warnings.

8. Most worn sweater?
Is not a sweater per se but a hoodie jacket in a sweatshirt material from the Canadian yoga apparel brand Titika.


It’s just like this one but mine is in a red / orange colour and it’s got a belt.

9. Must-have nail polish this Autumn?
I’ll go against the grain and not name a dark vampy shade – I’ll say a good beige or caramel creme shade! (check out Polished by Amy’s post about Autumn nail trends)  A few good options: Nails Inc Basil Street, Nicole by OPI Southern Charm, and Essie Brooch the Subject.

10. Football games or jumping in leaf piles?
Here’s one thing you should know about Canadians – we don’t care about football here.  Sorry Americans, it’s all about hockey here.  And well, right now it’s also about baseball since the Blue Jays are doing so well.  We also prefer basketball or soccer over football.  So I guess the answer to this question is: the sport of jumping in leaf piles.


11. Skinny jeans or leggings?
Skinny jeans. I don’t own leggings. And until maybe 3 years go I didn’t own skinny jeans either. I just didn’t like skintight bottoms, but then I bought a pair of tall riding boots and needed some pants to wear with them.  Skinny jeans aren’t my go-to pants of choice but they do look good with tall boots.

12. Combat boots or Uggs?
Neither, I have ankle boots, riding style boots and booties, but I don’t own combat boots or Uggs. I have nothing against combat boots – it’s just not my style.  And Uggs… UGGGH, don’t get me started except to say: Uggs are NOT meant for outdoor winter usage.  They look so ridiculous and I hope they all get ruined by salt stains. 🙂

I am thinking of getting a pair of Blundstone boots though – they’re a bit more rugged than I normally go for, but I like how they look.  Has anyone owned a pair?

13. Is pumpkin spice worth the hype?


Pre-2015 PSL was worth the hype! I finally tried the new reformulated PSL at Starbucks a few weeks ago on the first day of Autumn and it was a disappointingly boring sugary flavour without the warmth or spice.  However, I should say that disappointment prompted me to try a new flavour called Toasted Graham Latte (TGL) and that has now replaced PSL for me.  It is a warm, sweet, and comforting treat – like if BBW and Starbucks got together and made one of the BBW candles into a drink. 😀

14. Favorite Autumn TV show?
I don’t really watch TV or follow any shows so I’m sorry I can’t answer this question! I know that my bf likes to watch Walking Dead and Game of Thrones so I guess that’s what WE are looking forward to. 😉

15. What song really gets you into the Autumn spirit?
Not really sure if there’s an Autumn song, but I suppose it’s the songs that we’d listen to when we went back to school (university) so they’re all typically drinking songs.  Here’s one: Home for a Rest by Spirit of the West

I just noticed a couple of questions missing from this version that I saw on Ryane’s post so I’ll add them now:

Favorite type of pie?
Apple! Preferably à la Mode.

What do you think about Black Friday?
In Canada, Black Friday isn’t associated with Thanksgiving since our Thanksgiving occurs in October. So Black Friday never used to be a thing at ALL. And about 5 years ago, retailers here started offering special Black Friday sales in November to coincide with the American Thanksgiving, and they even started opening early just like in the US. I’ve only started to partake in Black Friday a couple of years ago – mainly at Sephora (are you surprised?) – I even went to the malls early to get the best deals. I got some good stuff and overall, I’d say that I bought lots of stuff I didn’t really need. The most useful item I bought on Black Friday is my winter coat from Aritzia and I only got 10% off it. This year I won’t be going out due to my No-Buy!

And finally, since this is the Sweater Weather Tag, this is the kind of sweater I’d like to wear these days:

Source (Andrea Crews bodysuit)


58 thoughts on “The Sweater Weather Tag

  1. That is a great photo! Was the area you were in actually kind of spooky or did the photo just turn out that way?
    I always forget to actually burn candles so luckily, candles ARE fragrant when they’re just sitting out 🙂 I’m a little bummed that I didn’t see the pumpkin apple candle in store, that sounds really nice.
    That jacket is adorable! I love structured looking clothes that’s actually made out of sweatshirt material. That was an oddly constructed sentence. I just woke up so this whole comment will probably make no sense.
    This is a cute tag and your answers are great! 🙂

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    1. Haha good morning! 😀
      That place wasn’t particularly spooky (just a forest area) but there was fog from the morning / cold so it did look a little moody.
      BBW should still have that Pumpkin Apple candle – you should go check!
      Yes I do like more structured clothing made of comfy material – if the cut is too loose, it looks really sloppy.
      You should do this tag! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The picture really did turn out great! I miss mountains and rocks. We literally don’t have rocks where I live. But we do have what basically amounts to jungle! Which is sometimes kind of spooky but in a much different way.
        I’ll have to check out the BBW website! I don’t think I can handle going to the store again. SO MANY SCENTS.
        I might, it’s a fun one! 🙂


  2. I have blundstones – I got them about two years ago. I love them. But don’t go by the online size conversions, go try them on in person. I normally wear an 8, and according to their conversion, that would be a 6 which was way too big for me. I ended up getting a 5, and have room for my super cushy insoles. Other than a few scratches in the leather, and needing to polish them occasionally, they are holding up really well, and I walk everywhere, so they get a lot of use. I haven’t started wearing them yet this season, but as soon as I polish them up and replace the insoles, they will be on my feet until it is time for my knee high sorel boots!

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    1. Good to know about the Blundstones sizing! I’m a size 6 so that means I’ll probably wear kids! lol
      I was kind of toying with getting a pair of Doc Martens boots but I feel the heels are really chunky and when I tried them, they felt really heavy.
      I haven’t jumped on the Sorel bandwagon… I tried them in the store and they just looked SO ridiculous on me! My bf has a pair but only busts them out for absolute treacherous weather. I wear a pair of North Face goose down boots that are SO comfy and warm. Actually, I need a new pair this year because I tore a hole in those… hmm maybe time to see what new Sorel styles are there – they surely have ones that aren’t as bulky?

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  3. Lol about the Uggs! I still have a pair but wear them rarely. I’ve gone through 2 other pairs because the salt stains, so true about them being the worst winter boots for that reason!

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  4. Hey. I love my Blundstones. I think I’ve had mine for about 8 years and they’re still in axmazing shape though there were a couple winters when I forgot to wear them! And they go with skinny jeans too (with chunky socks). Be careful if you’re getting Sorels; some of the new styles are only rated for temperatures of -2!

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  5. I am totally going to back you up on “UGGS are not for outdoor winter usage”. Like, you have to water proof them? Don’t people know that snow is just frozen WATER??!?!?!!! Either way, I love my Uggs, but I can only wear them on cold days, not cold AND snowy days!
    Also, seriously burst out laughing at the “how pumpkin pie is made” picture! 😀 lolololol!
    One more thing, I will find a way to knit that last sweater and I will live in it for the remainder of the cold weather season!

    So glad you saw some of my extra questions 🙂

    Great post, girl!

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    1. Teehee, yes Uggs are ok for cold but not wet conditions! I do really love the Ugg clogs which are like slippers – SO WARM.
      Haha, that’s an ambitious knitting project! I know how to knit and I wouldn’t even tackle that myself. 😛
      Thanks for tagging me for this!


  6. Oooh, MAC Party Line looks beautiful! Must. Have. haha.

    Pumpkin Pie is definitely a love it or hate it thing. I’m the only one in my immediate family who likes it, so I never get to eat it unless we’re having Thanksgiving at a relative/family friend’s house.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who is not loving the new PSL! I had one a couple of days after it came back for the fall and it was not great. Other people are still loving it though, so I don’t know.

    Also, I just have to say that I find the last picture really creepy…haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes the last picture is a bit jarring / alien-like but imagine how comfy it would be to be enrobed in that! 😛
      I am challenging myself to wear Party Line before the month of October is through…


  7. Love this tag! I totally agree with you on be whole Ugg thing. Never liked it even when it was super hyped up. Anyway, I agree with people above. I love dark lipsticks. I wear them all year round and I don’t care what people say. But if it’s daunting for you then this is the perfect time to wear it as much as you can. I’ve seen more people wearing them now that it’s fall. So it should help you feel more confident about wearing them. But they really do look good on most people so definitely wear them this season!

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  8. We both have the Pumpkin apple bbw mini candle and I used it for the first time yesterday. I like it!

    Tea. I’m def a tea person. I used to drink green tea so much I would get dizzy without it. Now I’m onto black teas. English breakfast tea and chai and Joy tea from Starbucks 🙂

    I’m starting to embrace darker lips. I find it easy to throw it on and leave. Bam — you look chic!

    Lmao at how pumpkin pie is made. Nasty.

    You’re actually on trend with your nail polish choices for fall because nudes and barely there nails are in!

    I’m looking for a pair of cute flat boots. Any brand suggestions?

    TGL. Yum!

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  9. Aww you visited the west coast!
    You should go against your own grain for nail polish, so NOT nude colours! hahaha. Are you from proper Toronto or just in the general area (is that TMI for the internet?)?

    I 100% agree with you about UGGS, I also hope they all get stained with salt haha. One time a girl came to class (it was a smaller class, around 30-40 people) dressed in a mint green hoodie, the same colour skinny jeans, and the freakin’ same colour UGG boots that had bows on the back of them…..I honestly couldn’t NOT stare. And I saw her on campus another day dressed in the pink version of that exact outfit…like WHATEVEN PEOPLE! I’ve also seen her wearing periwinkle-ish UGG boots as well.

    I wish I could wear riding boots (whenever I see clothes I’m like THIS COULD LOOK SUPER CUTE IF I COULD WEAR TALL BOOTS WITH THEM! *cries*), but I’m naturally rather thin and therefore have some pretty small calves, and it’s super hard to find boots that don’t make my legs look like sticks in boxes haha 😥 I have to bulk up my calves by wearing thick knee high boot socks if I want to wear knee high boots..the struggle, so I stick to ankle boots – I like Steve Madden mid calf boots (i.e., combat boots) because they actually fit narrow calved people like me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah that was a few years ago and we LOVED it. I’d come back to visit in a heartbeat. For Red Robin at the very least (WHY do they not have locations here?) Yes I’m from proper proper Toronto as in a condo downtown and I work downtown! 😛 It’s a city of 2.6 million so I’m ok with revealing that lol!
      Omg, that image of head to toe mint green outfit. I’m going on a limb here to assume that she’s Asian right? In my mind I pictured Asian. More money than SENSE, lol. (I can say it because I’m Asian ok! 😛 )
      Oh don’t complain to me about your rail thin legs, I have “athletic” calves so I have to make sure boots have a bit of elastic to them so I can pull them over the bulges! You could always wear 3 pairs of legwarmers. 😆


      1. You don’t have Red Robin, what!? Is that not a thing out east!? I think there are only two now in the Vancouver/North Van area, there used to be at least 3…but they closed one down (the one near UBC) in the past 2 years or so 😦
        I actually purposely refrained (I typed it out and then deleted it) from saying that it was an Asian girl hahahaha, but you got that right! UBC = ‘University of a Billion Chinese’…lots of interesting outfits to be seen haha.
        Boot struggles are so real! At least you HAVE calves! haha! Yes, I could layer on pairs and pairs of legwarmers and disproportion the bottom half of my legs to the rest of my body – really natural!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I know right. My SO and I talked about opening up a Red Robin franchise here.
          Oh trust me, I get enough exposure at U of T with all the craziness I witness, I knew it had to be an Asian chick! They may wear head to toe label, but money can’t buy STYLE and CLASS! 😀
          Two words for you: calf implants. 😆

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  10. Seeing you answer tags such as this is a dream. But I love them and would definitely be on the lookout for more.
    Okay, I love Autumn and everything that goes with it. Now that I’ve seen how pumpkin pie was made..wait, isn’t it Pecan Pie? The pie that coordinates the Thanksgiving menu?
    I would love to see you wear a dark lipstick.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pumpkin pie is smooth, no nuts or any texture – it is just puree pumpkin inside a pie crust. YUCK.
      I’d say the 2 most popular Thanksgiving pies are pumpkin and apple – sometimes I do see pecan or mincemeat pie (mincemeat doesn’t have meat in it… it’s sweet and has got raisins in it)
      I will try to wear the dark lipstick next week! 😛


      1. I’d like apple better, with ice cream on top. 😀
        Thanksgiving will be next week already! I should know. *wink*
        Yay! Will you be wearing that particular shade?


  11. Um. That’s a very interesting sweater. I like it 🙂 Hehe. Yeah I think people forget that Thanksgiving is the American tradition of being thankful for the land we stole from the Indians, and not a holiday that the rest of the world celebrates… I’ll have to try this graham beverage thing though. OMG that pumpkin picture is killing me! I sent it to my husband. I don’t like pumpkin pie either. Pumpkin cheesecake though!? That’s a horse of a different color!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, yes people forget to be thankful for the land they stole, c’mon!
      I’m glad you liked that pumpkin pie pic… it made my day too! I haven’t ever tried pumpkin cheesecake… not sure if I’d like it any better since I’m not a HUGE fan of cheesecake either!
      Yes, go try the Toasted Graham Latte – it will make you forget there ever was a Pumpkin Spice Latte!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, sorry I ruined pumpkin pie (not sorry!)
      Yes, I was SO surprised I even LIKED Prada Candy. I got a sample of it and tried it, and was floored by the longevity. I thought it would be an overly sweet scent but it’s got something more substantial to it.

      Liked by 1 person

  12. Correction: Albertans and Saskatchewans are pretty nuts about football. LOL! I HATE Uggs too. Just such an unflattering look – and I can say that because I used to own three pairs and I can’t believe I used to wear them. I agree with you – PSLs are horrible, and I think you’ll really like Cashmere Mist perfume. Great list! xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. True, I stand corrected about football… but they’re the most “American” provinces we have lol.
      I’ve been thinking more and more about that Cashmere Mist perfume – I will have it in my hands in 2016! 😀

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