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This post is dedicated to Rachael of Helpless Whilst Drying – she recently posted a review of the theBalm’s Nude’Tude palette and asked for recommendations on other theBalm products to try.  I recommended their Instain blushes, and she asked if I had a blog entry on them – I didn’t, so here it is!

theBalm Instain Long-wearing Staining Powder Blushes are offered in 6 shades and I own 4 of them:
L – R: Lace, Houndstooth, Toile, Swiss Dot

They cost CAD $31 / USD $22 for 5.5g so they’re not cheap, but I love them so much that I’ll likely get the other 2 remaining colours.

theBalm Instain blushes are one of the most – if not the most – pigmented and long wearing blushes I’ve ever come across.  These are powder blushes that seem to stain the skin. A tiny – TINY – bit is all that’s needed on the brush for each cheek.  This is especially important with this formula since not only is it pigmented, it has “staining” properties – so if you over apply, it’s quite challenging to remove or blend away.
The packaging of these blushes are very slim – housed in sturdy cardboard “books” (that look like magazine covers) with magnetic closures.  They measure 2×3″, and contain a mirror inside, making them great for travelling.

Lace: cool bright pink (matte)
This was my first foray into the Instain blushes – the colour was unique to my collection at the time and I had seen several online positive reviews on these blushes.  I was hooked after this one!  (I did note down that this blush cost me CAD $28 and then subsequently, the prices increased to CAD $31 within the year).

Houndstooth: neutral mauve  (satin)

Toile: strawberry pink (satin)
This pan has some darker spots in it, so I thought I got a defective one.  But when I went back to the counter to exchange, the SA opened a few up and they were all like that. It doesn’t affect the performance but maybe something to do with the red pigment?

Swiss Dot: peach (matte)
Here are all 4 colours together (even though Swiss Dot is called a matte, I feel there’s a slight sheen).
They do leave a slight stain behind:
They don’t stain my cheeks since I wear them on top of foundation / powder which act as a barrier.  I recommend these blushes if you’re willing to work with them; they would be fantastic for darker skin tones or those with oily skin who find blushes don’t last on them.  Invest in a duo-fibre stippling or a loosely packed bristled brush (and tap off the excess) to make applying these a breeze (see my post on bright blushes).  In Canada, theBalm cosmetics is available at Rexall.

Next year I will get the other 2 that I don’t own:
Edit: I finally picked up these 2 shades from Hautelook.

• Highly pigmented
• Extremely long lasting
• Slim and sturdy packaging
• Wearable colours
• Cruelty free

• May be difficult to work with for some
• At $31, slightly more expensive than other mid-range brands (compare with Clinique Cheek Pop at $24 for 4g or MAC at $26 for 6g)

Stash worthiness: 9/10

Ingredient list, click to enlarge.
Ingredient list, click to enlarge.

Have you tried these Instain blushes?  Or other theBalm blushes?

74 thoughts on “theBalm Instain blushes

    1. Yes you must! I used to overlook the brand due to the packaging. I associated it with Benefit which never seem to deliver on the product claims. But theBalm products have all delivered on quality and performance! 😀

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  1. Ohhhh these are pretty! I like Houndstooth and Swiss Dot! The style of the packaging kind of reminds me of the Quickie Chronicles by Too Faced from about 10 or so years ago!!!

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    1. I keep forgetting to use it but today I busted it out – a great Fall colour! 😀 I can’t wait to get Pinstripe – it’s a deeper shade but it’s got some golden shimmer, it looks pretty (and I bet it could be nice as an eye shadow too).

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      1. I have the same issue, I’ll forget about it because it’s hiding under something else but yeah it’s a great a blush. I feel like it doesn’t get enough recognition amongst bloggers, you’re probably the second person I’ve see to do a post on theBalm Instain blushes. Maybe I’ll include it in my weekly Friday post since I haven’t reviewed it yet. I’ll have to check out Pinstripe, it does look like it could be versatile as either a blush or a shadow. Great post! Thanks for reminding me how awesome of a blush it is. 🙂

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  2. The staining properties scares the crap out of me – but the colors are so vibrant and pretty! I like the look of Pinstripe a lot. The cardboard packaging is not really my thing, but at least it has cute designs on it.

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    1. Don’t be scared! They are totally workable if using a loosely packed brush. I’m thinking Pinstripe will be my next purchase – it’s quite shimmery based on swatches online but I figured it may make for a pretty eye shadow too.
      I’d say theBalm is one of the few brands that I allow for cardboard packaging.

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  3. ohhh! I’m loving Houndstooth and Swiss Dot! They look absolutely gorgeous!!
    I’ve always been interested in theBalm’s products, but haven’t actually gotten my hands on any!! I might have to purchase these, though!

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    1. Yes you have to try theBalm products – I’ve been impressed so far! At first I thought they were gimmicky because of the packaging but the quality is so good. I bet Swiss Dot would look fantastic on your skin tone!

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    1. Do you have Rexall out your way? That’s where I bought mine. And now come to think of it, I got 2 of the blushes during a buy 1 get 1 half off sale. theBalm is such a great brand, I’d like to try more from it.

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  4. Oh I really love your blog!! I just never really had the actual time visiting it this good before now…I’m really bad following other blogs for the moment and I’m also bad following up my own so that’s why. But you’re doing a great job and I’ll definately follow you better from now on! Have a great evening! 🙂 xoxo Maria

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  5. Never tried these or heard of them. They look so cute and Houndstooth looks best for this time of year. It’s scary that it stains the skin, but I don’t apply blush directly to the skin anyway now that I think about it. Great review!

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    1. Exactly, you never apply this directly to the skin like I did with the swatches. It’s always on top of foundation or powder. I’ve never found it stained my face. It’s the same concept as those liquid / gel types of cheek stains. I’m wearing Houndstooth today – perfect for Fall! 🙂

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  6. Oooh pretty! Lace is so bold, I could never pull that off! I like Houndstooth and Swiss Dot! I think Pinstripe also looks like something I’d wear. It surprises me that these are $31, why so expensive (maybe because it’s almost like a cheek tattoo?? haha). I feel a little bit uneasy about the fact that they stain though…I hate it when you take a little more than you anticipated on your brush and realize you look like a clown once it’s applied on the face, permanent clown face isn’t my thing :#

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    1. They’re not really THAT bad with the staining, it’s more of the fact that they’re so pigmented. I won’t lie, when I first wore them, I did go a bit overboard and I rocked the clown cheeks. However, nothing that a bit of extra powder can’t tone down!

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  7. Wow! Literally made my jaw drop. I’ve heard about the balm since their Bahama Mama but that stopped there. I’ve searched that it’s around $20 here. Geez, if I were to put up a post about “products that my co-bloggers had me buy”, I see Stashy’s about to hit the brim.

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  8. Oooh I love Toile, that’s such a gorgeous unique color! Might have to see if I can find that one although I like using a heavy hand with blush so that could be bit of a challenge for me.


  9. Those colors are amazing. Particularly that strawberry shade. I think these felt a little gimmicky to me so I never tried them. Plus, that’s seriously pricey for TheBalm! But…those colors are great.
    Fantastic review as always!

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    1. Thanks! Yes at first I thought they were a total gimmick. After trying the first one, I was hooked. I was able to get 2 of them at buy 1 get 1 at 50% off so it was slightly less painful. I will try to wait for another sale to get the other 2.

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  10. Thank you for doing this post, I couldn’t load it to read it whilst on holiday – hotel wifi was terrible! These sound perfect, I don’t find blush lasts very well on me through the day so these might be what I’m looking for, houndstooth and Swiss dot look right up my street! Both going on my wish list now 😃

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    1. I’m definitely getting Argyle – not sure why I didn’t buy it before. I think possibly I just have so many shades similar to it, I was trying to branch out. But the quality is just superb, I’m sure it will blow the other similar shades out of the water! 🙂

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