Orange nail polishes

This post is dedicated to fivezero.  I had lodged a complaint on her blog a few weeks ago because I felt she had been featuring too many orange nail polishes on her blog lately.  I mentioned that I only owned 2 orange nail polishes whereas she had 20 minimum.  Well, it turns out I actually own 3 orange nail polishes, and in the spirit of Halloween, I will showcase them here:
L to R:
• Essie Braziliant
• L’Oreal Nail Color Orange You Jealous
• Essence #46 Wake Up! (this was the one I didn’t realize I had)

I’m testing out something different for this post – a black background!  I’m not sure how I feel about it – I think it makes colours look wonky.  I mainly did it for the Halloween-y theme of orange and black. 😛

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