Orange nail polishes

This post is dedicated to fivezero.  I had lodged a complaint on her blog a few weeks ago because I felt she had been featuring too many orange nail polishes on her blog lately.  I mentioned that I only owned 2 orange nail polishes whereas she had 20 minimum.  Well, it turns out I actually own 3 orange nail polishes, and in the spirit of Halloween, I will showcase them here:
L to R:
• Essie Braziliant
• L’Oreal Nail Color Orange You Jealous
• Essence #46 Wake Up! (this was the one I didn’t realize I had)

I’m testing out something different for this post – a black background!  I’m not sure how I feel about it – I think it makes colours look wonky.  I mainly did it for the Halloween-y theme of orange and black. 😛

My favourite out of the 3 is Essie Braziliant – it has such an interesting flash of hot pink shimmer.
Even though the L’Oreal shade Orange You Jealous contains the word “Orange” in the name, it is the least orange of the bunch – it’s more of a peachy coral:
And the surprising hit of the bunch is Essence Wake Up!  It’s a fantastic formula, almost opaque in one coat, and a true orange cream shade:
Bonus: I picked up these nail art stickers from the dollar store:
And proceeded to pretend that I do nail art:
(black polish is Illamasqua Boosh, and orange polish is the Essence Wake Up)

No, I did not wear this out. I’m rocking just Essence Wake Up, straight up.  What are your favourite orange nail polishes? Are you wearing a Halloween themed mani?

41 thoughts on “Orange nail polishes

  1. Oooh, I love these! The Essence polish is the perfect Halloween orange shade, and those corals get me every time, so Orange You Jealous is right up my alley. The nail stickers are really cute too! I’m Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween this year, so just fire-engine red polish for me.

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    1. Aw Little Red Riding Hood is a great costume! Yes, red nails are a must for that. Have you seen the movie Into the Woods? That movie has forever changed my view of Little Red Riding Hood, lol!
      I’m so impressed with the Essence polish – I’m wearing it with just ONE coat.

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  2. Haha, I’d say you still only have two oranges: the L’Oreal is looking pretty coral-pink 😀 (Although I do find some bright orange shades photograph quite pink.)

    You look great in both Braziliant and Wake Up – I kinda feel like I need both, now!


    1. Ugh, yeah you’re right. I only have 2 orange polishes. The name of the L’Oreal is totally throwing me off! I will re-categorize it firmly in my coral colour family! 😛
      I’m not sure if Wake Up is still available since Essence changed their polish line up about a year ago, but I think Braziliant is still available.

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  3. I am wearing a halloween themed mani – beetlejuice stripes with green splodges sponged over… looked great with my costume but a few days on I can see people looking at my nails like what the hell is that design! Love the look of Brazilliant, I’ve been recommended that before

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  4. When I saw the title, I thought of fivezero! Even her blog theme has orange in it! haha XD
    I love Orange You Jealous? on your nails! You’re right though, the only orange thing about it is in the name haha, it’s much more pink-coral than orange. When I saw the stickered nails I was like “WHAT?! STASHY ACTUALLY WORE HER NAILS LIKE THIS?!?!” …then I kept reading, of course you didn’t! 😛


  5. Love the orange essence color 🙂 Maybe I should get out of my comfort zone because I strangely don’t own any orange polish (I even checked, closest I get is a pink coral).


    1. Yes, Essence polishes are great quality! Very inexpensive and I like how the bottles are smaller – I mean, how often do you really finish a whole bottle of nail polish anyway?


  6. Wow I love that L’oreal polish! I’ve never tried any of their nail polishes but I’m going to keep an eye out for that one. I love pinky corals. How’s the formula?

    Also, I’ve have purchased those nail stickers from the dollar store and they are awesome for the price! I love how you used them!

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    1. I only swatched that L’Oreal polish for this post – I have yet to do a true wear test on it, but initial application – it’s quite nice! I had never owned L’Oreal polishes before but had heard good things about them overall. I actually scored this bottle from the $1 clearance section at Shoppers! But I’m pretty sure the shade is still in the regular line up.


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