Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Today I’m reminded of those awesomely grotesque trading cards called Garbage Pail Kids (GPK):
The characters depicted were a modification of Cabbage Patch Kids dolls (which I also loved) in ghastly situations with a punny twist on their names.  I actually had a couple of packs of the GPK cards and a little toy.  I’m surprised I was allowed them, since in our household, we weren’t even allowed to say the word “fart” (we had to substitute “pass wind”… “Pass wind face” doesn’t have the same ring as “Fart face” imo).  Here’s a short trip down memory lane.

There were 16 series of the original Garbage Pail Kids cards, and today I’m featuring ones that were Halloween themed:
GPK_Halloween2 GPK_Halloween3 GPK_Halloween4 GPK_Halloween5
Does anyone remember these cards or heard of them?  I don’t know if I still have my cards – they could be buried in some bins where I kept my sticker books.  If anyone is sitting on a pile of GPK cards, be sure to check if it’s a rare one – they sell for lots of money online! Also, for fun, see if you can find your name that has been GPK-fied: A-H, I-P, and Q-Z.

Hope you have a haunting Halloween! 😉

26 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

      1. No, not really. It’s more like a social celebration over here. Not everyone knows of Halloween and only a faction of people who do actually make an effort to celebrate it. The clubs and party scenes are usually abuzz during Halloween though. Our celebrations are more of the horror movie marathons and discounts at shopping centres! Haha! 😛

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  1. Nerdy comment alert: just this week these cards were referenced on the news because the artist (apparently someone famously associated with mad magazine) died this week.

    Happy Halloween?!?

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  2. What a blast from the past! I totally remember these, mostly because unlike you I was not allowed to have them! Looking at them now I see why…some of these are a little disturbing and gross! Lol!
    Happy Halloween! 🎃💀👻

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  3. I remember these! I think it all started with The Cabbage Patch Kids. That is seriously dating me now. But I love to see things like this. Out of nowhere, it will just spark memories like the house I grew up, the Christmas we got our Cabbage Patch Dolls. Ahhh, thank you for that. I have a very sentimental moment!

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