Brainiax Collab: Top 5 Autumn skincare

Today’s post is a collaboration with 2 lovely Canadian chicks! Cat of MyLipstickAddiction and Jodi of A Brash Attitude!  Cat has nicknamed us the “Brainiax”. 😛  We’re all listing our top 5 skincare now that we’re in the transitional weather of Fall / Autumn.  For me, it’s still mild enough that I don’t need to pile on thick emollient creams and oils, but I need to start adding more hydration to my skincare.
Here are my top 5 picks:

1. Sukin Hydrating Mist Toner – $9 for 125ml (Rexall and health food stores)
I’ve mentioned this product before but this is my favourite hydrating toner that I mist onto my face in the mornings, before applying serum. I never used to do this step but I learned about it on YouTube and it made sense to me. Apply a serum (especially one that contains hyaluronic acid) to a completely dry face doesn’t do it any justice: a serum needs some water to bind to in order to plump up the skin. I really noticed a difference – now my face is still hydrated by the end of the day and my foundation doesn’t settle into fine lines.  This Sukin spray is the perfect blend of rosewater, glycerin and chamomile.  Maybe one day I will try a DIY version.

2. NeoStrata Hydra-Infusion 24 Hr Hydrating Serum – $38 for 30ml (Shoppers Drug Mart and Rexall)
I did a detailed review of this here so I won’t harp too much on it again. It’s a fantastic hydrating serum that contains hyaluronic acid and works well under moisturizer and makeup. I’ve tried others and this one just consistently delivers.

3. Alpha Hydrox Enhanced Cream 10% Glycolic AHA – $11 for 56g (Winners and online)
I love this line of skincare so much but it’s not readily available in Canada.  The only “reliable” source is from Winners (TJMaxx – which is to say it’s not reliable at ALL – I haven’t seen this brand there in months)  This is a no-fuss fragrance-free moisturizer contains effective chemical exfoliation in the form of glycolic acid. It does state on the back of the jar that “temporary slight tingling, stinging or redness is normal” so be warned.  The 10% version doesn’t tingle as much as the 12% and I can use this almost every night without irritation. Since this helps to slough off the dead top layer of my skin, it feels soft and looks radiant – perfect to combat the changing weather.

4. Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye Cream – $41 for 15ml (Kiehl’s stores and online)
This is pricey for what it is, but I have a difficult time finding eye creams that 1) don’t cause milia [little bumps]  2) is hydrating enough to help my under eye concealer not settle into fine lines 3) isn’t so greasy that it melts off my mascara.  This one does the trick. I should note that I use this eye cream mainly in the daytime even though it’s their “Midnight Recovery” range – I don’t find it emollient enough for night time use.

Here is what the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye Cream (left) and Alpha Hydrox Enhanced Cream 10% Glycolic AHA (right) looks like:

5. Hydrating sheet masks containing Hyaluronic Acid
There’s no need to spend a lot of money on sheet masks since they’re single use products. On average I tend to spend around $2 per mask for mine.  The hydrating ones are fantastic to give my skin a moisture boost.  I don’t rinse my skin after I remove the mask – I just let the remaining serum soak in and then I apply my moisturizer.  Shown above are: (L to R) TheFaceShop 3D Ampoule Mask Sheet Hyaluronic Acid & Colostrum, Life Brand Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask Hyaluronic Acid & Konjac, Simply Aqua Moisture Mask, and Lifecella Essence Sheet Mask Hyaluronic Acid.

Please go check out the lists compiled by my partners in crime:
♥ Cat of MyLipstickAddiction
♥ Jodi of A Brash Attitude

What are your top 5 skincare for the cooler months?

37 thoughts on “Brainiax Collab: Top 5 Autumn skincare

  1. Great idea for a collaboration! I’m looking fwd to reading them all. I had a horrible time with dry skin last winter, and am determined to solve the problem this season. Dunno if it’s some weird hormonal thing, or just me getting old. 😦 I will definitely try a hydrating spray + serum – that sounds like it would help a lot.

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    1. Yes, I truly credit the hydrating spray and serum with infusing my skin with hydration and plumping up my skin so it doesn’t look as dehydrated. I think of it like this: drench your skin in moisture (mist + serum) then seal the moisture in with a barrier (moisturizer). I hope it works for you!


  2. I’ve actually been skipping eye cream lately because I haven’t found a new one to try and my last one I just wasn’t crazy about. I might have to give this Kiehl’s one a try!

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