Guerlain Holiday 2105: Perles Des Neiges

I had seen quite a few promotional images of the Guerlain Holiday 2105 Perles Des Neiges Meteorites (those star-shaped pearls!), but nothing prepared me for how beautiful the snowball orb-like packaging is! This just MIGHT be the item that I’d break my No-Buy for….! I’m so smitten with this! ❤



This must be the most anticipate release for this holiday!  Well at least it was for me:)  You can never have enough of these little pots of Meterorites balls right!

I placed an order from Escentual as soon as I found out that it was available in the UK.

This year the packaging is everything!  The casing is  a snowball, and there are some star-shaped pieces within these meteorites pearls. It also comes with a powder puff with a golden ribbon.


I read that the delicate illumination is perfected with the beige pearls to even out the skin tone, champagne to brighten, and gold for a sun-kissed effect. This beauty is also supposed to blur lines and imperfections for a radiant result.  Some loves Guerlain Meteorites and addicts to the effects that they can give.  And some just can not tell the difference and do not understand the need to…

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