Black Friday 2015: No-Buy edition

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends! I hope you get stuffed full of turkey and pumpkin pie! ūüėÄ ¬†Then rest up for Black Friday tomorrow! ūüėČ

So it seems like everyone but me will be¬†going out Black Friday shopping this year. *pout* ¬†Alas, Black Friday in Canada is¬†less of an event compared to the US anyway. ¬†Our Thanksgiving was 6 weeks ago, but we participate in this¬†American Thanksgiving tradition, whereby we have a random¬†day of special¬†sales on a Friday at the end of November. ¬†It’s a regular work day for us; our stores don’t open as early, and our sales aren’t as insane¬†as in the US.
But, I have seen a bigger push from retailers to promote Black Friday here in the past few years. The last 3¬†years I made an effort and went looking for deals¬†on Black Friday. ¬† In 2013, I actually took the day off and went shopping! ¬†Since I’m not participating in Black Friday (cosmetics-wise) this year, it got me thinking, did I even like the stuff I bought on Black Fridays past? ¬†It’s not a good deal if I don’t even use the stuff. ¬†Let’s have a look.

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