Shiseido Perfect Rouge

At Winners (Canadian TJMaxx) a couple of weeks ago, I saw a bunch of Shiseido Perfect Rouge lipsticks for sale at $12.99 a pop. They’re regularly $30 each.  It reminded me of the collection that I had at home… which I paid full price for (don’t you just hate that? Seeing stuff you bought at full price marked down at a later date?) I keep neglecting my collection so I thought I’d pull them out:
I own (left to right):
• Fleur OR341 – orange coral
• Dreamscape RD351 – muted pinkish coral
• Sublime RD142 (gwp size) – warm soft red
• Harmony RD750 – brick red
• Pink Mesa PK303 – brownish pink nude
• Venetian Rose RS711 – mauve rose

It seems that not a lot of people have tried these lipsticks, so I’ll do swatches of them here and provide some information about this fabulous lipstick.

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