National Handbag Day: LeSportsac

Today is National Handbag Day! I had this marked on my calendar just so I can talk about one of my other obsessions: limited edition LeSportsac bags.

It all started with a small shoulder bag in cute fruit print called Big Apple:
(apologies for the crappy photo – I no longer have this bag since I re-homed it to my friend.  Here’s a clearer picture of the print on another bag style from an eBay listing)

I loved the cheerful print on a very functional bag.  Here’s one thing about me – I may wear head to toe black and grey, but I love me some colourful bags!

Before laying eyes on the printed LeSportsac bags, I had only ever encountered the solid coloured ones – which are often sported by little old ladies (c’mon, it’s true!)  LeSportsac started in 1974 with a focus on travel accessories. The appeal of LeSportsac bags are obvious: they’re super lightweight yet durable (made of a nylon ripstop material), easy to clean, and reasonably priced.  They started to change their image around 2002, to cater to a younger, more fashion-conscious customer.  That was the year where they had a Jonathan Adler print, and a collaboration with DVF.  In 2014, LeSportsac celebrated their 40th anniversary with a decidedly different image than what they started with.
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