February 2017 No-Buy-Low-Buy Accountability

February is a No-Buy month for me! I mentioned in my January accountability post that if all goes well this month, I’d have nothing to show. Well, February went well but I do have 3 things to show:
I didn’t buy any of these items myself, I swear! 😇

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Lemmings #1

This is the first time I’m posting a wish list type of entry, but I’ve chosen to title it “Lemmings” instead. The reason for this is because most, if not all, of my wish list items have been brought to my attention due to other people’s posts about them. The meaning of “Lemmings” is from a 90’s video game whereby the little creatures would all fall off a cliff if not guided properly – they simply follow the leader.  Essentially, a lemming is when other people buy something, and you have to go buy it too…
Similar to when your mother used to say, “If everyone jumps off the London bridge, would you jump off too?” In the makeup world, the answer is YES.

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The Lipstick Tag

Yay, my turn, my turn!  The spectacular Sam of Glam with Sam tagged me for this. If she hadn’t tagged me, I would have made up some fictitious person who “tagged” me just so I could do this Tag!  Thanks Sam, for keeping me from having to fabricate online pals! 😛

The Rules

  1. TAG 3 bloggers to answer these same questions.
  2. Those bloggers will TAG 3 more bloggers of their choice with the same questions & rules.
  3. No tag backs

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100 Day No-Buy

Today is my official 100 days of my No-Buy! *throws confetti*
My No-Buy primarily focused on not buying makeup / skincare as per my rules (no net new items unless it’s to replenish a finished product).  To a lesser extent, I also committed to not make any unnecessary clothing purchases.  I won’t lie, it’s been difficult, especially in the early days of clearance sales and Target Canada closing (hence me breaking my No-Buy in January and having to restart 😳 ).  To mark this milestone, I’ve giving myself a badge:
I shared my progress report at 28 days and I plan to do milestone achievement posts to keep myself accountable.  Now that I have my 100 day No-Buy badge, if you’re contemplating on doing a No Buy or a Low Buy, I thought I’d share some tips. 😉

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