Stashmatters Canadian Makeup Swap!

Now go check out what I sent to Nicola of Beauty As I Know It! 😀

Beauty As I Know It


So for a very long time I have been thinking about doing a makeup swap outside of the UK but I needed to wait until I had found someone who I vaguely knew before I “popped” the question, mainly for their own peace of mind. For some some months on my blog the lovely Stashmatters has been one of my most active followers I always receive lovely comments & I truly appreciate not only what she has to say but interacting with someone so far away from me, for those who may not be aware of Stashmatters she is Canadian 🙂

So I finally plucked up the courage to ask if she would like to do a swap with me & trust that I was a genuine person who wouldn’t let her down & I was so chuffed when she said yes – wow I really do feel like…

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