The Easter Tag

This isn’t anything official – I pulled these questions from several blogs and YouTube videos and chose the questions I like best!

1. Do you celebrate Easter?
Yes. Although the root of Easter is a religious holiday (and some would argue even more significant than Christmas), I feel it’s such a cultural / commercialized holiday, most people seem to “celebrate” Easter simply by stuffing themselves full of chocolate. 😛


2. What is your favorite thing about Easter?
The chocolate! 😀

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3. What are your plans for Easter this year?
Nothing too exciting – off to the in-laws for dinner with the immediate family. We’re really low key, just like Christmas.

4. What is your fave color of jelly beans?
I like the yellow ones. I prefer citrus-y tasting jelly beans… although I’m not entirely sure the regular jelly beans have different flavours? Unless we’re talking about Jelly Belly here.  Then my favourite would be pear! I love the pear flavoured Jelly Belly.


5. Do you decorate eggs?
Not anymore but we used to every year as kids. We usually got those shrink wrap plastic sleeves that melted around the eggs when you put them in hot water – they were so easy!


6. What is the perfect Easter meal?
We normally have spiral ham instead of turkey.  We will likely have enough left over spiral ham for several meals after.  Dessert is usually ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins. 🙂

7. What part of the chocolate bunny do you eat first?
It’s got to be the ears!


8. How old were you when you stopped hunting eggs?
I probably hunted for eggs much longer than I should. But c’mon, free candy! 😛 My mom used to create really elaborate treasure hunt style clues with rhyming clues and everything. And our prize? A bunch of hard boiled eggs which would get made into egg salad sandwiches… :/

9. Favorite Easter treat?
Kinder Surprise! I’m sorry to my American friends who cannot buy these… I think the law banning them are so ridiculous!


10. Bunnies or chicks?
I think this question is about marshmallow Peeps so I would have to say chicks! They’re the original!


Hope you all have a Hoppy Easter! 😀


49 thoughts on “The Easter Tag

      1. Oh yikes. Yes, I have read of cases of that too. Terrible. I guess any of us could choke on small parts – being super careful is important. I’m not too old for Kinder Surprises – last year I bought a few of the Minions ones! Two of my favourites into one – how could I resist? 😉


  1. I agree with the first question, back home in the Philippines we don’t look forward to Easter because of the “Easter Egg Hunt” or “Chocolates” but instead, we wake up at around 3AM and go to church as there’s a presentation with how Jesus has risen from the dead and all that fun stuff, then we always enjoy the food (local delicatessen) sold outside the church which we don’t normally see regularly in stores as they are only made during this season. Then majority of the time, most families look forward to spend the rest of the day either going out to the mall or dine out or go to the beach! I can go on and on and on about this but I guess I should stop from here..HAHA and NO we don’t normally do Egg Hunt like Americans or other countries do! 🙂 AND I LOVE marshmallows so bunny or chicks it doesn’t matter to me.. they are both yummy!! HEHE

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    1. Yes, Easter is more solemn in my childhood religious memory. And really, the meaning of Easter is the basis of the Christian faith today – that Jesus resurrected and ascended into Heaven. Much more important than Christmas, in my opinion! I have no idea what eggs, chocolate and bunnies have anything to do with it! 😛

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  2. Happy Easter!! Love that you had elaborate egg hunts when you were little – I had always wanted to participate in one.
    The pear Jelly Belly flavour is my favourite too (or at least in my top 5)…although I’ve had those Harry Potter Every Flavour Beans that you have pictured in your post, and the pear and booger ones look deceptively similar :/

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    1. Yeah, another pear Jelly Belly lover! Now I’m craving some!
      Oh dear, I never did have the guts to try the Harry Potter flavours because all of them seem BAD. What does boogers even TASTE like? I wouldn’t know because I’ve never ever tasted my own snot. 😀
      The worst Jelly Belly flavour I ever did taste was butter popcorn. Also peanut butter. Ew!

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      1. It’s weird, because there are gross flavours that you obviously wouldn’t know what the real thing tastes like, but once you taste the jelly bean, you somehow think “Wow, that really does taste like X”…blegh. The worst one I had was vomit (thinking it was peach).
        Agreed, the butter popcorn one is gross! Have never tried the peanut butter one but that one doesn’t seem pleasant :S


    1. It’s really silly. I think because Americans are so litigious! I think Kinder Surprises were much better when I was young because you actually get to build the toys, nowadays they come all pre-assembled – maybe because of the small parts?

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  3. Awe how fun! I can’t imagine hunting for boiled eggs only. My mom used to hide them along with the plastic ones that have candy in them and we’d all just pretend the boiled eggs didn’t exist. This year was the first year Gabriel got to hunt eggs and it was so cute 🙂 His basket was soooooooo full he started walking super slow so they wouldn’t fall out, lol.

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  4. Lol Omg pear Jelly Bellys are the worst! 😷 I have a jelly belly machine at my desk at work and I always throw those ones out because they make me gag! Maybe I should set them aside and ship you all unwanted pear jelly beans so they don’t go to waste! Haha! 💌

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