Happy Canada Day!

Canada turns 149 today! 🙂 I hope my fellow Canadians are enjoying the day off and the long weekend.  I saw the below cartoon posted on Reddit just before the Brexit referendum, and it sums up Canada so well:

For those of you not in Canada, Hockey Night in Canada is a TV show that broadcasts NHL hockey games. Its longtime host, Ron MacLean, left in 2014 and they just announced that he’s returning. It was Big News. 😛

My background and header will have the Canadian maple leaf design for a bit in July to celebrate Canada! 😀

Happy Canada Day!

Feature image source | Carton image source

33 thoughts on “Happy Canada Day!

    1. Happy Canada Day! Nope, nothing today. It’s very rainy out today. I toyed with going over to the Center Island (I don’t think you visited there when you were in town?) but we’ll wait for nicer weather.

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      1. Aww, too bad about the rainy weather! Is Centre Island a part of Toronto Island? We did make our way to Toronto Island but didn’t stay long because it got really cold and windy. Don’t think we went to Centre Island though…


  1. Love the celebratory header and background change 😉 I wish gun control was the biggest issue with the US right now. Also, Ron Maclean looks like George W. Bush in the cartoon.

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    1. Haha yes he does kinda! 😛
      Well I think the Orlando shooting had recently occurred when that cartoon was posted so it was the most topical, I guess.


  2. I can’t wait to visit Canada some day. I know so many people who have emigrated and not one has regretted it or wanted to leave! In fact, my uncle went and his whole family were born, raised and still live there. Belated happy Canada day! x

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    1. You must come visit one day! The east coast is very Irish – lots of Irish settlers there and I even find their accent to be similar to the Irish accent! 😛


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