My Current Holy Grail Beauty Products

Happy New Year! ❤

This post idea came up last year when I posted my yearly favourite discoveries.  I did discover some gems in 2017 but I thought it would be more useful for me to list out all my Holy Grail (HG) items instead.

I’m going to force myself to just name ONE item for each category.  I feel like embarking on this project is like choosing a favourite child. I love you all equally! ❤ Continue reading

Blogmas Day 3: Gift Ideas

This isn’t just any ol’ gift ideas post – I’ll focus on gift ideas for the beauty addict – because that’s what I know best! 😛  There are 2 schools of thought on gift giving for beauty items: buy practical things that you know the person uses up and would want a replenishment.  Or, buy things which perhaps are a little frivolous and the person might not buy for herself.  I don’t see any issues with either of those strategies, you can even give a mix from each categories – so here are my gift ideas divided into: Sensible and Sensational. 😉

I’m not a fan of pre-packaged gift sets – I think it’s more thoughtful to pick items and package them together yourself.  I’m going to keep the gift ideas capped to below $100 so it’s realistic!


Shiseido Facial Cotton x6 ($11 each = $66)
I’d be pleased as punch if I received enough Shisedo cotton for an entire year!

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My Deborah Lippmann neutral polishes

Today’s entry was prompted by THIS post from fivezero, showing the new Deborah Lippmann Fall 2015 collection called “Undressed”, which caused my face to go like this:
oh my gawd
Just look at this range of neutral gorgeousness:

Deborah Lippmann Undressed
Deborah Lippmann Undressed limited edition set

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