Hauluary 2018 – Online Orders

These are an accumulation of online orders from since late December until now…

Some parcels were shipped from local sources while others came all the way from China and Japan. πŸ™‚

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Trash Stash: January 2017

First Trash Stash of 2017!
As you may recall, in my 2016 Trash Stash summary post, I expressed interest in trying to achieve 365 empties for 2017 (aka 1 empty per day). Let’s see how I did.

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Collective Nail Polish Acquisitions

As you’ve seen in yesterday’s post, I’ve been hitting up all the Winners and Marshalls within a 10km radius of my home last month. I also visited my favourite salon supply shop that sells polishes for cheap – they still had the Essie buy 4 get 2 free offer, and it was extended to the China Glaze polishes too!  And I also found someone who sells Avon so I had to get some polishes – it’s been years since I’ve bought Avon polishes (they’re great quality). So I somehow ended up with more polishes…
There’s no feeling in the world like hauling a whole whack of nail polishes!  If that’s wrong, then I don’t want to be right! πŸ˜›  (These do not include the nail polish hauls already posted here and here and here and here.)  Brace yourselves…

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