Lip Product Purge of 2016

For someone who’s a self-professed NON-lipstick junkie… I seem to own a lot of lip products.  And we all know that lipsticks don’t have a long lifespan – really, one should be tossing lip products about 18 months after opening.  I’m guilty of keeping mine for MUCH longer than 18 months! (but let’s be reasonable here, common sense should prevail – if the lip product doesn’t have a funky smell or a weird texture, it’s probably ok).  All that said, I need to get rid of a whack of stuff that I hardly ever reach for – some have gone bad, and others are just taking up precious space:

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Trash Stash: July 2015

July just flew by! It was my birthday month and I went on a road trip.  Here’s what I used up in July:
And here’s what I thought of each – hopefully this will help you if you want to try any of these.

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Omnipotent Oils

I’ve embraced using oils for just about every part of my body – from head to toe – for some years now.  I was using oils way before this whole argan oil rage, let me tell ya!  Before argan oil was readily availalbe, I was routinely using rosehip oil on my face (I still mourn the discontinuation of Burt’s Bee Repair Serum in Canada).

So what do I use oils for?

Careful, it’s gonna get slippery all up in here