I did it: MAC 137 Long Blending Brush

I bought it.  Yup.  What happened?  Let me tell you the tale.

On a fateful Thursday, I received an email from Hudson’s Bay VIP Rewards to let me know that my points balance was 9,494 (for non-Canadians, Hudson’s Bay is like Macy’s).  This means I actually have enough to redeem for a $40 gift card (2,000 pts = $10).  Then I scroll down and I see an offer:
That’s like getting $10 back for spending $50 – that’s 20% off – pretty good.  But only on cosmetics and fragrances – hrm.  Never mind.

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No-Buy 2015: My true 28 Days

Since restarting on January 19th with my No-Buy 2015, today is my real 28 days of no shopping.  It has been good for the most part. It was initially difficult to resist all the typical clearance sales in January. I used to spend my lunch hour browsing through shops, so I had to change how I spend my free time (mostly a lot of window shopping now). Weekends were the most difficult. I typically check the drugstore flyers on Saturday mornings and then hit up a few stores for deals.  And I would go to Winners (Canadian version of TJMaxx) or Marshalls at least once a week to see what new things they got in.  I still go to Winners to check out what they have about once a week (it’s on my way home from work) but luckily for me, January and February have been a dry spell there in terms of cosmetics stock.  I’m pretty shocked that I’ve bought absolutely nothing from Winners in 2015.

I did purchase a few items of significance during this time:

1) This Quo Mineral eye shadow palette in Downtown Brown, but for my sister!

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Dammit, Target!

Look at what you did!
I was minding my own No-Buy 2015 business and you had to go and announce the closure of all 133 of your Canadian stores. Nothing triggers my hoarding drive than when companies either discontinue products or when they leave (see Illamasqua, Jacob, 2014).
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