I did it: MAC 137 Long Blending Brush

I bought it.  Yup.  What happened?  Let me tell you the tale.

On a fateful Thursday, I received an email from Hudson’s Bay VIP Rewards to let me know that my points balance was 9,494 (for non-Canadians, Hudson’s Bay is like Macy’s).  This means I actually have enough to redeem for a $40 gift card (2,000 pts = $10).  Then I scroll down and I see an offer:
That’s like getting $10 back for spending $50 – that’s 20% off – pretty good.  But only on cosmetics and fragrances – hrm.  Never mind.

Fast forward a few days, I happened to be on my blog’s dashboard and noticed that my top Google search result for the past few weeks has been my MAC 137 Long Blending Brush Lemming post.  It’s not just me who is obsessed with this brush, the whole internet is too, apparently!

And oh hey, guess how much is the MAC 137 Long Blending Brush?

I guess I wasn’t over it like I claimed I was – went to the MAC counter at Hudson’s Bay. Got my 2,000 bonus points.

Sigh.  I’m somewhat ashamed.  But kind of not.  It’s only a brush.  I also didn’t go nuts buying up the MAC display even though the new Huggable Lipcolours just launched, and of course the SA was prompting me if I wanted anything else besides just the brush?  YES, gimme one of everything.

Quickie shots of the brand new brush – unwashed.
I’ll do a review and comparison soon – after I’ve had a chance to use it.
So now my Hudson’s Bay Rewards balance is at 11,594 which means I can redeem for a $50 gift card:
Any guesses what I’ll be redeeming it for?  Yup, more makeup – likely to include a Nars Audacious lipstick.  But only in the new year.

So let’s consider this a slip-up rather than a complete break of my No-Buy, ok?  It boils down to: I didn’t follow my own tips for No-Buy!  I checked my promotions email – but in my defense the email was under the guise of letting me know my points balance – the offer was underneath the information.  Tricky, tricky!  I know my friends will be all, “see, I TOLD you she couldn’t do it!” 😛

22 thoughts on “I did it: MAC 137 Long Blending Brush

      1. I agree they last forever!!! Lev my Mac brushes! Totally worth the money as long as you use the brush ☺️. So what does the long brush do that other bled if brushes doesn’t??? I guess I’ll have to stay tuned for your review!

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    1. Yeah MAC face brushes tend to be $50+, and their eye brushes are now high $20 mark. I think one day MAC will realize that customers have options and don’t need to buy their brushes and maybe they will rethink their pricing. A similar thing happened with their free-form palettes a couple of years where they dropped the price of the empty pans quite significantly (for example, the large duo palette used to retail for $30, now only $10!) There have been a huge surge of online retailers selling empty palettes – I bet MAC is losing market share (well, it is theirs to lose, when you’re the market leader, everyone is chomping at the bits).

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      1. It’s good to see them responding, pricewise. They actually recently dropped the prices of their nail lacquers, too (from CA$19 to $14), which makes a lot more sense. I’m glad they dropped the palette prices, too. I would never have bought them for $30! But I have a few now at $10 ea. Still miss the old, thinner palettes, though.

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