Lash Curlers, Combs and More

It may not come as a shock to you that I’m obsessed with lash curlers.  At one point I owned no less than 20 of them – I finally had to give a bunch away that didn’t suit my eye shape.
I’m not here to recommend a universal eyelash curler that will fit everyone, but as a general rule, I’ve found that curlers from Asian brands will better suit Asian shaped eyes (less curved).  The exception to this rule is the cult favourite Shu Uemura curler, which I find to be quite curved, with a similar curvature to Revlon and Tweezerman curlers.  I’ve since given my Shu Uemura away.  I was also disappointed that the pretty Anna Sui curler didn’t work for my eye shape – again, too curved.  Through trial and error, I’ve narrowed down the handful of eyelash curlers that I love.

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