Mini mascaras, mini reviews

This post kicks off “Lash Week” on my blog!  I will be posting products and tools catering just to eye lashes, one of my most obsessed over facial features.  Like most of you, I’ve got a stash of mini mascaras through gwp and beauty sets.  This year I’ve been making a conscious effort to go through mine to see if there are any hidden gems among the lot.

I trialed the following 4 mini mascaras for one week each:
Buxom Sculpted Lash – $24 (Sephora)
Clinique High Impact – $19 (Sephora, department stores, Beauty Boutiques)
Benefit They’re Real! – $29 (Sephora, Beauty Boutiques)
Shiseido Perfect Defining Volume – $30 (Sephora, department stores, Beauty Boutiques, select Rexalls)
The value of the samples are actually quite good when you look at the full sized price and how many ml you get in the samples:

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