Review: Wonder Cloth

Last year I was Christmas shopping for the boy at Bed Bath and Beyond and came across this washcloth, called the Wonder Cloth.  After reading the claims on the box, and doing a quick search for reviews online on my phone, curiosity got the better of me and I shelled out $14 for it.
According to the Wonder Cloth official website, here are the claims:
• All Natural Make Up Remover Cloth
• Hypo-Allergenic & Dermatologist Tested
• Helps to exfoliate skin
• Removes all make up quickly and easily with just water.
• Rinses clean with water, no stains remain on the cloth!
• Machine washable
• Re-usable – economical – Use Wonder Cloth over and over
• Bleach-safe cloth lasts twice as long as a standard washcloth

Keep reading to find out if Wonder Cloth is full of wonder