Tips for going to the spa

I recently got a facial done – my first of the year!  I used to get one about once a month but lately I haven’t had the time.  Going to the spa is a nice indulgence – I do upkeep and maintenance at home, but nothing beats getting your face and scalp massaged for you!  I thought I’d share some tips on going to the spa.

• Don’t do at-home facial treatments like AHA or retinoids the day or two prior to your spa visit – it will make your skin more sensitive to extractions or exfoliation
• Try not to wear super waterproof makeup when you go – especially mascara – sometimes it’s difficult for someone else to thoroughly cleanse your skin
• Go to the washroom just before you go into the spa room – nothing worse than having to pee during the treatment!
• Blow your nose thoroughly just prior to the facial – you don’t want to have a runny nose or boogers when someone is so close to your face
• Don’t be shy, when they say to remove your clothing and get under the covers, take it ALL off except for your underwear. I used to keep my bra on, but I’ve learned that they need access to your shoulders and décolletage area to massage. They used to have to push my bra straps aside and I would sometimes get massage oil on the straps. There ain’t nothing these estheticians haven’t seen, trust me.

This is a controversial procedure – some places do, some don’t.  The option is ultimately up to you.  I enjoy getting extractions – it’s a primary reason why I get a facial in the first place.  I know my “clogged pores” are due to sebaceous filaments (read up on it!) and not due to white / black heads, but I still prefer the appearance of my skin once they’re extracted!  Extractions are painful – there’s really no way around it – your face is full of nerve endings, any poking or prodding will feel 10x more intensely than if it was being done to your arm.  The esthetician should only work on your skin for no more than 10 minutes during an extraction session.  I try to concentrate on my breathing while extractions are happening – it really does help to distract me from the pain.  If the pain is too much, speak up and let the esthetician know.
Skin Inc MDD-30ml-w-Sticker-SHR_sm
Pressure to purchase products
Luckily for me, the place I go to do not pressure me to purchase the products they use on me (they use Thann, a natural range from Thailand that I would happily purchase).  But many places do.  This is how I used to end up buying a bunch of skincare that I never use.  Let them know that you’re happy with your current regimen.  If they keep pestering you, tell them you want to see how your skin handles the skincare they’re used on you and will return to purchase if you like it.

Post treatment
• Don’t apply makeup for at least 12 hours if possible.  If you must, then stick to mineral powder foundations, as they’re a lot more gentle on the skin and allows it to breathe.
• Considering the above point, try to book your session for the evening time
• Try not to book a facial appointment right before a special event (like a wedding) – allow at least 2 days for the skin to heal from the poking and prodding.

And lastly, relax!  Let your mind be free of the stresses of the day.  Don’t think about the conversations you had with your spouse / boss / children.  Don’t think about what’s for dinner.  Just be in the moment and enjoy. 🙂

Do you have any tips or experiences about going to the spa? Do share in the comments!

12 thoughts on “Tips for going to the spa

  1. I wish I could get facials more often! I’m just like you with the clogged pores. The steamer is absolutely amazing and the extractions (ouch) really help. It’s so noticeable when you leave the spa, because your face feels less congested and you wonder how you went without it. Great post! 🙂

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    1. Yes, nothing like having someone else do it for you – it’s similar to that dentist clean feeling that you just can’t get buy brushing your teeth at home! Thanks! 🙂


    1. Yes, I wish I had known about this when I was a teenager! But yes, extracting them is quite satisfying. A tip to prevent them is to use AHA regularly so that dead skin doesn’t accumulate (as much).

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