TBT: Tokyo Disneyland featuring Hippity Hoppity Springtime Parade!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Throwback Thursday and today’s is timely since it’s Spring / Easter themed. 🙂 As you may recall, I visited Japan in May-June of 2016. So nearly a year later, I’m finally posting about my experiences at Tokyo Disneyland! 😛

I showed a couple of photos from Tokyo Disney on the blog right after my trip, with a promise to write a more in-depth post later… and here’s later! 😉

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Nicole by OPI in Sing You Like a Bee

This manicure was actually worn last year around October but I had to hold off on posting it because my choice of the “random item” was a gift to my sister and I had not seen her yet to give it to her! 😛
Now I can finally post it without spoiling the surprise! 😉 So consider this a throwback Thursday post!

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TBT: Sephora + Pantone 2012 Colour of the Year – Tangerine Tango

This Throw Back Thursday doesn’t go back too far, but it features the colour  orange which is appropriate for Halloween coming up.  Just 3 years ago, Sephora partnered with Pantone (the universal colour authority) to promote the colour of the year.  In 2012, the colour was Tangerine Tango:

It’s a deep reddish orange that translates well into a variety of cosmetics products including blush, eye shadows, lipsticks and nail polish. Not being able to pass up anything limited edition, I bought this quad:
Sephora + Pantone Universe Color of the Year – Eyeshadow Quad

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In today’s Throwback Thursday post, I’m showing my MAC Twig lipstick:
The colour in itself isn’t really a throwback, although I’m willing to bet money that the shade has been around since the inception of MAC.  But what’s TBT about this lipstick is the bullet.  It’s silver.  And no, it’s not a limited edition.

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TBT: Wayback Machine

I’ve been wanting to start some Throwback Thursday (TBT) posts for a while now, and I figured I’d start with a fun one: Internet Archive Wayback Machine
If you’re not familiar, Internet Archive Wayback Machine started in 1996 to archive the World Wide Web, page by page. You just type in a url into the Wayback Machine and it will display a timeline with every instance that a snapshot has been made of the site:
What’s great about the Wayback Machine is that it retains a fully functioning website with links and images (where available) as if time stood still.  I’m fond of nostalgia, so I could honestly spend hours looking up old versions of websites.  For fun, I dug up some old makeup sites!

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