Untrieds: Kiehl’s Creme de Corps Coriander Whipped Body Butter

This was a limited edition item from winter 2013… and just over a year later, I finally get around to opening it up!  This whipped body butter features one of my all time favourite fragrances: Kiehl’s Coriander Essence Oil (which is now discontinued.  Of course it is.  Everything I love gets discontinued…!)

I was quite excited to see the Coriander scent released in the form a body butter.  I had never tried Kiehl’s Creme de Corps lotion or body butter before, but I got over the initial sticker shock ($46 for body butter?!) and bought this during the Friends and Family sale (20% off).KiehlsCremedeCorpsCoriander1

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NeoStrata Hydra-Infusion 24 Hr Hydrating Serum

This product has already been mentioned a couple of times on this blog in its short existence (my best 2014 discoveries and empties January posts) – I figured I should provide a more thorough review to explain why I enjoy this product so much.
NeoStrata Hydra-Infusion 24 Hr Hydrating Serum $38 CAD for 30ml (available at Shoppers Drug Mart and Rexall)
This serum is a lightweight milky gel that I use in the mornings underneath my moisturizer – I use 2-3 pumps to cover my face; 1 dot per cheek and the rest spread over my t-zone where I require less hydration.

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My Cosmetics Inventory Spreadsheet

There’s curiosity about my cosmetics inventory spreadsheet so I thought I would devote an entry on how it came to be.  I created my cosmetics spreadsheet on Sunday July 26, 2009 (as revealed by the Excel file properties). At the time, it was primarily a way to track my growing nail polish collection so that I didn’t duplicate any of my Essie shades (at present count, I own 73 bottles of Essies – it is my favourite nail polish formula).

Eventually I expanded the spreadsheet to include the following tabs:

  • eye shadows
  • eyeliners
  • blushes
  • face products
  • lip gloss / lip balms
  • lipsticks
  • nails
  • tools (brushes)
  • skincare
  • hair
  • scents

The initial set up of the spreadsheet was a daunting task. If I had created the spreadsheet from the inception of my first beauty product purchase, it would have been a breeze. But I had to essentially do a full inventory of my stash to build the spreadsheet – item by item, line by line.

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L’Oreal Bare Naturale mascara

You know a mascara is good when your coworker exclaims in a meeting, “Your EYELASHES! What mascara are you wearing?”  Or, when you are at Sephora, and the makeup artist compliments you on your eyelashes – not your eye makeup – she specifically says “I love your lashes!”  (I think she thought they were falsies?)  And by all accounts, I have dinky wimpy sparse eyelashes.  This is the magic that is L’Oreal Bare Naturale Mascara:
But, before you proceed any further into this entry, I warn you: this wondrous miracle product is discontinued.  I’m sorry, so very sorry to do this to you. If you don’t want to suffer heartache and mental anguish, please turn back now…

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Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows

This entry is part Untrieds and part review – featuring the Make Up For Ever (MUFE) Artist Shadows.  I purchased a 3-pan customizable palette in early December last year to redeem my Sephora VIB $20 off coupon (minimum purchase of $50).  I really wanted to maximize the coupon’s value – I had to spend just $50 so that effectively, I was getting 40% off.  Lo and behold, a filled 3-pan MUFE palette is exactly $50.  Take THAT, Sephora – you only got $30 out of me!
Then, during Boxing week, the MUFE Studio Case Eye Shadow Palette went on clearance sale for $45 – the regular price was $69 (the product value is actually $107).   I had been wanting this set since it launched but was talked out of it… at 35% off the regular retail price (and 58% off the value of the product!), I couldn’t resist!  This palette was a great way to add to my collection without too much commitment.  It sat in my Untrieds pile until this month.  I wore both the full sized and palette eye shadows interchangeably for 2 full weeks to see how they performed.

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Winter hair rescue

This is the companion post to my Winter scalp rescue topic – that entry was getting long so I thought it would be good to give your eyes a break by splitting it into 2 posts.

In addition to the scalp issue, in the winter months I also battle frizzies due to the dry air, causing static and fly-aways.  My hair is wavy and cut in long layers to just past my shoulders – luckily I don’t have particularly thick or unruly hair – but it can look frizzy if I don’t use moisturizing and taming products. These are some of my tried-and-true hair styling products:winterhair1

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Happy Chinese New Year!

In honour of Chinese New Year today, I thought it would be fun to feature some awesome red makeup in my stash (I momentarily considered posting this red-themed makeup entry in time for Valentine’s Day, but ugh, Valentine’s Day…)CNY1

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No Brushes Required

I recently stayed overnight at a hotel and wanted to pack the most minimal amount of cosmetics with me.  I really didn’t even want to fuss with makeup brushes so I decided to pack only makeup that I can apply without the use of makeup brushes.

My makeup case for travel – a gwp from Smashbox.

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No-Buy 2015: My true 28 Days

Since restarting on January 19th with my No-Buy 2015, today is my real 28 days of no shopping.  It has been good for the most part. It was initially difficult to resist all the typical clearance sales in January. I used to spend my lunch hour browsing through shops, so I had to change how I spend my free time (mostly a lot of window shopping now). Weekends were the most difficult. I typically check the drugstore flyers on Saturday mornings and then hit up a few stores for deals.  And I would go to Winners (Canadian version of TJMaxx) or Marshalls at least once a week to see what new things they got in.  I still go to Winners to check out what they have about once a week (it’s on my way home from work) but luckily for me, January and February have been a dry spell there in terms of cosmetics stock.  I’m pretty shocked that I’ve bought absolutely nothing from Winners in 2015.

I did purchase a few items of significance during this time:

1) This Quo Mineral eye shadow palette in Downtown Brown, but for my sister!

I posted this on my Instagram – follow me @stashmatters

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By Kilian Perfumes – Guest contributor

Today’s entry was written by my good friend, AngelWearsPrada.

She’s passionate about high-end, exclusive fragrances and sent a lengthy email to me describing a brand that I knew nothing about, By Kilian.  I’m no perfume aficionado, and I thought it would be a nice change to have another voice on this blog, so I’ll let her explain why By Kilian has captured her heart.

In the following entry, all text inside square brackets [  ] are my comments.  The rest are AngelWearsPrada’s!

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