PUFU: Stella by Stella McCartney

Instead of another lip product for Project Use it the F*%@ Up!, or PUFU, my next candidate is a perfume.  Behold, my seemingly bottomless 30ml bottle of Stella by Stella McCartney eau de parfum:
I bought this in 2009 and it been on rotation with a handful of other perfumes since then.  Judging by the bottle, I keep thinking it will get used up soon, “maybe another month”, I’ll think, but it just never seems to get used up!

What alchemy is this?

This perfume was purchased on a whim, which I never do.  I usually have a very methodical way to test out perfumes that involves a spreadsheet, hours of research on my go-to scent site Fragrantica.com, and a few weeks’ worth of actual wear test before I commit to a scent.  Stella, for some reason, I bought after reading about it in a magazine, took a whiff of it at the store, and handed them my money.  Luckily for me, this scent works well with my body chemistry and I quite enjoy wearing it.  According to Fragrantica, Stella is part of the “Floral” family of scents, with only 4 notes:

  • mandarin orange
  • rose
  • peony
  • amber

Interestingly, the notes are not listed with top, middle and base categories.  I would say the strongest note from top to base for me is the rose.  It’s a modern clean smelling rose – not an old lady scent at all.  I don’t get much of the orange or peony scents.  Because it is an eau de parfum rather than an eau de toilette, it packs a stronger punch so I only need to spritz 1 spray per wear and the scent lasts all day on me.  I prefer this scent more in the winter months, as it is a warm, deep smell that I associate with colder weather.

Hypothesis: My measuring sucks.
Conclusion: Yes, yes it does.

I have 1.10cm left in the bottle out of a total 4.60cm, and I hope to finish it through the springtime.  I’m going to try to wear this every day for the next few months to test if it really is a magical bottomless bottle.  Will report back in the summer.

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