My MAC Extra Dimension collection

I mentioned a while back that I love the then still limited edition MAC Extra Dimension finish, and I was super excited when it was announced that they were making it permanent.  Today, I’ll swatch my collection of Extra Dimension items, which include eye shadows, and blushers and a bronzer:
Extra Dimension formula is described as a “liquid-powder hybrid” with most eye shadows having a shimmery finish – some do have more obvious glitter or frost.  They can be used dry or wet for higher intensity but I’ve never used them wet – I will have to try that eventually. Worn dry, I find them to be exceptionally pigmented and smooth (all my swatches are done dry).

My collection of Extra Dimension items were bought over the course of 3 years, starting with the launch of this finish in 2012, simply called “In Extra Dimension”.

Eye shadows:  I own 12 Extra Dimension eye shadows and I’ll show them here in chronological order in which these were released, and I’ll indicate the shades that have made it into the permanent collection with an asterisk.  All colour descriptions taken from MAC’s official launch notes.

In Extra Dimension 2012 (original collection – the pans are larger with 2g of product vs 1.3g later on)
Rich Core* – dirty aubergine
Grand Galaxy* – dirty mid-tone violet
Havana* – dirty copper brown
Glamour Daze 2012
Ready To Party* – pale lilac
A Natural Flirt* – iridescent light pink
Stolen Moment* – dark taupe
[MAC released a 2nd “In Extra Dimension” collection in Spring 2013 but I was “being good” and didn’t purchase any from that collection. Only Smoky Mauve from that collection made it into the permanent selection, and it’s a shade that I’m interested in getting eventually! Ooooh but I wish I’d bought some of the blushes from that collection!]

Magnetic Nude 2013
Silver Dawn* – dirty grey mauve
Alluring Aquatics 2014
Soul Serenade – deep plum brown
Lorelei – golden beige
Sea Worship* – tarnished olive
Holiday Keepsakes Eye Kits 2014
Just Gleaming – peachy nude
Stolen Moment* – dark taupe (duplicate) – I included the original 2012 version to see how they compare side by side (pretty spot-on!)
Here are some comparisons of the packaging between the different collections:
They’re all made in Italy:
Comparison of the brown and taupe-y shades:
My favourites are: Stolen Moment, Havana, Lorelei and Silver Dawn. 🙂

Blushes / Bronzer: I own 2 blushes and 1 bronzer in the Extra Dimension finish – they’re not as shimmery as the eye shadows, more of a satin finish but very smooth and easy to blend. These weren’t made permanent but I hope MAC will one day! The Clinique Cheek Pop blushes remind me of this finish.
Magnetic Nude 2013
Autoerotique – dirty coral rose

Alluring Aquatics 2014
Sea Me, Hear Me – beige pink
Aphrodite’s Shell – golden bronze with a touch of fine shimmer
When I was editing the swatch photo, I thought I had reversed Autoerotique  and Sea Me, Hear Me so I re-swtached them, but nope, this is correct.  Both shades apply quite differently compared to the pan colour – Autoerotique is more pink whereas Sea Me, Hear Me is much more nude / warm.

My top 2 eye shadow shades to buy from the now permanent range are Sweet Heat (soft peach pink) and Smokey Mauve (pinkish muted mauve).

You?  Are you a fan of the MAC Extra Dimension finish?

55 thoughts on “My MAC Extra Dimension collection

  1. My admiration for these collection.
    I’m not sure if MAC’s flagstore here carries this. I pretty much envision it for a smokey look.
    I might not get it here but luck is still in me knowing that it’ll be permanent.

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      1. Yeah, I was looking at it too close wondering what these feels like in person. They’re so creamy. Basing on your swatches, the consistency somewhat is similar to their paint pot. I bet there’s no creasing and minimal fall outs.


    1. Oooh Legendary Lure is lovely! I’m toying with either Legendary Lure or Fathoms Deep as my next round of ones to buy… but it’s not like I really NEED anymore of these, I think I’ve covered a wide gamut of shades, lol.

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  2. Beautiful collection! I love how these look! So gorgeous!! I haven’t tried these or own any of these but they look wonderful! Thanks for sharing your collection. 🙂 xo

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  3. Whoa! What a great collection! Love Ready To Party (I’m a sucker for pretty lavender colours – great browbone highlighters). “Ready to Party” always reminds me of the scene where Annie loses it on the airplane on their way to Vegas in Bridesmaids. LOL! “I just feel like I’m excited, and I feel relaxed, and I’m READY to PARTYYYYYY with the best of them and I’m gonna go down to the river…….” Ridiculous. Thank you for reading. LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL. What was UP with her seeing the colonial woman on the plane’s wing? 😀
      Ready to Party is part of the permanent collection – you can totally get your lavender brow bone highlight on!


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